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Night 47: West Wing, South Hall 1-A
Curl into myself
sdatislife wrote in damned
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Shinji emerged into another familiar hallway. At the same time, everything was off. He'd learned this his first night, but it seemed to get worse each time. He hated this feeling, but he had to press on. He couldn't run away. He couldn't hide. He didn't have any other choice. He paused for a brief moment to steel himself and then moved on. He had to keep moving. He had to keep going. He moved on.

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[From here.]

Edgar walked swiftly through the familiar hallway, turning midway to make sure his companion was with him. He had a tendency to keep a quick pace- he sometimes forgot that not everyone was in such a hurry. Losing her would be both rude and unsafe.

"See," he called over his shoulder, "Normally, I have access to several high-end materials for my various projects. Here, I'm learning something about the art of improvisation. I'll have to work with what I can find, and I'm sure I can find something of use in the field's shed."

Luckily, Yuna had put on the boots! It would probably have been a lot harder to keep up with Edgar in the slippers. Yuna made sure to keep the light shining directly ahead, to make sure nothing surprised them from the front. From the back—well, she'd just have to be very fast. Very alert worked, too.

And she was glad for the company, so she didn't try to protest any more. Though, if Edgar hadn't liked the shed idea, she would've gone with anyway, because he said he'd been looking for supplies and it appealed to the sphere hunter in Yuna.

"You don't normally do any salvaging?" she asked, out of curiosity. "Er, and...what other kinds of things go in a shed, anyway?" Gardening tools came to mind, but it was a shed to a recreational field, right? And Yuna couldn't be sure what this world's gardening tools actually looked like.

"We import the raw and processed materials we need most of the time," he answered, turning on his light so Yuna could keep track of him better. He kept it aimed at the ground, hoping to keep his eyes adjusted to some degree and not wanting to blind passersby.

He kept his eyes on the passing prisoners, just in case he spotted Celes amongst them. He knew he shouldn't worry about her- her prowess in both magic and physical combat gave her an advantage over many of the other prisoners, he was sure- but as she was a closer friend than those he'd met since his arrival, he felt his concerns were justified. It occurred to him that she may not have felt the same way, given that she'd seemingly been brought here from an earlier time- there were many experiences they'd shared that she hadn't known.

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