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Night 48: M41-50 Hallway
hes_deadjim wrote in damned
He didn't remember falling asleep exactly, only that he was suddenly starting awake when the Head Doctor's voice crackled on. For a second, McCoy couldn't remember where he was. The sheets felt rougher than he remembered, the layout too small for a starship, the bed itself unfamiliar. Even though he'd been around the cramped room the past few days, the dim room seemed alien in those waking moments.

The doctor didn't sit up immediately. Last thing he remembered was nursing a growing headache. McCoy regarded himself suspiciously as he woke up bit by bit. He couldn't feel any splitting pain now, which was well and fine, but you never knew for certain. A good part of him was reluctant to roll over or move, and actually find out whether it was slept off or just lying there waiting. McCoy lay there a little longer, listening to the intercom.

For that brief moment earlier, it'd really felt like he was back lying on the bed in his quarters, back on the Enterprise, only there'd been something peculiar about it. Like it wasn't his quarters and that bed had been elsewhere, in a room that was bigger than his and hotter than he was used to. It definitely wasn't his room: mugginess was one thing, he'd grown up with it before, but having the air hotter than Death Valley wasn't his idea for healthy living. Despite knowing those were off, there was a sense of right about it all the same.

The doctor looked around blearily for a clock only to remember that there wasn't any such luxury here. He couldn't have missed the rendezvous already. The Head Doctor sounded like he was giving one of his first announcements for the night. Lying here a little while longer was pretty tempting, but he had his orders. McCoy sat up slowly. To his relief, that headache looked like it had burned itself out for the most part. He really had just needed some sleep.

He quickly changed out of the gray number into his own uniform. He could still feel that headache lurking about on the fringes, but it was manageable. Adjusting the medical tunic, McCoy stepped out.

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The Scarecrow finally rose from his seat, having spent the majority of the night deep in thought. It seemed no matter how much thought he put into the matters of the darker aspects of the Institution, he couldn't find the answers he wanted. His human brain had failed him for now. Abe may have made light of his diploma, but it certainly did the trick- he was the wisest man in Oz with it! Without it, what was he? Just a man, and a human one within the realm of the Institute.

Oh, there was definitely something strange going on- for the first time, the little black box the Scarecrow found his second night actually did something- it spoke to him, trying to give him some sort of a message. Unfortunately, he missed the majority of what it was saying the first time as he'd scrambled to figure out exactly where the voice was coming from (his desk drawer, of course). Shortly after a strange announcement from the Wizard Landel over the speaker in the wall, the box had spoken again. The Scarecrow had tried to answer it, but it seemed the box couldn't hear him- perhaps no one had thought to give it ears when building it. The strawman eyed it carefully as it sat on his desk, wishing it would speak again, but it had remained silent ever since.

The Wizard Landel had said the on-goings of the Institute were for the greater good. The box had warned against him, speaking of someone who needed help in the forests beyond the Institute's walls. As for the Scarecrow himself... well, he had his own experiences as a human to guide him and his own friends to worry about. They went out looking for the answers while he stayed in the relative safety of his room and attempted to discover the truth through his preferred method. Yes, thinking did help, but was it the best course in this case, especially when he had a device in his human brain that worked against him when he thought too much?

Oh, the Wizard Landel had been tricky and thought he'd put the thinking man out of commission, but no sir! The Scarecrow was going to find out the truth about the Wizard Landel if he had to go through a hundred witches, clever little thing or not!

He stopped at the door- he'd nearly forgotten his gift from Depth Charge. He hoped he wouldn't have to use it.

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