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Day 49: Early Afternoon - Germaine Street
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The ground was slick from the rain, and Niikura was pretty sure that he'd stepped in quite a few puddles; his pant legs were absolutely drenched. Still, it was all acceptable as long as they kept up pretenses. He of course had no idea where they were going, but that could be easily made up on the spot, couldn't it?

When it seemed like the nurse had finally given up the chase, the teen slowed his pace and fell back into making conversation with his new acquaintance.

"Sorry 'bout that, but, y'know, couldn't let 'em catch us," he said breezily as they continued down the street. It looked like they were out of the shopping district, and to their left, Niikura made out what looked like a large public park looking sad and lonely as the rain came down. Perhaps they were close to the boundaries of the town? Right on the boundaries...

Niikura recalled what the dumb kid from earlier had been ranting on about: just up and running away. Sure, if the world worked the way you wanted it to, but otherwise? No chance. Hell, he still wasn't sure where he even was, only that it wasn't Japan.

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Javert scanned Germaine Street with a practiced eye as he headed out of the park. No appropriate meeting places sprang immediately to mind. The only establishments in the immediate vicinity of the park were shops where the townspeople, starved for attention as they were, were wont to strike up unnecessary conversations. Hardly the sort of atmosphere he wanted for a serious conversation.

He paused for a moment in thought, then set off toward North Street. Twin Pines: that was an option. He'd spoken to Franziska von Karma easily enough there. The staff were disinclined to ask irritating questions and a hot drink would be welcome.

Javert slowed slightly and turned back to look at Westerning. "Have you been here long?" Best to start the man talking now; he might as well find out a little more about him while they walked.

The Scarecrow kept up with Javert's pacing, trying to remember what Sangamon had said about him aside from his studying the Wizard Landel's experiments from the 'psychological side.' He was sure he'd said something about mentioning Javert during that night, but he could save thinking about that dark evening for when they arrived at their destination.

The town looked worse for wear- the few people in the streets gave them unkind looks as they passed, their buildings vandalized with crude paintings of the same faces that the patients wore on their everyday clothes. The people didn't look as crazed as when the strawman had last seen them (that evening had been another one he'd rather not remember), but their glares were no less vicious. The Scarecrow kept his eyes off theirs, sure he wouldn't be wandering too far should they be trapped in the town during the night again.

He counted backwards, trying to remember each day for just a moment. "Today marks ten or eleven days, I believe," he said, skipping a step as he fell a little behind. "I really ought to keep track of these things. My first roommate went missing a week ago today, and that seems like it was an awful long time ago."

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