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Night 47: Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1
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Raphael continued on his way as silently as possible, though it was more out of habit than any real desire to avoid detection. Despite the few people in the main hallway, the stairwell itself was silent and empty; anyone who'd been here had likely already left, if he wasn't the first person to come this way at all. He took the stairs two at a time, impatient with losing any more time, but with each footfall, he had to wonder what the hell he was doing. Any idiot could see that the whole training thing was just another way of wasting time here. A way to pretend like they were doing something worthwhile and that any day now they'd all be out of here and home free. Hell, he didn't think he'd seen a single good plan on how to get out of here, even though it seemed like everyone talked about having one. Even Pinky had been on like her team had some way out they were working on, and then what? They get sent picking up goddamn books on medicine. He could get it was important, but that kind of stuff? It wasn't what you did if you didn't think you were going to be around for a while.

His mind still caught up in these thoughts, Raphael left the stairwell on autopilot, pausing only long enough to flick his flashlight off again and allow his eyes to readjust before moving out into the hallway.

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Utena's instincts took her toward the stairs. Whether Himemiya had gotten ahead of her or she had been taken by the staff, she was most likely going to be up on the second floor. The experimental labs she knew of were all supposed to be somewhere up there, right? That's what she remembered from the maps she had copied into her journal. She would check the hallway upstairs first in places Himemiya was likely to want to meet her, and then if that proved fruitless, she would do her best to find her way into those labs. "Please, please be all right," she said to herself as she raced up the stairs. This felt like the night of Himemiya's kidnapping at Ohtori all over again.

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"So far, so good." Quiet. It had stayed that way the last time S.T. had made this trek, but he wasn't counting on Carter to know that was statistically unlikely.

"Tonight is brainwashing. They turn patients into kamikaze weapons trained on the rest of us. The Sun Room and some of the big rooms can get ugly. Including the hall at the top of the stairs, so when we get there, we cross quickly."

Carter fell back a step to check over Richter's back, just in case he'd missed seeing the spider limbs the first time. Must be under his shirt.

"Right," he said, putting on his determinedface. "Just so long as none of them look like Richter, I can handle it." Secretly, of course, he was excited for it. Now he'd get some real action, man to brainwashed man of the future.

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Abe kept Scarecrow close to him as they climbed the stairs. By reflex his fingers spread across the air while his free hand held the flashlight, despite his powers being thoroughly useless here. "Keep a watch behind you," he cautioned. "I've only seen a few of the creatures here."

"I've never seen anything on the stairs," the Scarecrow replied, looking over his shoulder. It occurred to him that if he couldn't feel the ground beneath his bare feet or the railing under his hand, he probably couldn't feel if something was behind him, either.

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The doorway opened to reveal stairs, a sight that made Erika grin once again.

"Good!" She approved, musing on the possibilities of what was on the second floor. Mapping out the first floor was probably the thing she should have done, but Erika had the feeling that she would be seeing more of the first floor as the days passed. The second floor seemed like it would be restricted to the patients during the day. If only her companion wasn't another "new arrival" like she was. She would have to question people tomorrow about the nature of these activities they did and how much of the Institute they saw during the day.

Speaking of her companion... Erika looked behind her once, just to see if the man actually followed her or not. It wouldn't hinder her too much if he didn't, or help her if he did. The role of the Holmes was merely a literary tool and not so much as an actual assistant to the detective.

Confirming the information she had been told about this place? That either meant the truthfulness of the sort of explanation she had received was questionable, or she wished for an ounce of certainly behind the information she had been given. Be as it may, it seemed she would not provide unless the information she had been told had been confirmed. Well, rather than theorizing in what sort of situation he was in, following her and seeing for himself seemed a better approach. Additionally, exploring this new, unknown world would hardly cause any harm.

So Xemnas chose to take the invitation and followed the girl towards the door, which revealed a staircase leading to what could only be a second floor.

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There were, unfortunately, two other pairs of patients sharing the stairwell with them. Harvey narrowed his eyes at the others, almost as if he wanted to urge them to move faster by sheer force of will. It didn't exactly work, though.

"Did you hear anything as you were waking up tonight?" he directed over his shoulder, though Harvey didn't actually bother to look behind him at the trailing prosecutor. He needed to keep looking forward, both to make sure he didn't lose his footing and also to keep an eye out for any possible monsters overhead.

Nurses? Announcements?

"No. Should I have? One of these 'announcements'?" There had been a radio on the desk; it had been her second go-to point for information had the door not opened.

Should she have brought it? Well, what was done was done.

"Perhaps..." yes, "you should begin at the beginning, Mr. Dent. Where are we, what is known about the man who brought us here, and why are several grown men hesitant to leave the stairwell?" The last of whom was better than that detective that was always following Edgeworth about at blocking space.

She brushed past the first group, then the second with murmurs of Excuse me and a squared set to her shoulders that dared anyone to disagree.

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Needless to say, Claude's confidence from just a few minutes ago had largely dried up, but he didn't voice any of that out loud. Determined to focus on safely leaving the first floor while not letting himself get pulled down into anymore of a funk, he scanned the stairwell as he led the way up. His flashlight beam cut through the dark -- thankfully, he didn't see anything waiting to attack them. That was always a good sign, at least. But he knew that wasn't an excuse to let down his guard.

"I'm not seeing anything so far," he whispered back to his friend. "Let's be careful, though."

While Guy could have sworn he heard hurried breathing and the sounds of more running behind them as they'd headed into the stairwell, he knew better than to voice that thought. They had already made their decision, and he was fairly certain that they were safe at this point. Granted, there could be something upstairs that would decide to chase them, but they would have to cross that bridge when they got to it.

Nodding at Claude's words, Guy only noticed a pair of patients in front of them and two following up after them. He didn't like that there were so many people in here at once, considering the narrow space. Even though he knew that attacks in the stairwell were uncommon, he couldn't help but feel anxious about it.

"Come on," he urged, even though he knew Claude was just as eager to get upstairs as he was. He led them up with no further delay, trying to put what they'd seen downstairs out of his mind.

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There were a small number of people within the staircase, but Tenzen regarded them as no threat. Though with his ability as it was now, it would pay to remain on his guard. He would not heal ever since arriving here, which meant there was a high possibility he would not revive either. To die here in this institute was unthinkable.

He cast a glance over his shoulder, trying to determine what that insolent woman was up to.

Why were people so secretive about what they knew? It wouldn't help individuals in the long run, because they were all trapped together anyway. Much like Braco had revived Moriya and Kagemu to launch his attack on Rio; he couldn't have done it alone. And against Lon—hmm.

"If you say so," Mele replied as he passed on his way to the stairs, then scoffed as she turned to follow. "Don't head the same way I'm going, then."

She happened to look up as he glanced back. "Where are you going, anyway?" She'd only gotten this far last night and had no idea what lay beyond. Though, if he wasn't going to answer that question either, it was something of a lost cause to ask.

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Once inside the stairwell and out of immediate traffic and more open areas, Beatrix shined her light around to make sure there were no creatures lurking about. Seeing none, the ex-assassin stepped to the side and shined her light down on a map. Now, if she was going to head upstairs to find things for the girls, she would need to plan her path accordingly...

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Since the first floor was a bust, Franziska headed upstairs without so much as a glance over her shoulder. Either Gumshoe would be following her like he should be, or she'd find him later and beat the lesson into his head that he should follow when commanded. She would think that their time spent working together would be enough of a lesson, but he'd been slippery enough to try and evade her before. That was why tracking devices were so handy and why she wanted one here so badly. Perhaps she'd send Kibitoshin on a mission to find the parts and get that silent Turk, Rude, to make it.

"Hurry up, Detective. We have a way to go before we reach the kitchen--" She'd been halfway through her directions when she glanced up and noticed a light in the stairwell. Changing her grip on her makeshift whip, Franziska came to a stop and regarded the figure up ahead with more than a little wariness. "Who are you and what are you doing loitering here?"

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There were a couple of small groups of patients who were already walking up the stairs, but so far there appeared to be no signs of conflict. Whether their situation would remain so peaceful was yet to be seen, however. Spock suspected the second floor would be considerably more dangerous than the first, particularly if some of the accounts he'd heard were to be believed. But so long as their mission required them to find supplies, this was likely the best route for them to explore.

Some may have cautioned McCoy to be cautious, but Spock remained silent. Such warnings were quite unnecessary when they were in such a narrow area with little room to maneuver. In the meantime, they were depending on McCoy's light to illuminate their path as they climbed the stairs, and he glanced toward the doctor, as if to silently get this point across.

McCoy rolled his eyes upwards for a moment, even as they started up the steps. From the way Spock finished that sentence, you could almost believe that was all there was and the matter was over after he'd intervened. It would be clear to Chekov's attacker that they had numbers over him, and he'd have be satisfied with that, as he would be irrational to carry on in the face of such numbers, and the matter ultimately resolved. Logically speaking of course.

The Vulcan assumed that everything could be explained away with logic, motives included. Logic could only go so far before you had to rely on emotions. There was plenty to explain an unprovoked attack like that, such as ego, reputation and even mood.

"Well, I don't know if that's the last of it," McCoy said. "It might not be as much cause for concern if it's just that one man and if it was a one-time thing." That wasn't entirely true: there was a lot of potential damage a single individual could do if they lacked morals. "But it could get hairy if he's head of a group or if there's others like him watching. Or even if word gets out. Chekov could be in danger still. We might be dealing with alphas."

He sincerely hoped it wasn't the case. McCoy wasn't nearly as used to dealing with the concept of an alpha or pack behavior in humanoids as he'd like. He was more at home in surgery, medicine, than psychology. You had to know a fair share, and then some, when it came to being CMO to a starship however. It was how you knew to watch out for people going stir-crazy in tight quarters, or how someone was proving incompatible with the crew, or when someone was becoming a danger. But when it came to an alpha male, McCoy could only say that Jim fit the bill (in more ways than one). But he wasn't hostile or resorted to other means to maintain the respect of his crew.

Chekov's incident could mean that the man was testing the waters on new arrivals, gauging where they fell in the social ladder, while maintaining his own rank in this facility. Fulfilling his own ego at the same time probably didn't hurt matters.

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Climbing this staircase was a lot easier without having to wait for that gimp "Stephen" to make his way up, something that Rolo very much appreciated. He was silent for awhile as they just made their way up, looking around once in awhile to see if Greta was keeping up. It seemed pointless to go through the trouble of asking her to accompany him and then leave her in the dust.

Now, there was just the matter of what they talked about at breakfast. Rolo was sure that Ange recognized what he said when he referred to C.C., the witch. Actually, it was more like she was trying to see if he was talking about someone she knew. Either way, it was enough to make him wonder: What did Greta know?

They didn't get that far in the conversation though, and Ange said something weird before he left. Something like a US military base? What was a US?

"Uh, so... What we were talking about at breakfast? You said something about a military base." To be honest, Rolo hadn't given it much thought, he just remembered it being kind of weird. He was more concerned about the witch. "I don't think it's... like that."

Her footsteps were not far behind Rolo's; she only maintained a respectable distance expected from traveling companions. Other than that, Ange remained close, not even pausing to look at the emerging new scenery. And why should she? It wasn't as though she had fostered any interest in her life because of a switch in setting.

She did raise an eyebrow at the question, however. Wasn't the topic moot point by now? "When you mentioned Area 11, it sounded like Area 51 to me. You know, the place known for UFO folklore and mother of all conspiracy theories." Or maybe he didn't know. Ah, well. Overall, it did not really matter.

"What is Area 11 like, then?" asked Ange. What had Japan turned into?

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Sheena slowed her pace down when they reached the stairwell as there were people already in it. Had she been at full strength (or even just a bit), she just would have ninja'd through them, but there was only so much she could accomplish when it came to stealth when one had a nasty back injury.

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The stairwell was dark as always. Ritsuka could hear someone up above, but it didn't seem like they were fighting or anything, so it was probably safe. Of course, even if most fighting didn't take place in the stairwell but in the area directly above it, caution was a good thing to have around this place. The last thing Ritsuka wanted was to run into another creature and force Soubi to fight - or worse, to fight himself.

"Is there anything you need while we're hunting for supplies?" Might as well ask if that's what they were going to do, right?

"Oh. I'm a little embarrassed. We don't have to talk about it, I'm worried you'll reject me anyw-" Soubi cut himself off with a sigh. He tried to think of a new topic. Roommates were out of the question. "We're not going to the sleep study halls are we?" Dammit. "What's planned for tomorrow, during the day? Can you remember?"

Soubi paused on his step and looked at Ristuka. Did ne need anything? Yes, desperately. But it was a weakness he shouldn't be allowed. "I think so. I mean, yes. But..." He'd been going mad. Biting his nails, scratching and rubbing his arms, he'd been irritable and snappy and mean and he didn't want to ever come close to hurting Ritsuka like Hiro had. And, well, smoking would help that, really. "I'm out of cigarettes."

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Shit! What the hell was that thing?! If it weren't for his plans to find where the nightshift doctors worked and how he had Fai and Kibitoshin to look after now, Sechs' vicious curiosity was sure to have gotten the better of him and he would have been off confronting the monster while leaving the other two in the dust. Sechs couldn't let himself get sidetracked -- or at least, not too much!

As he stomped up the stairs, Sechs felt the cold mass crawling inside his spine. Then like someone who unexpectedly got a bag of ice pressed against their skin, Sechs paused and stiffly arched his back for a moment. He managed to repress a gasp and gripped tightly onto his flashlight and axe, but he couldn't stop the goosebumps spreading all over his skin. Ugh! It felt like the shadow inside him was growing stronger as the night slowly aged! How much worse was it going to get?

Fighting to keep his teeth from chattering, Sechs looked over his shoulder to check on Fai and Kibitoshin's progress up the stairs. "Hurry up, you two!" he called through a pained (and far from patient) grimace.

While he couldn't be sure of what he'd glimpsed in the hallway, Sechs was probably right in avoiding it. Yuuhi was already more than happy to get moving and get far from that area anyway, trying not to be obvious as he leaned heavily on the railing as he made his way up the steps. The effort didn't wind him so much as make him dizzy and light-headed. He'd lost too much blood the last few nights combined with the debilitating change to his sight made even simple tasks difficult.

When he heard Sechs' pained voice though, he did what he could to push all that aside. Was the man alright? It took longer than he would've liked to find him in the darkness, but Yuuhi pushed on and followed as closely as he could.

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Aerith was sure to check the stairs before starting the climb. She wasn't a trained SOLDIER or anything, but it didn't sound like there were any monsters lurking about. Once she was confident that she and Zack would be safe heading upstairs, she headed up the steps, turning to look back. It was still hard to believe that he was here... Maybe she was afraid he'd up and vanish at any second on her or something.

Thinking like that wasn't going to get her anywhere, though. Positive thoughts! Besides, Aerith was pretty interested to hear how Zack knew Yuffie. She was sure it would be a good story at least.

While Zack was glad to see that the stairwell was pretty empty tonight (which meant he wasn't as on edge in the small space), his mind was still stuck on the realization that Aerith and Yuffie had also met sometime in the future. Before or after his death? It probably didn't matter, but it was still something that kept popping up into his head.

"It's weird. That makes the second person who I knew who you ended up running into." Even if he was focused on staying aware of possible danger as they climbed the stairs, Zack didn't miss a beat when it came to the conversation he was having with his date for the night. "I ran into Cloud earlier. He filled me in on a few things," he explained. Zack was still glad to know that two people he cared for so much had found each other. It made him feel slightly less bad about leaving them both.

"But yeah, Yuffie. She used to spam my phone and drag me into helping her find 'treasures.'" Most of it had been trash, though he'd come across a few helpful things toward the end. Judging from Aerith's story about stealing the Materia, it sounded like the ninja hadn't changed too much over the years.

They reached the top of stairs, and Zack didn't hesitate to keep going.

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The stairwell was dark. Ruby had passed it before, but she hadn't thought much of it; obviously patients were headed that way, but she'd had other things on her mind. What was up there? Nurses' quarters, more supplies? A medical wing? For a place that claimed to to be a hospital, even a mental hospital, she hadn't seem much in the way of actual medical equipment.

"Well, here it is. You want me to split, or can I tag along?"

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Even if Ruby could possibly turn into a crazy bitch down the line, he had to give her one thing - he liked her style.

Dean was suddenly glad it wasn't too bright out here with the horror movie lighting they had going on, especially when he might've cracked a grin despite himself.

"We were gonna suss out some batteries first," Dean said. "If you wanted to get backups now."

His voice was neutrally friendly. It wasn't exactly an invitation or an olive branch or whatever, but it was nice and easy, and it wasn't something real big like expecting a total stranger to watch their backs. If they ran into something, well, there wasn't stopping that, but small stuff like this was important on the job: they needed to keep their supplies up. This place wasn't gonna slow down and wait if their flashlights died. He could also get a better feel for the chick on the way, although it wasn't exactly the right time to be chatting her up: if they'd had their weapons, he might've thought differently, but a damaged bowie knife and a gun with limited ammo was really pushing it, even for their usual.

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Entering the stairwell, Edgar shined his light up the passage, keeping his eyes peeled for anything that might have been waiting for them. The bulb in his light flickered oddly, returning to its full brightness after a second. The machinist gave it a shake, wondering if the power cells were giving out. He had another set in his drawer- he'd be sure to change them before his next outing.

"A temple, huh?" he asked. "What was it used for?"

"For...praying?" Yuna answered as she followed him up. "It's where the fayth are, and the statues of previous High Summoners—is something wrong with your light?"

Yuna supposed, if Edgar's light went out, that they could make do with one light tube. Though that...depended on what was causing it. For all she knew, Yuna's might go out at any time, too. That wouldn't be good. For now though, it didn't look like it was.... Yuna looked at the beam warily as they stepped out of the stairwell.

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Cissnei paused inside the stairwell, peering up into the darkness until she was sure that nothing was going to jump out at her immediately. She turned back to Aigis again for a moment before setting off back upstairs. "There might be some uh, timeline differences too." And there was a phrase she'd never expected to say. Although she did work for ShinRa and who knew what else they got up to in the labs? Time travel just wasn't outside the realm of possibility.

"There's a guy I know who I work with, and he's from the future. Knows stuff that happens that never happened for me, or hasn't happened yet."

"Everyone just wakes up here..." Aigis thought back to what she had done before her arrival. She had gone into sleep-mode after their long night finally reaching the top of Tartarus. It wasn't anything special to wake up when you had previously fallen asleep, despite the location differences. But, walking onto a helicopter and then just waking up in a completely different place? It wasn't something Aigis could comprehend. Unless of course Cissnei had been knocked out or drugged upon reaching the helicopter. It didn't seem unlikely, given that Aigis herself had not agreed to the move before her own transportation. Landel's definitely seemed to hold itself above the law.

Aigis followed Cissnei up the stairs, nearly stumbling on the first few steps. She grasped at the handrail and worked her way up deliberately, listening closely to redhead's words.

"Timeline differences?" Aigis wasn't sure how much she believed that. Some things were just impossible, given the laws of physics. Cissnei had said this place was an asylum, but she didn't act crazy. She did not strike Aigis as a bold-faced liar, neither did she sense any teasing in her voice. It still seemed odd but...

Then Aigis realized exactly what Cissnei had said. A friend of hers knew about the future and, if it happened to be the case that he was from more than two weeks in the future, then...

"How far in the future has your friend come from?"

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