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Nightshift 46: Experimental Treatments Laboratory
jokers_wildcard wrote in damned
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The door only opened up a little bit, enough for Harley to stick her arm and head in. She swept her flashlight around the room quickly. No jerk doctors hanging around. No signs that the room with the animals had been busted out by a rampaging mutant bear. Not much to indicate the room had been used at all, actually. That was evidently enough to declare it 100% safe in her book.

"Wheeee!!" she sang out happily and bounded into the room despite her supposed 'call to caution' only moments ago. Apparently, there was a time limit for maintaining such attitudes. Harley threw her hands in the air excitedly declaring the start of a game. Or something like that. Actually, it was difficult to tell how serious she was being, even for herself. "Come on, Eddie! Last one done's a rotten egg!"
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"I suppose I'll be losing this game, then," Edgar commented as he stepped into the room after Harley, smiling in spite of the danger that was possibly lurking around every corner. He had to admit, her energy was contagious. Her spunk reminded him of Relm, except that she was old enough to be considered his type.

He did his own check of the room with his flashlight, his light landing on a cabinet against the wall. As he started for it, he called to his companion: "Are you looking for anything in particular? I'd like to keep my eyes open for you."

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