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Night 47: Recreational Field
...and that's why I'm cool!
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There were no lighted guard towers out here and no heavily-armed patrols, and Prussia again felt insulted by the lack of security. It was almost as if they wanted him to escape! Until now, hardly a day had gone by without the control council making its presence—and his position—known. The sudden change in tune disturbed him more than he cared to admit, and he couldn't help but wonder if he were walking straight into some kind of trap. But they'd already taken everything away from him— the feel of land beneath his feet was good, but it would have been better if it had been his land and felt in his very bones—so what else could they possibly do? He refused to die, and he'd refuse to let them kill him, no matter what they tried next.

Prussia finally decided to use the torch, clicking it on to survey the area. It was a field of some sort (for football, perhaps), with a shed at one corner and a wall surrounding its entirety. He took a few steps forward along the nearest wall before turning towards it and starting to scale it.

Once he was high enough to see over, Prussia propped himself up with his arms and shone the torch into the next area. It didn't look like a way away from the hospital's grounds—it was just a walled courtyard and more of the hospital—so he carefully dropped back to the ground.

He'd have to try his luck with the other two walls, and their corner seemed like the best option. He started across the field, heading in the direction of the shed.

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[From here.]

Edgar closed the door behind them reflexively, taking in a sharp breath of the night air. "My home used to have borders, trade routes, bartering and what have you. It's not like that anymore, though it's certainly not like this place, either."

He motioned toward the far corner of the field. "If my memory serves me, I believe the shed is on that end. Let's be quick."

Yuna winced from the cold but kept the light tube facing outward as Edgar closed the door, sweeping the beam across the area immediately in front. "Looks clear," she reported.

She glanced back at Edgar as he discussed his world. "Not like that anymore?" she repeated. "What changed?" She could understand it not being like this place, though. Socializing in the day but having to do things at night...she'd never encountered a custom like that before. Maybe it was related to the cycle of monsters appearing, but wouldn't it make sense, then, to do these things in the day, where there weren't any monsters around? She'd ask the lady who seemed to have made herself a guide for Yuna, but the lady had a habit of disappearing....

At the direction, Yuna nodded, and started that way.

Edgar nodded as they started walking. The area being clear was a good sign, but he wouldn't count on their safety yet. The opposite corner of the field was across a distance of treacherous terrain- if Edgar had learned anything about monsters, it was that freer areas usually held larger beasts, and that the closer one got to a goal, the more likely one was going to find something dangerous guarding it.

He kept a quick pace, walking beside Yuna this time- he stayed near the building and kept her to his left, nearer to the wall of the institute, making sure that should anything attack from the open field, it would have to go through him first. "A wicked, insane man destroyed everything," he answered quietly as they rounded the corner of the field, his voice taking a serious tone, "Changing the entire world to bend to his will. Entire cities were wiped from existence, innocents slain without rhyme or reason."

Ahhh, why was she being squished against the side of the building?

...Oh. It was only because it was a Guardian-like tactic that she recognized it, except in that case, they'd had a habit of surrounding her. Edgar was clearly using the wall as a substitute, and it was making her a mite uncomfortable, because Rikku and Paine had never done it, beyond standing by her generally as fellow fighters. Yuna didn't want to be protected, but...she had no weapon. Hopefully they could make it to the shed without anything bothering them, and Yuna could have a hand in protecting herself.

The feeling worsened at the story. "Sounds like...a war. ...I knew someone like that, some...time ago." She could be grateful, at least, that Seymour had never succeeded. But, the slaughter...! "But you pulled through."

"I did, but that doesn't give my mind much solace," he said, eyeing the shed as they drew near it, its form appearing in the dim light. He turned his light on, turning the beam to the open doorway. He eyed the broken lock and dented door cautiously. It didn't seem a beast had torn it open- more like a solid hit, something along the lines of Sabin's handiwork.

"It appears we're not the first to arrive this evening," he warned, stepping into the shed first.

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