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Night 47: M11-M20 Hallway
he never loses the hat
its_the_mileage wrote in damned
As he made the changeover from mild-mannered mental patient to impeccably-hatted archaeologist, Indy was compelled to admit to himself that he wasn't sorry Ryuuzaki and Lunge were coming along for the ride that night. As little as he trusted those two, his methods hadn't been having a lot of success, and a couple of inspectors who'd be more likely to approach the place as a crime scene than a site of potential historical significance might at least shed some light on things from a different perspective. If nothing else, the three of them might be able to make a call on whether the whole thing was a waste of time. Indy enjoyed working in (or maybe it was just puttering around) the ruins, but not as much as he'd enjoy getting out of here and back to his real work.

Once dressed, he picked up the usual set of effects (dog leash/whip coiled over the right shoulder, scalpel and gardening gloves in one jacket pocket and map, journal and pen in the other; flashlight. Nothing he'd seen out there so far convinced him that he'd need the pipe). Tonight he decided to carry the little radio with his free hand--Landel's announcement made it sound like it might actually be good for something for once, and there was always the chance that it could pick up some different stations (news, maybe) some distance away from the compound. If nothing else, he could bash it against the killer plant.

That was everything. Indy headed out.

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Wait, there had been something odd about the answers...something to do with time.... Oh! "The end of night comes suddenly?" she repeated. "Isn't that just...morning?" Did he mean that they couldn't tell when it getting toward the day, because there were no windows?

Though, with this place, Yuna was beginning to feel that she wouldn't be surprised it this weren't the case.

"It is the morning that surprises me each night," Edgar said with a brief smile, wondering if this was Yuna's first evening at the institution. "One moment, I'll be traveling through the halls as we are now, then the next, I find myself in my bed, as though I never left. I suspect there is some form of magic that befalls us during the night, though the man running this place must have immense power to cast a spell over such a large number of people at once."

They arrived outside of M16 and Edgar gave the knob a try- still unlocked. He cracked the door slightly, peering inside the room: Luxord was still on the bed, fast asleep. "It appears he's still here," Edgar noted, still reluctant to disturb the other man. He pushed the door open, taking a step into the room. "This will only take a moment, milady."

He walked around the open door, heading for his side of the room. Setting the pole and light on his bed, he opened the doors to his wardrobe and started to untangle the net from his shoulders. "I'm an inventor of sorts," he said quietly as he pulled the safety pads from the net, answering her earlier question. "I enjoy making weapons- we'll call it a hobby of mine. I'm hoping to make an air-powered hand cannon."

"Oh...I see!" Oh yeah, that'd happened to her once. So it hadn't been some kind of hallucination, opening the door and then ending up in bed? Yuna had just assumed she'd passed out and was brought back to her room by the guide-lady, but she'd never figured out what had made her collapse in the first place. This sounded like an area-of-effect Sleep, the way Edgar described it, but she didn't know of anyone powerful enough to do it on such a big scale, as he'd said.

Yuna nodded when Edgar went into his room, and turned so her light was facing out, adjusting her grip on the bat. She'd have to ask later how the rooms were numbered. For now, she was on lookout!

An air-powered hand cannon...that sounded shiny! And powerful, that too. Now that she thought about it, this expedition was starting to resemble Yuna's scavenging for that Machine Faction experiment. Hopefully, Edgar wouldn't ask her to test his invention. Not that she didn't want to, but Yuna only had a bat this time and she didn't want to wreck it if it took this much effort for him to get the supplies to begin with. At least in the Bikanel Desert, enough material was buried under the sand to make it worth the effort of so much testing.

She'd ask about the specifics if she thought she could understand it. But she didn't want to disturb Edgar's roommate, so she'd uh, remember to ask when he came back out.

Edgar managed to shove most of his treasures into the closet easily enough, but the metal pole took some work. After pushing his clothes to one side, then the other, he managed to angle the tall pole around the items on the floor and into the tight space. He looked over his shoulder as he finished his work, sure that Luxord would have been disturbed by the metallic clangs of the pole hitting the walls of the closet- despite the racket, his roommate remained asleep.

As he was shutting his closet and grabbing his flashlight, the silence of the room was interrupted by a sound Edgar didn't quite recognize. At first, he thought it might be Luxord finally waking- the sound did seem to be coming from that side of the room, but the other man was as still as he had been moments before. He shook his head and turned away, thinking he might ignore it... but then his curiosity got the better of him.

The droning sound was definitely coming from Luxord's desk. Keeping his eyes on his sleeping roommate, Edgar slid the drawer open, revealing his audio amplification device- it had turned on somehow and was emitting a low buzzing of some sort. His eyes trailed again to Luxord's sleeping form, a smile crossing his face. "He won't mind if I just... borrow this for the evening," Edgar told himself. He knew Locke would chastise him for such behavior- so unfitting for someone of his status, he'd tease.

Well, Locke wasn't here and Luxord still wasn't awake, so Edgar ignored his nagging integrity and snatched the device before closing the drawer and exiting the room to rejoin Yuna. "Forgive me for taking so long. I was thinking we might head upstairs- there's a key component I need for the cannon in a storage room up there."

Area-of-effect Sleep...that didn't sound quite right. Well, if it was possible...if she got a couple of people to help her, they could position themselves at different points around the institute...but the problem was how they could tell if their partners fell asleep. Guess it's not such an easy thing to check, after all.

Yuna turned to peek into the room when she heard Edgar muttering, but he came out soon enough, so she supposed he had been talking to his roommate and not to her.

"Yessir!" Yuna said, turning. Lessee, if Yuna was right and this hall was like the one Yuna traversed to get out, they'd have to go back the way they'd come at least once. Otherwise it was a dead end. ...Probably. "This way, right?"

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