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Night 47: West Wing, South Hall 1-A
Curl into myself
sdatislife wrote in damned
[From here.]

Shinji emerged into another familiar hallway. At the same time, everything was off. He'd learned this his first night, but it seemed to get worse each time. He hated this feeling, but he had to press on. He couldn't run away. He couldn't hide. He didn't have any other choice. He paused for a brief moment to steel himself and then moved on. He had to keep moving. He had to keep going. He moved on.

[To here.]

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[And they're back again from here.]

He took a right once they entered the passage, heading for the main corridor. "I feel like I've talked insufferably about myself tonight," he said tiredly. "Please, tell me more about yourself, Yuna. What sort of land do you come from?"

Maps! Maps sounded useful! If she couldn't find anyone who had a copy, maybe she could make one herself...? She had nothing to record on, though, and no receiver. "Maybe we'll meet someone who has one," she said optimistically. Although that 'been here long enough' stipulation sounded kind of terrible. Yuna certainly wouldn't want to be here that long. Hmm...

"Ah...." Yuna came out of her thoughts. "Uhm..." She'd been terrible at explaining her world today and yesterday—she didn't know where to start! "It's...sunny?" Spontaneously deciding to use Luca as a reference, she continued, "It's small, but close-knit! The biggest building is a temple..." Yuna trailed off as the hall opened and she stepped into the bigger hallway.

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