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Night 47: Main Hallway, 2-Center
donetakinorders wrote in damned
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It was times like this he had to wonder if he was the only damn person in this place who still cared about finding the fastest way home possible. Which probably wasn't true, but hell. Seeing as the only people he'd worked with so far had 'stealing books' as a goal or were setting up training nights, it was no damn wonder he was feeling more than a little pissed off about the whole thing.

But really, what it all boiled down to, everything that had been bothering him so far, was one simple fact. Raphael was homesick. He knew it too, would have been an idiot not to. He missed the city, the rumble of the subway felt distantly through the walls of their home, sneaking out for late night training sessions with his brothers where they ran across the rooftops playing tag or follow the leader. He missed the nights they'd spend drinking cocoa at April's place, talking all about the things they'd seen and done. But most of all he missed his family. He missed how Leo always had a plan of action and Donny had the tools for the job, while Mikey could keep things light and not too serious. Hell, he even missed Mikey's jokes and how often he talked about that stupid Battle Nexus trophy he'd won. But he didn't know where his brothers were or if they were even alive at all, if they'd been brought here as well and turned into something they weren't or if Karai had destroyed his family as well as his home.

It was the not knowing that hurt the worst, and Raphael had never been good at dealing with that kind of frustration. It made him want to find something, anything really, and just hit it. And keep on hitting it until things started making sense again or he came up with a way to actually leave this place or something.

And somehow he didn't think this little training session was going to help much there.

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[From here.]

Just as his light brightened, Edgar shut it off, throwing out an arm to stop Yuna. The familiar sounds of clashing metal rang throughout the stretch of hallway ahead of them- there was a skirmish happening somewhere in the darkness. While he was sure he could fight decently with his bare hands, flesh did little to defend against the blade of a sword.

"It seems our good fortune has run out," he said, taking a couple of cautious steps into the hallway. From where they were standing, he couldn't see who was fighting in the corridor, though he did see something odd: there was some sort of structure floating in the gap above the Sun Room. "What is that?"

As Edgar threw out an arm, Yuna aimed her light down—a half-remembered tactic to mask their presence while they discussed tactics for ambushing an enemy. Or if they were going to flee. "Is that...the sound of weapons?" she murmured. Hopefully not, but there was something there, and—

At Edgar's question, Yuna cautiously raised the light again. And then had to jerk it away a moment later, even though the light hadn't been enough to illuminate it that much and Yuna had only gotten a glimpse. Nothing good, she thought of saying, but that just seemed...very obvious. "It's—It's...I don't know. What—what do we do?" she ended up whispering.

Edgar took one step forward, then another, trying to get a closer look at the mysterious structure suspended above the Sun Room. It was only after his third step he started to get the picture from the dim lights moving around the form: it seemed to be a mass of swords, held together by some unknown force, and- was that a person at the center of them? He had to stop himself from turning on his light again to get a better look- it was likely this being wasn't simply a tortured patient, but something more sinister or uncontrolled- an enraged Esper came to mind. Celes had warned him that this place was full of dangerous beings, and seeing the clash that was occurring before him, it seemed she'd been right. While he wanted to aid those defending themselves from the monster, he had to consider Yuna's safety, as well as the fact that he'd be more of a burden than an aid without some form of weaponry.

"Unless you've got a strong amount of magic on your side," Edgar said over his shoulder, "I suggest we run, as it seems we're ill equipped to battle something of this nature." He indicated the eastern side of the hall. "Where we're headed is over there, down a passage at the far end of the hall. With any luck, this demon won't notice us."

If Yuna had a gun, she could have tried shooting at it, whatever it was. She could help the combatant or even combatants. The feeling of helplessness was far too familiar, and Yuna had to force it down to follow Edgar.

I do have magic! she nearly said, before remembering that she didn't. Even without the Grid locking her skills, she didn't. Yuna had to tighten her grip on the bat to keep from dropping it. No patrols. No Chocobo Knights, no Crusaders, not even summoner parties, not even sphere hunter groups. She didn't know that anyone—who wouldn't be ill-equipped—would be coming by to fight it.

"Y-yessir," she said softly, before they fled.

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