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Night 47: Main Hallway, 2-West
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scientist_skye wrote in damned
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Once Ema and Agatha made their way upstairs, they were officially in unfamiliar territory. At least, it was unfamiliar to Ema; the girl had no idea where Agatha had and had not been. She figured it was time to check in with the other party. Even if there was an unspoken agreement that Agatha was the leader of the pair, Ema still wanted to know what exactly was going on.

"Do you know where we're going, exactly? Is our stuff up here?" It was possible that Agatha had gotten some sort of tip, after all. Ema wished she had checked the bulletin board more closely when the pair had checked it before dinner instead of simply correcting someone else's scientifically impossible assertion. It would have been nice to have been more fully informed.

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[From here.]

The Scarecrow turned one more time to look over his shoulder as they reached the top of the stairs, just to be sure nothing nasty had followed them. How had he ever managed as a scarecrow? The more accustomed he grew to his humanity, the harder it was to see himself returning to his straw body and its lack of sensation.

No, he wasn't about to start thinking like that- not until he was sure his brain was rested and well, and certainly not while he needed to be keeping his eyes peeled for somethings and the Mangled Witch and whatever other spooks were lurking in the shadows. They were in the Horrible Hallway now.

"Which way should we go?" he asked quietly, hoping no one but Abe heard him.

Abe hadn't seen anything on the stairs either, but he'd seen things with the potential to use stairs and that was all he needed for caution. He shifted the flashlight to his other hand and flicked the light around the corridor.

Being in charge was more trouble than he'd expected. "Perhaps to the middle of the building?" he asked, pointing down the hallway. "The area around the Sun Room seems to be a protected area, and below it lies the passage to the basement. Therefore it makes a certain degree of sense that the area above the Sun Room is important as well." Abe's hands kept moving as he exposited, making the flashlight beam flail around like an advertisement spotlight.

When in doubt, trust symmetry. Magic loved symmetry.

"I suppose that does make sense," the Scarecrow said, clicking his flashlight off. He thought briefly that he might have felt the pressure from the button beneath his finger, but it seemed to be a false alarm. He really would have to figure out what caused the clever little thing to activate when they were in a safer area than the Horrible Hallway.

After all, if there was a reason it was turning off his senses so much, maybe he could find a way to avoid it from happening at all.

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