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Night 48: M11-M20 Hallway
the man, the myth, the legend
its_the_mileage wrote in damned
Since he had no way of knowing what to expect, Indy geared up for the night as usual, adventuring clothes, dog leash and all. The only thing he didn't bother with was the radio--presumably room M25 already had one. After a quick double-check of everything, he headed out into the empty hallway, leaving the flashlight off for now. He knew the way well enough by now.

As he covered the few steps from his door to the connecting hallway, he wondered again what Ryuuzaki was planning. Was there some reason for not mentioning the meeting place on the bulletin board (even in another one of his overwrought code phrases), or was it just heightened paranoia at work? Indy's curiosity was piqued, that was for sure. He just hoped it'd be worth his time.

[ahead to here]

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Edgar gave Luxord a nod as he left for the evening, the two of them having spent dinner rather quietly. It wasn't that he didn't want to talk to the other man (though he'd been so tight-lipped in the past that Edgar suspected it would have resulted in the same stagnant conversation as before)- Edgar simply had other things on his mind.

At least his roommate was awake this evening and hadn't mentioned his missing audio device. Edgar wasn't sure where it had gone- the rest of the items he'd been carrying had made it back to the room, but the small machine was strangely absent from his collection. He looked over his shoulder at the door, listening a moment for Luxord. Once it seemed he was probably far enough away, the king obliged his curiosity and crossed the room to the drawer where he'd found the device the night before. Somehow, he wasn't surprised to see it had returned to its proper place, looking as if it had never been moved. Well, that answered his question.

Edgar returned to his side, trying to decide his course for the night. The first notion that crossed his mind was to go to Celes' room and see if she was willing to speak with him yet. No, that would surely push her even more than he already had. It'd probably be a while before he could approach her. Searching for supplies was another possibility... or he could start working with what he had, then see what he needed. Yes, that would work.

The machinist opened his closet, putting the doctor's coat he'd found over his patient garments. He then retrieved the tool kit, goggles, tape, one of the gas tanks, and the metal piping he'd acquired the night prior. It'd be crude, but he needed to find a way to affix the pipe to the tank. Lowering the goggles before his eyes and rolling up his sleeves, he got to work.

[From Here. I believed you ordered one Ice Queen?]

Celes tip-tapped herself into the men's blocks, quick as a wink (and one must wonder how she managed it in heels, truly). It was unfortunate that so much of her time was spent in this block, in this hallway, now that she thought about it. What had she accomplished? Nothing.

Well, it was about bloody time to change that, wasn't it? Celes rapped smartly on the door to M16 and waited. Although she knew it was impossible, part of her hoped that Noah would answer. That anyone familiar would.

The machinist had only managed to add a few delicate bends into the thin tubing before there was a sharp rapping on the door. He looked over his shoulder toward the doorway, pushing the goggles from his eyes to his forehead. Perhaps Luxord had forgotten something and was courteous enough to give his roommate fair warning before opening the door. He set the pliers and pipe on his desk, heading for the doorway.

After a moment to brush some stray hair from his face, he opened the door, and was honestly surprised to see Celes before him. He hadn't expected she'd speak to him again anytime soon, given their conversation that morning. He took a deep breath, quelling any remaining sore feelings from their argument. "Come to sling some of your dinner at me, as well?" he said with a neutral look. At least he'd been able to wash the grease from his hair.

"Fish don't carry well, and I rarely use the same tactic twice," Celes replied stiffly. She shifted her weight to her other leg, in the same fashion as a scolded schoolgirl might when confronted with an irritated teacher. "Though I did come to apologize," she added in a quiet voice. Even if you deserved it.

At her apology, Edgar's face softened. "I suppose I did deserve it," he said with a sigh. "Though I stand by what I said, I really should have presented my opinion in a more tactful manner."

He looked away briefly. The room was in a disorganized mess- he'd spread what items he'd collected across the floor, his bed lined with the assortment of tools from his kit. He liked to be able to see all his instruments and items as he worked so he could find anything he should need as quickly as possible. Knowing it was rude to keep her in the hallway, he stepped aside, giving her passage into the room. "Please, come in. Forgive the mess."

"Hmph," Celes grumped as she walked in. If his nursemaid could see his room now, she'd probably have a heart attack. As it was, Celes stepped over a pipe and settled on what she presumed was Edgar's bed, laying her sword across her lap. "It's forgiven, but what are you working on?"

Not that she doubted his ability to create machines, but even cobbling something together here would be difficult.

"I told you I was building something to keep myself entertained, correct?" Edgar responded with a sly smile as he closed the door. He crossed the room, collecting some of the pieces he couldn't yet use as he moved toward his closet. Having surplus parts was never a bad thing, though it did add to the clutter. They could be saved for another creation. He tucked the extra pipes and equipment behind his clothing, shutting the closet door afterward.

"I'm working on a device that will launch projectiles through a pipe," he said, putting a hand on the metal tubing on his desk, "using the pressurized gas from this." He reached beside the desk and lifted one of the gas tanks. "It'll be crude, but should prove dangerous, depending on what ammunition I choose for it."

It was as he returned the tank to the floor that he became aware of a strange sound coming from Luxord's desk. He moved to his roommate's side, pulling the audio amplification from the drawer just as the broadcast shut off, leaving only a brief droning sound before the device quieted. The king returned to his own desk, setting the machine atop it before continuing to pack away his supplies. With any luck, he wouldn't be missing the next action the device made.

"Dangerous for you or for the monsters?" Celes asked as her eyebrow remained in its fully skeptical state.

"For them, hopefully," Edgar responded lightly, knowing well enough that the construction of something as sophisticated as most of his inventions was nigh impossible with the makeshift parts and tools he had. There was a good chance that despite his best efforts, the device might not work at all, or it could backfire entirely. While it would be disastrous, it was a chance the machinist was willing to take. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, after all.

He returned the pressurized tank to the closet and put away his toolkit, his room looking slightly less tragic with each passing moment. He had one more task before he could consider leaving for the night. He took a seat at his desk, taking his light from the drawer and unscrewing the end. If he'd been correct the night before, the power cells needed replacing.

"Did you make a decision regarding your club?" he asked, curious of her plans.

Celes nodded, "It will be dissolved. Truly, I intended to do so today, but I found myself occupied with other things." And the thoughts of the club had fallen by the wayside. How very unlike her, Celes thought with a grim smile.

"Have you made a decision on your plans this evening?" Celes asked idly and ran her fingers over the low-quality blanket that covered Edgar's bed. For a moment, she could almost feel Noah staring at the back of her head and asking her what she thought she was doing, but the moment passed and she was firmly back in the present. "Or have you decided to shut yourself in?"

"I'll be going out," Edgar replied as he spun the cap onto the light and flipped the switch. The beam shone brightly even in the light of the room- apparently, the power cells had been the problem.

With his flashlight prepared for the evening ahead, he rose from his seat. "I need a few more things before I can finish this project. I thought I might collect them this evening, but if you're feeling bolder than earlier indicated and have plans of your own, I can put mine off for now and accompany you, if you wish."

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