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Day 49: Early Afternoon - Magus Park
scarefaux wrote in damned
Despite the rain that had arrived with the later half of the day, the Scarecrow kept his vigil at Magus Park, a bit concerned he'd not be able to find it again if he strayed too far. Though that hungry feeling was creeping through his middle and most of the nurses had been ushering patients indoors, the strawman found that he rather liked the feeling of the rain. It was a little like the showers at the Institution, but with the wonderful smells of the outdoors and no one to complain that he'd not washed all the soap from his hair.

As the rain grew heavier, the Scarecrow headed for a lone bench near a tree. He'd not bothered to pull the hood on his coat over his head- even though the wound on his head stung a little, he was glad to be feeling the weather at all. It was certainly better than the alternative.

Oh, that clever little thing. As much as he didn't like to think about it, he'd be doing just that soon enough, granted the Javert he'd been told to meet would appear. There was a good chance the man didn't like the rain so much- it seemed most people would rather be out of it than in. Then again, they'd probably been able to feel the rain for as long as they'd existed- the sensation was a novelty to the former scarecrow.


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After Sheena had left Yukari in the Tasty Burger, after Forte had stormed out, the ninja had been feeling restless. So, she jogged through the rain down Main Street and into the park. Despite the wet grass and the continued falling precipitation, the ninja threw a few cartwheels and handsprings before coming to a stop toward the back of the park, away from the rest of the people. She was still in sight of the ever present staff, but she was allotted some sense of solitude for the moment.

Taking shelter underneath a large tree by the pond, Sheena shook her hair out of her face and began finger combing the thick locks. Even with the situation with Forte lingering in her mind, now that she was no longer directly dealing with it, that small smile found its way back on her face.

[add one youkai, shaken or stirred]

[How 'bout just plain wet?]

If she hadn't been concerned that the rain might just cause it to disintegrate entirely, Yukari might have brought her ice cream with her, but instead she finished it in the restaurant. Flipping up the hood of her jacket, the youkai found herself sorely missing her parasol as she stepped outside. It was wet and she'd not a single barrier to stop it. How shameful, for the great youkai and gaps and boundaries to be bested by mere weather.

She was not in time to see anyone foolish enough to be spinning cartwheels in the pouring rain, so it was impossible for her to spot the ninja in the slightest. Luckily, that was in no way required any longer.

Unerringly homing in on the ninja, Yukari approached the girl openly - there was a good chance she'd been seen by now already, plus she'd have to circle so far around as to be ridiculous considering how towards the back of the park Sheena was. And it was raining. Still, just because she was making a straight bee-line towards the ninja rather than sneaking up on her didn't mean she was about to greet the girl normally.

"Sheenaaaa," she whined, running up and throwing her arms around the girl in a sopping embrace. "It's weeetttt," she added, as if she hadn't just made that obvious, or the girl wasn't already soaked herself.

Sheena had indeed spotted the youkai and wasn't surprised at all by the childish greeting. Catching Yukari, the ninja snorted and shook her head in amusement.

"You act as if you've never been in the rain before," she said before slipping out of the youkai's embrace to step back further under the tree's branches. "It's raining less under here."

"I usually make a point to stay out of it," she pouted, following the girl further under the reach of the tree's branches. "It's relatively easy for a youkai like me to negate a little thing like water falling from the sky, after all~" She waved a finger about as if casting a spell, then added, "with my parasol."

So, she probably could make a barrier or manipulate a boundary to get rid of the rain, or open a gap to swallow it, but in some cases, the simplest solution was also the most elegant. Her favorite accessory was good for more than just poking people she didn't like with it.

Grasping that finger, Sheena used it to turn Yukari so her back was to the tree and she was looking out at the pond. Well, if there wasn't a ninja before her. In the same motion, said ninja turned and leaned back against the youkai, bringing that captured hand, and the arm it was attacked to, about her in a loose hold.

Letting out a relaxing sigh, Sheena tilted her head a bit to the side to see Yukari. "But the rain is nice. Just the sound alone can lull a person into relaxation. And it's pretty, the way the element washes over the land."

Yukari let herself be spun about, leaning back against the tree as the ninja leaned against her. Her other arm wrapped about the girl's waist and she smiled softly when the girl looked.

"It is nice, when you're not stuck out in it," the youkai agreed. "A soft, pattering beat of droplets that wash all sound and sight." For a little while, she just let that sound wash over her, eyes closed. It was a minute or two before she opened them again. "Of course, you've seen how I dress. Those kind of things don't do to well with getting wet."

A dress like that, or any of her many others, once wet, was like wearing a small, sodden lake. It would be impossible to move in, at least physically.

Actually, the thought of Yukari in her purple dress, soaked to the bone was kind of amusing. Sheena giggled a little and nodded.

"Okay, you have a point there. Every now and then I like the feel of the rain on my skin, letting myself get soaked." Though that might be because of Undine and her connection to water. It made her wonder when she was going to start seeing things in terms as borders and boundaries. It was bound to happened eventually, as the summoner took on parts of her summons' domains. She was all eight elements, and soon enough she was going to start reflecting her pact with the youkai.

Leaning her head back, Sheena laced her fingers with Yukari's. "You know... I really didn't like waking up alone this morning."

Perhaps it would look funny, but it was far less amusing to be the one wearing the big purple sponge. She'd had enough of that on the moon and might have actually bee in trouble if Ran hadn't been there to help pull her out of the sea.

"Well, if it's on my skin and not my clothes..." Yukari giggled, looking away with a smirk. Not that she'd necessarily done anything like that, but not that she hadn't either. Ambiguity was another aspect of the youkai, as it was the result of blurring the very borders she manipulated.

"No soft youkai pillow to snuggle up to?" she suggested with an amused tone. Admittedly, she had felt much the same. Institute-issue bedding was hardly as cozy as her own futon, but a soft, warm ninja would have done wonders towards remedying that. "But what would the nurses say! Think of the shock on their faces to find us in bed together."

"...technically they did since we fell asleep and somehow we ended up separated," Sheena pointed out. "And to hell with what they think. They can kiss my Mizuho ass. And yes, I like my soft youkai pillow." She wasn't used to sharing a bed with anyone, aside from Corrine, so it was a little weird to want Yukari there, but what could she say?

"So when it rains in Gensokyo, what do you do? Just sit on your porch and watch the rain?" A pause. "Oh, do you have my ribbon?"

Silvery laughter poured from Yukari at the ninja's fiery reply. This was why she liked this girl - Sheena really was so much fun.

"Now, now, I'd have to be very upset if you let anyone else touch your ass," she chided between giggles. She'd have given the girl a pinch to emphasize the point, but not only were her gaps unavailable while it was still day, but her hands were entangled with the ninja's. Ah, well. Instead she just gave those a small squeeze.

"Sometimes. Or sit in the clouds and watch the rain from above it," she replied with a reminiscent smile. "It's quite something to be able to see a rainbow stretched out below you as well."

At Sheena's question, the youkai did disengage one of her hands though, digging into the pocket of her coat. With the trouble with Forte, she'd forgotten about her original reason for seeking out the girl (besides wanting her warm ninja pillow back).

"Here it is~" she said with a smile, reaching over Sheena's shoulder and dangling the ribbon in front of her? Of course, when the ninja moved to take it, she couldn't resist moving it out of reach. This time though, it wasn't just to tease her. "Want me to tie it for you?"

The comment about her ass got the youkai a half-glare, but Sheena didn't say anything. Any small irritation she had, which was mostly for show anyways, was swept away by the idea of watching a rainstorm from above the clouds. That was so... neat.

"Wow. I can't even imagine what it would look like. The rheiards create too much disturbance to really use them for that. You'll have to show me sometime."

And there was her ribbon. She did, indeed, try to take it and gave a small pout when Yukari moved it out of reach. She was going to complain when the youkai offered to tie her hair.

Blinking, the ninja replied, "If you want to. just be careful; my hair's really thick and unruly when wet."

And the half-glare got the ninja a full-giggle, which likewise wasn't followed with comment.

"Hmhmhm, certainly," said the youkai. Ah, if only her abilities worked now. Of course, the sky was so uniformly cloudy, she'd only be able to show the a wall of clouds, but then, if she had her powers, it would be easy enough to make a large enough gap to see the rain.

"Not unlike my own, though that may just be because of length," Yukari said, disentangling her other hand and starting to work on Sheena's hair, working her fingers through them slowly to finish the combing the ninja had been doing earlier. For the moment, she held the ribbon between her lips so she could work with both hands, humming some half-forgotten tune as she worked.

"That is because of the length. I've played with yours enough to know that," Sheena replied.

Quickly, though, she fell silent and closed her eyes as Yukari worked the tangles out of those thick, dark locks. Relaxing, she let out a content sigh and allowed herself to simply enjoy the feel of Yukari's fingers through her hair. She never really noticed how much it relaxed her, to have that kind of contact, until the youkai had discovered it. It was the easiest way to get her to be compliant.

Sheena hoped Yukari wouldn't take advantage of that fact too much.

"Mmm, that's true," murmured Yukari absently in response. The girl did certainly like toying with her hair, didn't she? It was one of the first things her hands went for. Well, she had mentioned she liked long hair.

The youkai, on the other hand, liked all kinds of hair - variety more than an actual style, was important. Though, there were certainly styles she'd prefer to stay away from, like those women who wore their hair all up in a cone on their head - frightening, almost. She'd plenty of time - and opportunity, considering how easy it was for to manipulate something as simple as the border between short and long with her own hair - to change what colors, styles and types were her favorite. At the moment, though, it had to the be charming dark locks between her fingers right now.

"Hmm... do you ever get others to brush your hair for you like this? Raine, or any of the others you travel with?" she asked as she worked out the last of the tangles carefully. Perhaps she did, perhaps she didn't, with the way those two interacted, but mostly the second part had been to frame it in the future, since she already knew how Sheena had grown up. And besides, she hadn't heard much about the kind of people Sheena knew now - she somehow doubted it was just her and Raine on their mission to save the world.

"No... Not really." Sheena internally snorted about the thought of Raine brushing her hair. That was something that would never happen, nor would the ninja ever request.

"Sometimes Colette and I would do each others' hair... before she lost her sense of touch, and the rest were guys. Zelos liked to touch my hair... but I tended to retaliate against that." A pause. "Oh, and there was Presia, but she really didn't care about anything like that."

"Sounds like a fun bunch," the youkai chuckled, gathering up the ninja's hair. She wondered if the girl would get mad if she did it up in something new? Rather than just tying it in her usual ponytail, Yukari started fooling around with different looks.

"How did she lose her sense of touch?" she asked curiously. It was an odd sense to lose, at that - while things like hearing, sight, even smell and taste were concentrated in certain delicate parts of the body that could be easily injured, to completely go numb... Yukari couldn't readily think of many natural things that could do that and not cause more worrisome injuries or death.

Surprisingly enough, they were a fun bunch, when they were getting along and not in life-or-death situations. Though those were pretty rare.

"Angel Toxicosis. It was really freaky." Sheena couldn't imagine what it would have been like to lose touch, taste, or no longer be able to sleep, or feel hunger. Colette had a unique strength and the ninja missed her.

"Angel... Toxicosis?" What a bizarrely scientific yet unscientific sounding name. A disease, a condition? What sort of thing was that? The name itself made Yukari drop the wing-like twintails she'd been toying with.

Well, that and she didn't have a second ribbon. Plus it looked ridiculous - not that Sheena would know, until she looked in a mirror or a reflection off a window.

"Yeah, it was what Raine called Colette's condition during the Journey of Regeneration." Which explained exactly why the term sounded the way it did. Most of the things Raine decided to call stuff sounded like that.

"As we - she - unlocked each seal, her body started going through a transformation from human to angel. Each seal brought on some loss of something human in her. First she stopped eating. Then she stopped sleeping. Then she couldn't feel anything anymore as her sense of touch went." She sighed, remembering back the way things were. "And then she lost her ability to speak. Before..."

Shaking her head, Sheena couldn't really bring herself to talk about that last step, the Tower of Salvation and Kratos' betrayal.

It sounded like angels in Sheena's world were like the strange, otherworldly beings of light who were above human emotion and sensations. The only "tenshi" Yukari knew was far from angelic in that regard.

"Was it permanent?" she asked quietly, as she idly braided the ninja's hair. It wasn't really long enough to do much with, but it gave her an excuse to keep playing with it.

"That depends on how you look at it," Sheena replied. She was very grateful Yukari was still playing with her hair even if it felt like she was trying to braid hair that did not really want to braid.

"It's supposed to be permanent, but Lloyd and Altessa found a way to counteract it through some dwarven magic crest thing. I don't really understand how it worked, but they altered a pendent Lloyd made for Colette's birthday somehow so it counteracted her Cruxis Crystal and removed the Angel Toxicosis." Sheena fell silent for a moment. "It decided to start manifesting in a different aspect though."

How could anyone ever forget the sight of that blue crystal like patchwork across the little angel's body?

With Sheena's vague description and the fact that this was the magic and rules of a different world, even with her vast knowledge, Yukari could only really guess and imagine what sort of thing the girl meant. She knew of dwarves, but she'd only so much contact with Western illusions, besides the fact that they probably weren't even necessarily the same as the people Sheena meant. Cruxis Crystal, of course, was just right out, though apparently it was related to the process. Still, the phrase "dwarven magic crest" sounded familiar somehow. Where had she heard that before?

"In what way?" she continued to question, moving along the story. Frowning, she gave up on the braids. Trying to do this with wet hair just wasn't happening. And of course, it had tangled it all up again, so now she had to spend more time running her fingers through Sheena's wonderful hair to fix it again. Poor her.

Yes, poor ninja having to endure fingers through her hair yet again. Actually, it made it easier for Sheena to talk about it. She didn't think she'd ever get the sight of that blue crystal creeping over her friend's body.

"Her skin started to... crystallize. In patches." Sheena couldn't suppress the shudder. "It was like she, herself, was becoming a Cruxis Crystal. She... freaked out when we found out as she'd been hiding it for a while." Well, as much as Colette could freak out. Sheena could understand; she wouldn't have told the others either.

"We're... still working on fixing that." Though, if Raine was from a later time, maybe they had fixed it. Maybe she'd ask.

A human body, becoming a crystal - almost as if the magic power that had afflicted her was changing her body into a magical focus. Was that sort of thing possible? Not unlike how humans who used magic became saturated in it and changed into magicians, but this time without preserving organic function. At least, that was what she could guess.

Sighing a little, Yukari finally pulled Sheena's hair up into a ponytail, tying it off with the girl's long pink ribbon. As much as she was enjoying playing with her hair, the youkai had spotted a figure hurrying towards them - one of the orderlies, holding a large umbrella. Distantly through the pouring rain, she could hear a nurse speaking through a megaphone urging patients to get inside. With the way it was starting to come down, more a torrent than the peaceful cleansing they had been admiring before, Yukari was inclined to agree.

"Let's find somewhere warm to continue this," she suggested, finishing fiddling with the ribbon as the orderly reached the tree. She smiled cheerfully as the man approached. "Oh, do you think you could guide us somewhere we can warm up? We've been stuck under this tree since it really started pouring."

A lie, since they'd braved the rain to get out here in the first place, but the youkai wasn't about to turn down going with the man - even if they weren't allowed umbrellas of their own, it seemed the staff was willing to use them to help patients get inside, provided they were the ones holding the umbrellas.

"Come on," she said to Sheena, taking her hand with a smirk.

[To here]

Perhaps it hadn't been the best of days to arrange an outdoor meeting.

Javert twitched at the collar of his raincoat with the merest trace of irritation. Modern it might be, but it didn't keep out the rain and the wind half as well as the one hanging in his closet. He had found that out the hard way, given his attempts to explore the town for the better part of the day.

There was only one man seated in the park at the moment--unsurprising, given the weather--and Javert headed toward him immediately. Interesting features, to say the least, and presumably an equally interesting tale to tell. But there was no point in staying out here; the rain would blur any notes he might wish to take.

"M. Westerning?" It was more of an abrupt greeting than a question. Javert would have tipped his hat, except he hadn't one at present. "I'm Javert. I believe we spoke on the bulletin board."

It took the Scarecrow a moment to recognize his new name as it was spoken by the only other soul in sight. Despite having used it once on the bulletin board and giving it to Dr. Venkman, he still hadn't adjusted to hearing it as his own name. It was so strange to have more than one, but a bit stranger to be a human named for what he used to be.

"Oh!" he said in delayed surprise, getting to his feet. He caught himself as his foot slid along the muddy ground from his quick rise, finding his balance with a wave of his arms. He gave the man a polite bow once he'd righted himself. "That would be me, wouldn't it? I was told to get in touch with you by a man named Sangamon Taylor."

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"I suppose it would," Javert said, hiding his amusement. A false name given by one who apparently wasn't in the habit of using them. Well, that was all right; he had no particular problems with that, as long as Westerning continued to respond to it.

Faint recognition appeared on his face at the mention of Taylor. Yes, he had mentioned that on the bulletin board. Something about a frontal lobotomy, though he'd no idea what that was or what it entailed. Taylor had made it sound unpleasant, though that was only to be expected where Landel's pet doctors were involved.

"He told me about you as well, though he neglected to mention what, precisely, had occurred." He paused for a moment. "Shall we find someplace else to discuss the matter? It is hardly the proper weather for a conversation outdoors."

The Scarecrow frowned a bit, having been enjoying the rain; however, it was probably a good idea to take their conversation indoors. Not only was the topic a sensitive one, but it occurred to the strawman that even water could probably be dangerous to the human body if one stood in it too long. Alas! Being human was so much more complicated than being constructed of hay and some old clothes. Straw mildewed and ruined, but was easily replaced- restuffing a human form was bound to be far more difficult.

"That sounds like a fine idea," he said with an agreeing nod. "I'm afraid I didn't get very far into town on my last visit here, so I'll follow you to wherever you feel is best, if you don't mind."

Javert noticed the frown but decided not to comment; presumably the man liked the rain, but Javert himself had spent quite enough time in it for today. A thorough search of the town, beginning with the streets, ending with the shops, and taking up the better part of his day, had revealed no clues concerning last week's visit to Doyleton. Presumably the laughable attempts at vandalism around the place were Landel's excuse for what had taken place.

He turned his thoughts to the matter at hand after a moment, nodding sharply and gesturing for Westerning to follow.

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