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Day 48: Intercom, Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
"AACHOO! Ahem!" The Head Doctor's slightly-better-but-still-congested voice came on clearly over the intercom. The sound of Nurse Lydia sighing and pulling out a tissue from somewhere in the background was also audible.

"Ah! Yes, thank you..." the Head Doctor muttered before continuing: "Well, it seems like today, like all days, must come to an end, even if it wasn't quite as bright and cheerful as we would like, hmmm? In any case, everyone will now be escorted to their quarters.... mmaahh... AAACHOO! Ah! Erb– yes, to their quarters, where they'll be served some Atlantic wild-caught salmon seasoned with garlic and herbs, along with mashed potatoes and a small garden salad. Our usual vegetarian alternatives and drinks are also available, along with a chocolate mousse dessert.

"And that's all... all ...aaaachoo!"

The intercom clicked off.

[ All room threads go in response to this post; please post your character's room number as the subject line of the initial post. I think Court said something about the new roomies not being completely sorted out yet? :O She'll probably post about that later, so hang tight! ]

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Fresh from the shower and still daubing at his hair with a towel, Depth Charge walked into his room with a relative spring in his step- which, in the Maximal's case, invariably only meant that he didn't slam his door on the way in. A long soak and another chance to take a stab at the basement- and not only that, but this would make two whole nights in a row that he'd be chasing the same specific goal. That had to be some kind of record. On top of that, he'd seen on the bulletin board that the Scarecrow was definitely planning on seeing Javert, so long as he'd read that handwriting right; that there was an entire planet's worth of worries off of his back. Maybe he wouldn't feel so guilty charging off and leaving the guy all alone again tonight. It was always worth checking in, anyway.

He'd almost have been in a good mood if they hadn't left fish on his desk. He knew they were sadistic here, but come on. There were limits. Trying to reduce him to borderline cannibalism was just verging on petty. Sitting down, he poked the glistening block of pink meat on his plate a little before his morals got the better of him and he dissected the cloud of white next to it instead.

Augh, so late! D: Sorry!

The Scarecrow refused to think about his therapy session for now. Yes, it had given him even more to think about, but he couldn't worry about it- for one, he was getting to his room later than usual, and his body was letting him know it was hungry. Secondly, it would surely make the clever little thing start acting up, and he couldn't have it going off when he needed to eat.

He had another concern on his mind, too- Depth Charge. He couldn't help but feel guilty about leaving the room last night, despite his promise that he was staying put. True, he'd had a change of heart, but he'd still given the man his word.

He took the seat at his desk, turning the chair so he could converse more easily while eating. "Good to see you, Depth Charge," he said pleasantly, hoping to hear about his roommate's adventures to get his mind off his own. "So tell me how your night went. Did you learn anything new?"

Depth Charge had just finished off his salad when the door opened again, and, right on cue, in walked the Scarecrow. Still looking a little peaky, but he sounded bright enough, and that was good enough for him.

"Did I learn anything new?" He laughed, dropping his knife and fork with a dull clatter. "You could say that. I learned that the basement's full of slagging tricks. Glossy, but suspicious as a petrol-rabbit with a jetpack."

And in less than a few cycles he'd be doing it all over again. Once they'd stopped off in the activities shed, that was, and Primus only knew he'd had enough 'experiences' in there to last himself a lifetime. Between Lugnut and the rats and the strange slag going down that night... tch. The less he thought about that the better. His smile lost a little of its tension as he turned to the Scarecrow instead. "What about you? You sleep it off okay?"

"Oh, I'm feeling much better now," the strawman assured his roommate, doing his very best to avoid actually talking about what he did the night before. At least the 'feeling better' part was entirely true- his head did complain less and less with each passing day.

But boy, did a part of him want to tell Depth Charge about the fountain on the second floor! His roommate had been making all sorts of important discoveries, and the more they knew about the inner workings of the Institute, the closer they could get to solving the mysteries of the Wizard Landel. With the therapy session still weighing heavily on him, the Scarecrow felt it was more important than ever to get to work on finding those answers he so desperately wanted.

Still, he didn't want to worry the other man, and he really did feel terrible for not staying in when he said he would. He was pretty sure that twinge of guilt was showing somewhere on his face, so he decided to ask more questions: "What sort of tricks? Magic?"

He pretty much doubted that the Scarecrow was really as close to 'better' as he was suggesting, but even so it was nice to hope. Depth Charge nodded. "Good. Take it easy, okay? I know it's tough," he added, catching the man's face and taking it for reluctance, "but trust me." His expression was maybe a little stern, but the Maximal sounded more thoughtful than anything else. What were they thinking, anyway? The guys that had taken the Scarecrow? What could have been gained from...?

Never mind. He could never have claimed to get the way those whack-jobs' heads worked, and frankly he didn't particularly want to. The only person he'd ever come that close to understanding was X, and even then-- even then, that was in the past. It had to be, or he'd go crazy for waiting.

"Not exactly," he said quickly, distracting himself. "They left weapons out for us in the rooms- pretty damn familiar ones, too. Only they were covered in blood, and Primus only knows what the price for taking 'em is."

The Scarecrow put a hand to his chin, filing all this information away for later reference. He'd have to ask Abe about this basement place- perhaps he'd know more about it, given his knowledge as a professional. From the way Depth Charge was describing it, it didn't sound any less sinister than the fountain or the Horrible Hallway. Judging by that fountain and what Abe had said about it possibly being a trap, it seemed likely those weapons his roommate mentioned might have been nothing more than tricks, too.

He had to keep that in mind- no matter what tricks they threw at him, no matter what the supposedly-educated Dr. Venkman said, this place was hiding something truly wicked. He just wasn't sure what yet. Oh, if only he had his brains! His human ones could only think so much before they failed him or the clever little thing started acting up (or in some cases, both).

Despite all the dangers, Depth Charge still went down there, facing the possibility of death so bravely! And here he thought the Scarecrow ought to be taking it easy. Boy, the Lion could learn a thing or two from this man. Even the former strawman could use some of his courage in a place like this, especially given what he now knew about his own mortality.

"I think I'm feeling a little restless from all this 'taking it easy,'" he admitted. "How did you get to the basement, anyway? I don't believe I've ever even heard of it until now, though it does sound like a nasty place."

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"Restless?" Depth Charge frowned slightly. Part of him wanted to put it down to a need to recover from the other night, but the truth of it was? He just wasn't comfortable with the idea of the Scarecrow leaving the room without him being there. Which was pretty crazy, really. There was no guarantee that he'd be safe here, and there was no guarantee that his presence would make him any safer, either. But the Scarecrow was a civilian- and one under his guard, no less.

And yet... he gave a short, hissing sigh. "'sat so? Well, if you're feeling better, maybe you could..." He let it tail off into gruff silence. You're not advising a civilian to play hero, DC. Don't think about it like that. You're just... not playing nannybot anymore, either. That's it.

He shifted awkwardly for a moment before coughing and trying again. "Nasty just about covers it. You go through the freezer- there's a loose tile covering the opening that leads to some steps. No point in going unless you're in a group of four, though. The doors are rigged, or something."

So there were deeper mysteries to the Institution, ones protected enough that the patients had to band together in order to discover them. The Scarecrow felt proud to have been right (he'd had less and less of those moments since his arrival at the Institute): cooperation was going to be the key to defeating the Wizard Landel. There were no two ways around it. The major problem was getting the population of Landel's on terms where they would work together. Some of the prisoners were seemed less than likely to work well with others.

At least the concept of traveling in a group of four was a familiar one. Surely he could find a group wanting to go down there some night. Oh, if only he had his brains and was more useful- he just had to get a look himself at what Depth Charge was talking about! Even with the dangers and traps and possibility of death, there was a sliver of hope of finding a way home or at least out of the Wizard Landel's domain. The strawman would face a whole box of matches for that.

The Scarecrow had to quell his frustration and excitement for now. Despite that feeling that he was finally getting somewhere, he couldn't look into it this night. First, he hadn't a group of four- getting a hold of friends and coordinating the effort would be tricky. His mind was still bogged down from the session with Dr. Venkman- he was going to have to try to go with his instinct and try not to overthink it for now. Lastly, there was Depth Charge, who was looking more and more prepared to squash any room-leaving notions the strawman had running through his mind.

Well, it couldn't hurt to bring it up. "I'm not sure what I'll be doing tonight, but I don't think I want to stay in here. Who's to say this room is any safer than the rest of this place?"

Depth Charge was already starting to rummage through his drawers for the things he needed for tonight- flashlight, trusty crowbar, scalpels- when the Scarecrow spoke again. He stopped dead. His hand hovered over the open drawer, frozen, as he took in a deep, silent breath and part of him said, Here we go.

It had been a lot easier to ignore that 'restless' comment when it had just been a hint. Easier still when all he did in response was suggest- maybe, perhaps, possibly. None of it involved any real commitment, and it meant that he could reasonably walk out without thinking he'd just advised the Scarecrow to walk straight into some waiting monster's path. But now it looked as though the guy had all but decided to head out tonight, and by himself, no less, since it didn't sound as though he had any plans- and that spiked more than a little concern in the Maximal. After everything that had happened, between the Scarecrow and Forte and Lugnut-

- he wasn't the boss of anyone. Not for stellar cycles, and not here. Even if he had been, he doubted he could have done anything, anyway. Where had they been when the Scarecrow had been taken for his session? Right here. And if Landel was serious about that 're-trials' thing... well. He couldn't watch the man all night, and, really, did he need it? He'd been pretty slagging tough that night- tougher than he'd have ever thought, anyway.

Depth Charge sighed, sat up, and gave his roommate a tired, wan little smile. "... fair enough. Being locked up in here's not my style, either." He paused, thinking for a moment, then he rifled around in his drawer for the the scalpel, which he tossed neatly onto the other desk with a silvery clatter. "Here. Don't think you're going anywhere without that. And don't even think about getting offlined."

The Scarecrow's fingers wrapped delicately around the silvery tool (a knife?) that landed on his desk. It was true that fighting wasn't really something he was accustomed to- he was much more of a thinking man- but he had to face the facts: he was human, and had to do what he could to protect himself. No matter what the Institute looked like during the day, it was a far more dangerous place at night.

Still, the thought of actually using the knife against someone or something, even if it was a monster or a witch of some sort... well, he'd cross that bridge if he had to. Desperate times called for desperate measures, after all.

He grinned at his roommate. "I won't leave without it, promise," he said, intending to keep his word this time. "And you'd better take care of yourself out there as well, Depth Charge. I don't want to come back and find myself with a new roommate."

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