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Night 47: Recreational Field
...and that's why I'm cool!
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There were no lighted guard towers out here and no heavily-armed patrols, and Prussia again felt insulted by the lack of security. It was almost as if they wanted him to escape! Until now, hardly a day had gone by without the control council making its presence—and his position—known. The sudden change in tune disturbed him more than he cared to admit, and he couldn't help but wonder if he were walking straight into some kind of trap. But they'd already taken everything away from him— the feel of land beneath his feet was good, but it would have been better if it had been his land and felt in his very bones—so what else could they possibly do? He refused to die, and he'd refuse to let them kill him, no matter what they tried next.

Prussia finally decided to use the torch, clicking it on to survey the area. It was a field of some sort (for football, perhaps), with a shed at one corner and a wall surrounding its entirety. He took a few steps forward along the nearest wall before turning towards it and starting to scale it.

Once he was high enough to see over, Prussia propped himself up with his arms and shone the torch into the next area. It didn't look like a way away from the hospital's grounds—it was just a walled courtyard and more of the hospital—so he carefully dropped back to the ground.

He'd have to try his luck with the other two walls, and their corner seemed like the best option. He started across the field, heading in the direction of the shed.

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"Ah...sir Edgar," Yuna started, "I think we should talk about how we'll be dealing with fighting anything, if it comes to that."

She could hope that they wouldn't, but...two years ago, the Guardians had always had plans of action and they always made her aware of them. She was sure that all teams of fighters were the same. Organization was a good thing; it was good to be prepared for eventualities, and Yuna got the distinct sense that going out at night for a second time without a weapon because she'd lost her loot the first time was asking for a bit too much of the universe.

Edgar paused at the question. "Not a bad idea." He turned his light off briefly, tucking it into his pocket before taking the metal pole with both hands. "I've had some minimal training with staves- I'm much more comfortable with swords and pole arms, though I think I could handle this well enough to keep an enemy at bay." The real question was if the thin pole would have the durability to last through any serious damage.

"Another option would be to use my light as a club. It's fairly heavy and sturdy, and I have no doubt I could manage some threat with it." He retrieved his light from his pocket before continuing. "What about yourself, now that you have a weapon?"

"I need to use to use both hands for it," Yuna said apologetically. "If I need to fight, I'm going to need to drop the light...I won't be able to see."

Edgar's set of skills sounded a lot more useful than hers, and Yuna couldn't decide if it would be better for Edgar to hold the light while she fought, or for Yuna to hold it. Edgar's 'minimal stave training', as he put it, was probably still better than Yuna's fumbling, but he might drop or lose his supplies! But thinking back on how he'd placed himself at Yuna's side while they were walking to the shed....

And Yuna couldn't decide if the both of them trying to fight one-armed would be better. "Uhm...what do we do about that? About the light?"

Hm, that would leave them in a tight spot, wouldn't it?

"You have a point, milady," Edgar answered, still thinking. "Fighting blind would be problematic. If it comes to it, I'll use my flashlight as a makeshift weapon- with it on-hand, I can defend and keep the area illuminated. One of us definitely needs to keep the light on." If he absolutely had to, he was willing to part with that pole- he needed it, but it could wait another night. The threat of monsters could not.

"All the same," he continued, turning for the institute, "Let's make haste for the building. Perhaps we can swing by my room and I can drop off these goods before we continue our adventure. I don't know your plans for the rest of the evening, but I have enjoyed your company and would like to get to know you a bit better."

Then it was a plan! Yuna had fought nearly-blind before, but she'd rather avoid it if possible, especially in these conditions. And they could always run for it.

...Oh my. What was she supposed to say to that! "That's...a good idea," she replied, chuckling self-consciously, passing the first door. Uhm, lessee, they'd passed one door on the way to the shed, so the correct door was the next one on!

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