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Night 47: Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1
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donetakinorders wrote in damned
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Raphael continued on his way as silently as possible, though it was more out of habit than any real desire to avoid detection. Despite the few people in the main hallway, the stairwell itself was silent and empty; anyone who'd been here had likely already left, if he wasn't the first person to come this way at all. He took the stairs two at a time, impatient with losing any more time, but with each footfall, he had to wonder what the hell he was doing. Any idiot could see that the whole training thing was just another way of wasting time here. A way to pretend like they were doing something worthwhile and that any day now they'd all be out of here and home free. Hell, he didn't think he'd seen a single good plan on how to get out of here, even though it seemed like everyone talked about having one. Even Pinky had been on like her team had some way out they were working on, and then what? They get sent picking up goddamn books on medicine. He could get it was important, but that kind of stuff? It wasn't what you did if you didn't think you were going to be around for a while.

His mind still caught up in these thoughts, Raphael left the stairwell on autopilot, pausing only long enough to flick his flashlight off again and allow his eyes to readjust before moving out into the hallway.

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Abe kept Scarecrow close to him as they climbed the stairs. By reflex his fingers spread across the air while his free hand held the flashlight, despite his powers being thoroughly useless here. "Keep a watch behind you," he cautioned. "I've only seen a few of the creatures here."

"I've never seen anything on the stairs," the Scarecrow replied, looking over his shoulder. It occurred to him that if he couldn't feel the ground beneath his bare feet or the railing under his hand, he probably couldn't feel if something was behind him, either.

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