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Night 47: West Wing, South Hall 1-A
Curl into myself
sdatislife wrote in damned
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Shinji emerged into another familiar hallway. At the same time, everything was off. He'd learned this his first night, but it seemed to get worse each time. He hated this feeling, but he had to press on. He couldn't run away. He couldn't hide. He didn't have any other choice. He paused for a brief moment to steel himself and then moved on. He had to keep moving. He had to keep going. He moved on.

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[From here.]

The hallway was much clearer than before, most of the other prisoners having left earlier for their own endeavors. At least that made it easier to pass through.

"Almost there," Edgar said quietly, still keeping his eyes open and watching the shadows at the ends of the hall. "I do hope my roommate isn't still asleep. I'd hate to wake him when I stuff these goods into my wardrobe, but we haven't the time to be polite."

"Ok," Yuna lowered her voice to match his, stepping back so she was following. She had asked where it was, but Yuna didn't know how this place was laid out. A letter and a number may as well have been gibberish to her.

"Ah...still asleep?" She supposed Edgar's roommate could have gone to sleep after dinner, but the wording struck her as odd. Did Edgar wait a while before going out, and his roommate had fallen asleep in the meantime?

And what was this about time? "Uhm...is there something wrong with the...time?" Did they have to be back in their rooms before a certain point? Before something even worse happened? Did something happen if they weren't in their rooms by morning?

"When I arrived for dinner, he was already resting," Edgar replied as they neared the doorway to the next hall. "I was hoping to speak with him- his behavior has been suspect during the last day or so- but I suppose it will have to wait for later."

His brow furrowed- Luxord certainly didn't seem the type to let the opportunities the night provided to pass by so easily. Perhaps he was ill, and his peculiar behavior could be attributed to a sickness.

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