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Night 47: Activities Shed
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Following Asuka into the dark shed, Junpei relied upon the girl to present the light and he took a better grip on the bat. Hopefully, there wouldn't be any creepy crawlies, but he was prepared as much as he could for some. The last time he'd been in the shed there wasn't anything, but the damn place was prime nesting grounds for things he never wanted to see.

"Bats are to the left," Junpei said in a quiet voice. "There are aluminum and wooden." His own was a genuine Louisville Slugger, if a little battered. He had a feeling Asuka was going to pick a metal one thinking it was better.

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[From here, assuming they arrive sometime after Asuka and Junpei leave. That little shed would be a bit crowded with four people in it. D:]

On his guard, Edgar stepped into the shed, shining his light into the corners and around the walls. He found nothing overtly dangerous in the crevices of the building- perhaps he was being overly cautious. "It seems clear in here," he said to Yuna as he lowered his light, starting to scan the various pieces of equipment littering the shed.

Cudgels, nets, safety equipment- all of this looked like it could be of some use. The hardest part would be choosing his items carefully: overloading himself would leave him open to attacks, while taking only a little would undoubtedly result in multiple trips spread across several evenings in order to collect all he wanted.

He gestured toward their bounty. "Ladies first."

Not much about being a survivor gave much solace. Yuna didn't reply.

Thankfully, they came upon the shed before they could be accosted, and as Edgar shone his light in, Yuna, after a beat of staring, turned to shine her light out. "Clear out here, too," she responded, lingering for a moment, wishing once again that the light was multi-directional, before stepping in.

Oh, this was a surprise. Yuna didn't quite know what she'd expected, but it wasn't this. Tilting her head at it all, she thought of asking what it all did, but since she wasn't going to be using them as they were intended (hopefully. Unless these did count as weapons in this world?), she supposed just finding something useful would suffice.

"Oh! Uh...I don't need much. Please, go ahead." Edgar was the one who'd needed supplies, after all. Yuna just needed something she could whack things with.

She gravitated toward the bats, noting with disappointment that they weren't quite like rods, after all. She took one by its wide part, and then switched her grip to the middle, but the balance was terrible. But if she held it by the skinny end, it would be heavy! She was pretty sure swordplay dealt with something like this—balancing weight, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't call up that knowledge. She'd have to wing it. Yuna put that one down and grabbed another, to see if it made a difference, and started experimenting with different grips.

While his companion took to the clubs, Edgar decided he'd take the folded net on the floor- it wasn't until he tried to pick it up that he realized it was attached to two poles of thin, light metal. After a moment of fiddling with the ropes that held the two parts together, he managed to loosen the netting enough to detach it from the poles. After a quick refolding, he slipped one arm into a gap in the netting, then pulled it across the center of his back and over his left arm. He was sure he looked ridiculous, but he had to take practicality into consideration at this point: this way, he kept his hands free and it doubled as a makeshift bag of sorts.

Edgar immediately put that netted bag to use, grabbing a couple of pieces of protective gear (they looked like the sort that might go on elbows or knees, but the machinist was already thinking of new uses for them) and some of the smaller game balls, tucking them into the netting. He paused a moment, considering one more object and taking one of the pipes that had been attached to the net. It wasn't likely to be terrifically durable, but it would work for what he had in mind.

As for a weapon, he'd have to leave it for later. With his flashlight in one hand and pole in the other, he had all he could carry for the moment. "I think I've got all I need from here for now," he said, making sure his items were in order.

Oh, was that thing a bag? Yuna, reaching out to turn the light to Edgar's direction from the table she'd put it down on, watched as he stuffed things into the bag. Why would a bag have holes, though? After thinking on it a bit, Yuna decided it didn't really matter. As long as nothing fell through it!

"Ah, yes, I'm ready," Yuna replied, going over to pick up the other pole. It was a little light, no heft. And...it was cold under her palm, inactive to even the latent magic that she still possessed, unrestrained by her Grid. Yuna put it down, and went back to grab her light.

Bat in one hand, light in the other. If worse came to worst, she could drop the light, but then she'd be fighting blind. And she did need both hands to use the bat effectively, she'd found. Hm...

Thinking, Yuna went to the door and shone it around. "Still clear," she said, glancing back once before exiting.

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