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Night 47: West Wing, North Hallway 1-A
Look to the horizon
hat_einen_vogel wrote in damned
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The hallway led into yet another hall, but this time there was little to recommend one direction or another. It stretched on to both the left and the right, and without the use of the torch, he wasn't sure which way to try.

Prussia hesitated for a moment, but then turned left. If it proved to be a dead end, he would just have to turn around and try the other direction. He found a door at the end of the hall and upon opening it, he was rewarded by the feel of cool night air. Perfect. Once he was outside, he would be that much closer to getting away and orienting himself properly. He headed through the door.

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"Aside from the sporting equipment that's sure to be in the shed, I've no clue what else we may find," Edgar continued as they stepped into the next section of the hallway. The rules and tools of the sports of this region were unfamiliar to him- even at home, he'd not been much of one for games. "I'm just hoping for anything that can be used as a blunt weapon, and I'm willing to bet something in there will work."

He looked at the ceiling as he walked, thinking about other possible finds. "Depending on the sports, the might be a net in there. I could definitely use that."

Import.... Yuna was silent a moment as she tried to remember where she'd heard that word before. It had something to do with resources, and...Kilika was coming to mind for some reason—Ah! "Sharing resources? Where you come from...it has strict..." A pause to find the word, "...borders?"

Aside from the bats Yuna had been told were in the shed, the only sport she knew of was blitzball. But although Wakka used one as a weapon, Yuna had no hope of doing the same. "I hope so, too," Yuna answered. "But why does it have to be blunt? Can't something sharp work?"

"Something sharp would be even better," Edgar said with a slight laugh. "I'd be thrilled if the shed happened to be the place they were storing the equipment we had before coming here, but I'll not get my hopes up. While sharper would be desirable, it's not a completely necessary requirement for me. Proper weapons appear to be a rarity around here, so I'll take what I can get."

He opened the door at the end of the hallway, allowing Yuna to exit first. "After you, milady."

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