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Day 47: Lunch
taking matters into my own hands
idontregret wrote in damned
Heat was able to ignore the still faintly throbbing spot on his head as he was led back into the cafeteria for another meal he had no intention of eating. He kept himself from rubbing at what he knew would be a small bump because dammit it didn't hurt that much. It was embarrassing, was what it was.

At the fishy odor filling the room when he entered, the demon wrinkled his nose. How that was supposed to be the slightest bit appealing he had no idea. Then again, it wasn't always the taste that mattered. Whatever this cod was, it could very well taste better than the rotting flesh he'd gotten down the night before.

His nurse made some comment about his lack of appetite, but he wasn't paying attention. She could eat his damn lunch if she was worried about it going to waste. It wasn't his fault they didn't inform their staff properly of their patients' eating habits. The room was fairly empty too, so Heat wasn't picky with where he sat. He just hoped one of his tribemates found him before he was stuck with some other pest for the duration of the meal.


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Aerith had spent the last shift by herself. She usually wasn't one to take things so hard. Certainly not outwardly at least. Seeing Zack again... That had been something she wasn't sure she'd ever just be able to tuck away. Luckily, she hadn't been interrupted and had been left to allow it all to settle. By the time lunch came around, she was ready to socialize again. Maybe even catch up more with Zack!

...if she could find him anyway. The cafeteria was packed as usual, and it was hard to even pick out Zack's spiky head amongst the crowd. It looked like the continuation of their reunion would have to wait. With a sigh and a full tray, Aerith found an empty seat and took it. Maybe someone else would be up for a conversation. She just felt like talking, which wasn't anything new really.

[for Edgar, I think? Sorry so late!]

[No worries! I'm a little slow today, myself. :)]

Having spent the last shift with his pen and journal drawing schematics for new tools, Edgar was surprisingly hungry. He enjoyed feeling productive- the more comfortable he became with the area and what could be found in each room, the more ideas he got. At the same time, he disliked that familiarity- adjusting felt like he was accepting his situation, resigning to being trapped for the time being. Celes seemed to believe this place was inescapable. She was a capable warrior, and while Edgar trusted her opinion... perhaps she'd been here too long.

She'd apparently been here long enough to learn the art of avoidance- the young king hadn't spoken to her in a day or so, and was getting the feeling she was perhaps keeping out of his sight on purpose. Well, while he did worry about her health, he could find other women to befriend.

Spotting a lovely brunette sitting alone, he decided to get right to work on that. "I hope this seat isn't taken," he said, setting his tray on the table.

Good! Someone had found her sitting all by her lonesome and decided to come talk to her. After everything that had happened, she just needed to talk. Not about what had happened, not to a stranger at least, but a nice casual conversation did wonders for a girl when she had too much on her mind. She hardly wanted to forget any of it, but a little break from it would be really nice. Aerith smiled happily and nodded toward the seat.

"Not at all! I was hoping I'd have some company." Her companion was a good-looking man, she thought as she gave him a quick once over. He seemed friendly enough and polite to boot, even if she'd only known him for a grand total of ten seconds or so. "I guess we should probably know each others names if we're going to be having lunch together," she laughed. "I'm Aerith."

"Edgar," he said in response, having a seat and adding a smile as he pushed a piece of hair from his face. He really needed to remember to ask the staff for a hair tie of some sort. "It's always nicer to share mealtimes with a companion." Especially pretty ones. Hm, did he not say that aloud? Alas, an opportunity missed!

No matter- there would be more. "Have you been here long?" he asked, making friendly conversation.

Aerith was actually pretty hungry since breakfast had been spent mostly gawking at Zack and then spilling her food all over the two of them. She held off from diving in though; this could be a new friend! What kind of impression would she make if she started stuffing her face right away?

"Nice to meet you, Edgar," the flower girl replied before considering his question. It really hadn't been that long, but so much had happened already! Good, bad, somewhere in between that she couldn't put her finder on... "I actually think I've only been here a little over a day," she mused. "You could say I'm still a newbie. How about you? Are you in the same boat, or can you give me a few tips? I hear the food's probably going to be the height of my experiences here."

Edgar paused, thinking of his arrival- it had been four, nearly five days now? He really was adjusting to this place. Settling in had never been so unsettling.

"I've been here almost five days, if I recall correctly," he said, putting a hand to his chin. "I'm not really sure what I can give you in the way of advice, though. Though I've been warned there are dangers lurking the halls at night, I have yet to see any major threats with my own eyes."

He took hold of his fork and knife, working away at the fish on his plate. "Thus far, the highlight of my time here has been meeting someone I'd not seen since the destruction of our world. I'm confident most experiences I have yet to face are preemptively dwarfed by comparison."

Aerith took a small bite of her own food. She swallowed hard when Edgar spoke of his world's destruction. She certainly hadn't been expecting that kind of answer. To be honest, it hit a little closer to home than she would've liked. Her own world had come so close to such devastation, and she knew what it was like to reunite with people you might've never thought you'd see again.

"Your world was destroyed? That's awful," Aerith finally piped up. Eternally the optimist, she continued. "It's good that you could meet up with your friend, though. Sometimes good things can happen even in a place like this, I suppose."

The serious look disappeared from Edgar's face; something about this woman and her demeanor made it hard to dwell in memories of hardship for too long. "You're right," he said with a light smile. "Forgive me for bringing up such a somber topic. Even if this place can be a nightmare, there are some good things to come from it. It's a strange sort of conundrum, but one I'm grateful for. I was relieved to see her alive and well."

He was sure the rest of his friends were all right, especially his brother. In the meantime, he would find Celes and keep an eye on her while they were here, and together, they could find a way home.

"What about you?" he asked. "Had any memorable experiences here yet?"

"That's the spirit!" It was best to talk about happier things, wasn't it? There was so much to be afraid of here that a person had to hold onto the few nice things that they could. Of course Aerith could've done without meeting new people in a mental institution that was convinced she was a woman named Allison Grant, but it was still nice to make some new friends so long as she had to be stuck here.

Not to mention the whole being alive thing was pretty nice too.

"I've met a few friends that I really didn't think I'd ever get to see again," she said. "Like you said, as awful as this place seems to be, it's reunited me with some people I parted ways with a long time ago. I don't know if I'd go so far as thanking the Head Doctor for it or anything, but it's been nice to see them all again."

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