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Night 47: M-A Block Hallway
the man, the myth, the legend
its_the_mileage wrote in damned
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The hallway they were meeting in was the same one he'd run into Dent in last night; from there, it was a straight shot over the back wall. Indy wondered idly as he walked whether that route was faster than going out the front door. It was hard to tell, given how much the lengths of the nights varied. What it did do was exchange the potential dangers of the entry room with the potential dangers of the rec field. Indy wasn't sure which of the two was the lesser evil.

This hall was empty, though, and he passed through without incident.

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[From here.]

"As for the time, I thought we might try to accomplish more before the dawn," Edgar continued. "I'm not sure of your plans for the remainder of the night, but I could always use more supplies. The end of night always comes so suddenly, and I fear I've wasted more than enough time mucking about this prison already."

He indicated the hallway where his room was. "You'll have to forgive me for dragging you around like this. I enjoy productivity, you see."

Resting before dinner? That didn't sound too good. "I see," Yuna replied. "I hope he's all right."

Ah, so Yuna was an assistant now? That sounded fun! "I'll be glad to help!" Productivity was good! "Have I asked what you're making?" she asked as she stepped into the hall Edgar had indicated.

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