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Night 47: M11-M20 Hallway
he never loses the hat
its_the_mileage wrote in damned
As he made the changeover from mild-mannered mental patient to impeccably-hatted archaeologist, Indy was compelled to admit to himself that he wasn't sorry Ryuuzaki and Lunge were coming along for the ride that night. As little as he trusted those two, his methods hadn't been having a lot of success, and a couple of inspectors who'd be more likely to approach the place as a crime scene than a site of potential historical significance might at least shed some light on things from a different perspective. If nothing else, the three of them might be able to make a call on whether the whole thing was a waste of time. Indy enjoyed working in (or maybe it was just puttering around) the ruins, but not as much as he'd enjoy getting out of here and back to his real work.

Once dressed, he picked up the usual set of effects (dog leash/whip coiled over the right shoulder, scalpel and gardening gloves in one jacket pocket and map, journal and pen in the other; flashlight. Nothing he'd seen out there so far convinced him that he'd need the pipe). Tonight he decided to carry the little radio with his free hand--Landel's announcement made it sound like it might actually be good for something for once, and there was always the chance that it could pick up some different stations (news, maybe) some distance away from the compound. If nothing else, he could bash it against the killer plant.

That was everything. Indy headed out.

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Dinner had been so quiet- with Luxord napping, Edgar spent the meal in silence, quietly planning his activities for the evening. He'd admittedly had poor luck with his supply hunts on the second floor- the fact that he kept getting distracted by pretty girls might have had something to do with it, but he wasn't willing to admit to that just yet. Maybe it was time for a change in strategy.

Closing the door slowly and quietly, Edgar headed for the main hall. Maybe he could catch Celes tonight- he'd not seen her throughout the day, and she seemed to know where she was going. She'd probably know all the best spots for supplies and weapons, as well.

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