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Night 47: Main Hallway, 1-West
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There was the stairwell. Kairi couldn't help but smile to herself as she rounded the corner and spotted the familiar hallway, still shrouded in darkness like she remembered it. She could see down the hallway and slightly into the Sun Room from where she was standing, and she lowered her flashlight, not wanting whatever it was that was lurking inside it that night to spot her.

At the thought of that, she looked down at the sword that she held in her hand, feeling ready to take on whatever it was that they were going to do tonight. Though, she had a feeling that even with her own weapon, the two boys wouldn't exactly let her help out all that much. Still, she'd try. The sword she had was real and with her at all times, not like a keyblade that would appear seconds before being attacked.

And to think, back when they used to play on the island with wooden swords, they had never given her one. Well, now she had a real sword, so hah!

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[from here]

...Okay, wait. Where was she going? Yuna stopped to think. Recreation field...that wasn't the same as a green house, was it? Probably not. But planting was recreation...kinda. At least, it was when she'd done it today. But a house...wasn't a field. Even if it was green.

And with no knowledge of the style of architecture this...Institute? was it called an institute? was built in, Yuna had no way of predicting where it might be.

Ummm...she could walk around trying to find it, but...monsters. Oh, and she'd promised Kagura she wouldn't take any risks. She could always run away, though. Both Kagura and Meche had insinuated that having a weapon was a good idea, and Ritsuka...he'd said otherwise, but he seemed to have been hurt. If Yuna had been there, she would've wanted to try fighting off whatever he'd encountered, and it would've let him get away, or, at the very least, hold up the monster from attacking anyone else.



[From here.]

Passing into the main hall quietly, Edgar paused to survey the passing prisoners. He immediately scanned for Celes, checking each head for the blond hair that announced her. A sigh escaped him- she was nowhere in sight. Normally, he'd assume she was taking care of herself, or perhaps avoiding him for his advances; however, he was sure she'd have contacted him by now to at least inform him of her safety. Perhaps he could garner her attention with a message on the bulletin board the next day.

For now, he returned to his initial plan: find supplies for his next tool. Traveling alone was never a good idea, so he decided to ask one of the unattended heads if he or she needed some company for the evening. Preferably a she. If she wasn't headed his way, he'd improvise.

He spotted a nearby brunette who looked lost in thought, possibly deciding her next move. The king took his chance.

"Pardon me, Miss," he addressed with a formal bow. "Do you have plans for this eve? Or at least someone who will accompany you? It's ill advised to travel alone."

Yuna turned and checked behind her just to make sure. "Oh! Ummm..." Oh praise Yevon, unpleasant flashbacks. Choosing to ignore how overly formal speech caused her to think of Seymour, and her slip in praying to Yevon in her distress—some habits, she'd found tonight, just didn't die easily, Yuna curbed her instinctive response to perform a Yevon's bow by holding her hands behind her back. "I-I don't, but..."

Come to think of it, thought, it wasn't a good idea to travel alone. "I. Um...what are your plans, mister...?"

"I was hoping to find supplies," Edgar answered. She was certainly cute, even if she did sound unsure of her plans, and her eyes were two distinct colors- exotic. He'd be sure to compliment them later. "I've got a project I'm working on, but it requires a few specialized ingredients. I know where some of them are, though traveling there alone and unarmed would be reckless."

Come to think of it, he probably should have thought to procure a close-combat weapon before thinking of the items for his invention. He smiled to himself, knowing how his brother would have scolded him for such behavior.

Yuna had to pull her arms out from behind her back when she realized she couldn't see. Bringing the light tube to the front, she switched it from hand to hand before finally aiming it at the ceiling. She could see better that way, and see her interlocutor, too! She...shouldn't be relieved that he looked nothing like Seymour, but she was.

Oh, supplies! Yuna didn't quite understand what kind of 'specialized ingredients' he could find, but Yuna herself was going to a shed to find a makeshift weapon, so. "You're...alone?" That explained the question from before, at least.

Yuna supposed it could be worse than to encounter someone with more or less the same objective! Who was offering, no less! "Uhm, where are you headed? ...Maybe I could come with you?"

"I thought I might head to the second floor," Edgar said as he turned off his own light. No point in wasting the power cells if she was going to use hers to light the area. "Now that I think about it, I think my time might be better spent finding a close-combat weapon to stave off any of the beasts that have been rumored to lurk within these walls. I'm not sure where I'd find something suitable for that, though. None of the supplies I need would work well, and it's not as though swords and pikes are common around here."

He smiled, thinking of all the blades he'd taken for granted over the years. Even if he knew where to find the metals needed to construct a sturdy blade, his skills as a smith were fairly poor, as he'd spent most of his time learning and studying machinery instead. Those skills would come in handy soon enough.

He continued. "Either way, I'd be grateful for such lovely company."

If such common weapons as swords and pikes were uncommon here, guns were out of the question, weren't they. Oh well, Yuna could think of worse. Not a lot worse but—No, she could think of worse. Locked into this place more securely, with no opportunity to look for a way out, for instance. Or, having hope of escape only to discover it false.

...She was overthinking this.

"I know of...um, I heard there are bats in a shed, in the recreation field," she said. "If they would be useful to you." To Yuna, at least, bats would work better, since she had an image of them as being somewhat like rods, and Yuna couldn't use a sword without the Warrior dressphere, and had the inkling that a pike would topple her. But, no matter which weapon she ended up scoring, she could always try to learn it! Any weapon was better than none, after all, even if was only used to conk monsters on the head.

Ah, about the monsters... "And, about the...beasts," she started, borrowing his word, "they're not just rumors." The light dropped as she lowered her arms a bit. "I encountered one the other night...and, I've seen others hurt, too. I'm sure you know this, but...we should be careful."

Bats? Edgar put a hand to his chin. "Actually, investigating that shed sounds promising." It had never crossed his mind to look in the shed where they kept the sporting equipment, though it did seem like a solid idea. Even the crudest tool could be used to bludgeon a monster, even if it lacked the finesse of a forged blade.

"We'll definitely proceed with caution," Edgar agreed with a nod. "I've yet to see anything dangerous roaming the halls, but you're not the first to warn me. A close friend of mine- she is both a magician and a fine warrior- warned me to keep on my guard, as well."

It seemed she was armed with only her light, as well. They seemed fairly hardy- if it came down to it, he'd use it to strike a monster. "Do you have any combat experience?" he asked, taking a few steps toward the side hallway and motioning for her to follow. "If not, don't worry. I'd be glad to lead the way and do my best to keep you safe."

"I hope I didn't derail you," Yuna responded as she followed. It'd only been a suggestion, after all, and he'd said he was looking for supplies.... "Are there supplies you need there?"

Ah, combat was a bit tricky. "A lot of experience, but not very helpful right now," Yuna admitted. Before, she had the aeons and her Guardians, and in YRP, she'd had her guns and dresspheres. Right now, it was a bit of a toss-up whether she could use a gun properly even if she managed to get her hands on one—Yuna had never tested her prowess at gunplay without her Grid. "I'll be careful, too!"

"And I'm Yuna!" she finally added. "It's a pleasure to meet you!"

The machinist turned and flashed her a smile. "Edgar. The pleasure is all mine."

He shook his head, continuing before heading down the hallway: "And it's no derailment at all, trust me. I can find supplies for new tools in the most unlikely of places."

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