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Night 47: West Wing, North Hallway 1-A
Look to the horizon
hat_einen_vogel wrote in damned
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The hallway led into yet another hall, but this time there was little to recommend one direction or another. It stretched on to both the left and the right, and without the use of the torch, he wasn't sure which way to try.

Prussia hesitated for a moment, but then turned left. If it proved to be a dead end, he would just have to turn around and try the other direction. He found a door at the end of the hall and upon opening it, he was rewarded by the feel of cool night air. Perfect. Once he was outside, he would be that much closer to getting away and orienting himself properly. He headed through the door.

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It was darker in here than outside, and Yuna stopped a moment, shining the light all around before glancing back at Edgar and stepping further inside. "Where is your room, Edgar?"

Come to think of it, this looked like the hallway where she'd encountered the monster. Her grip on the bat tightened. Some part of her insisted it wouldn't get away this time, despite the warnings she'd received.

"M16," Edgar said, keeping his guard up as they traversed the hallway together for a second time. Monsters had a tendency to hold their attacks until the last moment, just as that feeling of security settled in.

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