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Night 47: East Wing, Hall 2-A
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Bella trailed her hand against the wall and down the hallway, mentally counting the number of doors as she passed them. She didn't want go miss the door and go into the wrong one and waste even more time. She was going to be in enough trouble as it was.

One, two, three ... four, her hand lingered on the fourth door, and she lifted her flashlight to look at it. The small sign on the door read the correct title, and she couldn't help but grin to herself before grabbing onto the doorknob -

Augh. It didn't open.

Shit, she cursed to herself, frowning. Jiggling the handle proved that the lock didn't feel all that sturdy, and for a moment she wondered if ... hmm.

Bella rolled up her map and put it back into her pocket, taking a few steps back down the hallway. It might hurt, but she had heard about how to break open doors form her father. (After he gave her pepper spray he had proceeded to tell her that should she be kidnapped and thrown into a room with a locked door, she had to try and bust the door down. Bella had rolled her eyes at the event, but thinking back on it now, it came in pretty handy.)

"One," she counted, low under her breath as she braced herself. "Two ... three."
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[From here.]

Edgar counted the doors as he walked past them, trying to recall which doors he'd visited with Kuukaku. He remembered where he'd found the tool kit, and that room had been directly across from the room with the air tanks. He moved his light to the fourth door on the right as they approached, illuminating the doorway.

"It seems we're not the first here, either," he remarked, his pace slowing with caution.

"...You're right. I just...wish—" No dwelling on that now. Yuna followed Edgar without protest, pausing only once to look back again at the fight before moving.

...Oh, that was ominous. Yuna nervously shone her light around, hoping they wouldn't encounter another monster like the one they'd just left behind. Though instinct told her they wouldn't—the hall was...not right, somehow, for that kind of encounter.

Still, it was best to be careful. "Which door is it?" she whispered, listening for anything approaching.

"This one," Edgar said, stepping cautiously into view of the doorway. Giving his light another shake, he took a look through the open doorway- there didn't seem to be anyone inside, though it was apparent the room had been searched earlier. He cursed his slowness, hoping the tanks he desired were still in there.

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