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Night 47: West Wing, South Hall 1-A
Curl into myself
sdatislife wrote in damned
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Shinji emerged into another familiar hallway. At the same time, everything was off. He'd learned this his first night, but it seemed to get worse each time. He hated this feeling, but he had to press on. He couldn't run away. He couldn't hide. He didn't have any other choice. He paused for a brief moment to steel himself and then moved on. He had to keep moving. He had to keep going. He moved on.

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[From here.]

Edgar lit his flashbulb as he neared the main hall, his hopes high for spotting Celes amongst the numerous people wandering the corridor. He kept a slow pace, eyeing each head that passed him carefully. Then again, he'd not seen her throughout the day- what were the chances he'd spot her at night?

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