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Day 49: Bus 1
Ninjas > everybody else.
thatdamnedninja wrote in damned
"I look like a hobo," Yuffie whinged.

"You look lovely," her nurse consoled.

Yuffie was having none of it. "Hobos aren't lovely," she argued. "They're smelly and gross and they try to steal your small change." And then they realize who you are, and why they've suddenly got their feet jammed up the exhaust pipes of two separate trucks. And then they wet themselves (though that might've just been the cheap booze they'd been guzzling; she hadn't stuck around to find out).

Plucky sighed, ushering Yuffie firmly onto the bus. "Sit by the front," she said, still affecting that disconcertingly soothing air. "In case you feel ill."

In case? In case? "There's no 'in case' about it! You could always let me walk, y'know. Or, like, hook up a skateboard to the back of this bolt-bucket. That'd be mad cool, huh, don'tcha think? Near death-experiences always did help keep dinner down the trap-hole." Well, it was true. They did help, adrenalin being awesome like that. Unfortunately, Plucky was a prude, stubborn, and a complete party-pooper. All she did was shove a breakfast bag into Yuffie's hands—orange juice, thank gawd—before gliding away.

Left alone, it was all Yuffie could do not to fall into the biggest sulk of the century. If she didn't look like a hobo, she at least looked like she'd crashed into three separate wardrobes and come out wearing whatever fell on her first. And, and! And, the jeans! Why in Leviathan's name would anybody consent to wearing something so restrictive? They were like death in denim form.

Admittedly, part of her ire—most of it—was down to how far she'd gotten last night.

Because she hadn't. Gotten far. At all. Ugh!

She dropped her head forward, then knocked it back once, hard, against the seat. It's just one of those things, she could hear her old man say. Nothing you can do, he'd add, so you might as well go along with it. Crotchety, senile old jerk, always talkin' like he had the answer to everything right there in the palm of his hands. What a dumb way to live.


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Edgar put on a smiling face for the nurse as she greeted him for the morning, hiding his irritation until he was on the bus and in a seat. No, he and Celes hadn't gotten very far during the night, and no, he hadn't progressed any on his project, but those frustrations paled in comparison to the irritation he felt from being forced into this outfit for the trip to town. His nurse, more than happy to be rid of him for the day, had left him with a breakfast sack and an outfit that was possibly worse than the ones the prisoners were forced to wear: blue pants of some stiff material, a tunic depicting a man holding a chainsaw, brown boots, and a black jacket of slick fabric that would presumably keep the rest of the ensemble dry in case of rain.

Alone in his seat, Edgar leaned his arm on the window and propped his head against his hand. He wasn't sure what this town had to offer, but he hoped it would be a distraction from his wardrobe woes. If nothing else, a change of scenery and touch of fresh air would help him clear his mind. Perhaps he would find Celes in town (if she wasn't still a little irritated at him) and upon their return, he could begin work again on his beloved invention. Oh yes... its completion would be something to celebrate.


[Sorry, I got dead from class yesterday and didn't get around to posting till now. Dx]

Raphael snarled out a few choice curses after waking up and realising he'd spent another night sleeping instead of doing anything worthwhile. The damn nurses had to be drugging his food. There was no other explanation he could think of, so like hell he was eating anything they gave him tonight. He'd have taken his frustrations out on the room if his nurse hadn't decided to turn up right then, a bundle of clothing in hand. Losing his temper now would just get him sedated again, so Raph settled for seething at her as she handed him the stupid human clothing and explained about the trip before ducking back out.

Wait, he remembered going on that stupid trip the second day he'd been here. Hell. That meant he'd been here for a freaking week already. It was probably for the best that Raph knew the nurse was still waiting outside for him, otherwise he really would have trashed something. A goddamn week and he hadn't done anything. Who knew what the hell was happening to his brothers in that time.

Dragging on the human clothing - and complaining under his breath about how much damn clothing humans felt the need to wear, not to mention the stupid shirt they'd given him, though at least the coat helped cover it - Raph stalked out past his nurse and to the buses, only stopping when an orderly stepped up in front of him.

"Can't have you forgetting your breakfast, Roy," the nurse said with false cheerfulness that Raph swore she used right when she knew it would annoy him the most, offering him a paper bag. He snatched it from her hand without even a word of thanks and resigned himself to being reprimanded and steered towards a seat next to someone he thought he recognised.

"Maybe you can try and take some tips on that attitude from Edward here," the nurse said, pushing him down into the seat. "You're only hurting your progress, Roy. Try and think of that for a change."

"Give her somethin' to think about," Raph muttered as the nurse turned and left.

Edgar smirked as the seat beside him was filled. Where had he seen this man before? Ah yes, the Sun Room, no more than three or four days back- he was the one who reminded the machinist of a certain 'treasure hunter.' It seemed the fiery disposition he'd displayed in their first meeting was as vibrant as ever.

"It's Raphael, isn't it?" Edgar asked with a coy smile. He knew better than the trust the names the nursemaids gave. "I'm glad to see you're adamant, but I can't say that giving the ladies 'something to think about' would be the best course of action."

Raph shot an annoyed look at the guy. No damn wonder the nurse thought he could 'learn something' from him, if this was how he was acting. "Ain't any kinda 'lady' I ever heard of," he answered. "But I ain't gonna try anythin' now. Not with them watchin' us all."

'They' being the orderlies, obviously. Instead he settled back in the seat and set about digging through the bag to see what they'd given him. He was pretty sure breakfast wasn't the one they were drugging, after all. "So what was your name again anyway?"

"It's Edgar," he returned, assuming he'd gotten his seatmate's name right. He usually had a fairly good memory for names and faces, and the fact that this man reminded him of a good friend helped. He was definitely a bit rougher than Locke, though.

Edgar rifled through his own bag, pulling an apple from it. "This is my first trip to this town," he noted as he examined the fruit for spots. "I suppose it's safe to assume it's about as normal as the institution though. Surely they wouldn't let us leave otherwise."

"Hah!" Raph laughed, and there was an edge of annoyance and viciousness there. "Nah, they did somethin' to the place, makes it impossible to leave. Tried stealin' a car last time I was here, but didn't get any further than the end of the damn street. Somethin' made it break down."

He dragged out the bagel and started tearing into it. Literally. Raph had never really gotten the point of the whole 'manners' thing April got so weird about sometimes.

"So if you're thinkin' 'bout makin' a break for it, might as well forget it. It ain't gonna work."

Hm, well that answered that question. "I wasn't thinking of leaving yet, though that's information I'll keep in mind for later," he noted, stealing a glance out the window. No sign of Celes, though with her record for avoiding him, he had a feeling he wouldn't be seeing her until later, if at all. "I've got a few things I have to do before I can consider leaving this horrid place."

Satisfied with the condition of the apple, he took a quick bite, finding it surprisingly tasteful. "I am interested in what sort of establishments they have in town, aside from the ones mentioned on these vouchers. Anything of interest? I'm guessing a weapons shop is out of the question."

"Wha? A weapons shop just out in the open?" Raph repeated incredulously, looking at Edgar like he was wondering if the man was being serious or messing with him. "What the hell kinda place do you come from?"

He shook his head, finishing off the last of the bagel and continuing to speak around bites. "Nah, 's just a normal small town. You know, small stores without much interestin' stuff in 'em. Dunno what you're really after, but I wouldn't get your hopes up. Plus, even if you find anything, you gotta get it back without the nurses seein'."

Edgar raised an eyebrow, a little surprised by Raphael's reaction. He'd supposed there wouldn't be a weapon shop due to the nearby presence of the the institution (keeping one within a short distance from a building where a twisted man kept a host of people prisoner under the guise of an asylum wouldn't be a practical idea for the aforementioned man, nor would it be realistic for the townsfolk, who probably believed his lies). From the way he made it sound, shops specializing in weaponry were not commonplace in his homeland.

He put on a smile. "I shall keep that bit of advice in mind," he said. "You'd be surprised what strikes my interest at times, so hopefully, I'll find some way to occupy my time."

He crossed his arms, thinking. "Speaking of interests, how are the ladies in town?"

Raphael blinked and shrugged. "I dunno, seemed like they were normal. Not like they were different from the guys 'round the place. Why? You thinkin' they should be different for some reason?"

He couldn't think of any reason for women to be any different in the town, but it wasn't as though he'd paid much attention to anyone there beyond seeing who was watching them and from where before trying to break into and hotwire a car.

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