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Day 49: Late Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
Although the trip was longer than usual on account of the rain and wind, the buses did eventually – and safely – reach Landel's Institute. No strange happenings yet; the patients were escorted off the buses according to the usual protocol and made to go to their rooms and change back into their normal uniforms while the nurses temporarily left them to retrieve their dinners and, in some cases, new roommates.

It wasn't long before the Head Doctor made one of his usual announcements:

"Welcome back, everyone! I regret I was unable to join you on your foray today, but you'll soon find that we had some new guests to attend to in your absence! And now, for your dinner: lamb curry, spicy, but served with naan and mildly seasoned steamed vegetables for anyone who might have a sensitive tongue! For dessert, we'll be serving each patient a slice of banana cream pie, and our usual drinks and dietary alternatives are available.

"I'm hoping you all didn't get too wet, and hopefully the hot dinner will warm you up in no time. Nurses, please escort our newer patients to their new rooms, and everybody, I'll speak to you again soon!"

The intercom clicked off.

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Edgar found himself as the first one to the room. It came as a surprise- most evenings, Luxord was already there when he arrived for the final shift of the day: dinner in hand, that same vague expression on his face as always, keen eyes trying to read Edgar as he, in turn, tried to read his roommate. It was a constant game with him, but not always an unwelcome one. He did prove to be entertaining, even if his motivations couldn't be entirely trusted.

Edgar sighed as he set his tray on his desk. He'd never managed to figure out exactly what the relationship was between Celes and Luxord. She'd only hinted that the man was to be watched carefully- Edgar had figured that much out himself- but he couldn't determine why. He ran a hand through his hair, feeling careless. He'd not managed to find her in town all day. Perhaps she should have been an assassin- her skills in evasion and elusiveness certainly qualified her for the job.

After enjoying the spices on his quick bite, Edgar opened his desk drawer, expecting to see the remains of his disassembled "radio" (that was what the people in town had called them, if he remembered correctly. Spending his field trip learning about all sorts of strange, foreign inventions was his idea of a good time). He paused- at the bottom of the drawer, amongst the various bits and pieces of his destroyed device, was an unharmed one, sitting in pristine condition.

He stood a moment, not sure what to make of it. Had Luxord's radio not returned to his drawer in the morning? Edgar crossed the room quickly, checking the other man's drawer- no, his radio was in place. Perhaps they'd simply forgiven his curious nature and granted him a second one. He returned to his own desk, trusting that had to be the reason.

Gren was getting a little tired of being led around by nurses. Sure, they were nice about it, but that didn't negate the fact that he was being treated as though he didn't have a working brain in his head. Which, granted, was better than how he could have been treated, but it all boiled down to being shuffled like an inanimate object, in the end.

Dinner seemed nice, anyway. And given that he'd more-or-less skipped lunch, he was actually looking forward to eating it as he carried the tray into his room.

...which was already occupied. Apparently, he had a roommate. Which was a situation he'd really been hoping to avoid, if at all possible. Well, there wasn't anything he could do about it now. He shifted the tray to one hand and waved a little. "Uh... Hi."

Yeah. That was a good first impression.

Edgar didn't turn at first when the door opened- it was only after a moment of silence that he looked over his shoulder, fully expecting to see Luxord standing there. He was more than a little surprised- he'd expected his nursemaid would at least alert him if Luxord had changed rooms. Then again, it seemed unlikely the staff would allow someone to change rooms at a whim. In that event...

"Where's Luxord?" Edgar asked.

Luxord? That was an... interesting name. Not that he could talk, really, but... the man's parents must have been cruel.

"I don't know, sorry. I just got here this morning, and apparently this is where I'm supposed to be staying."

Not for long, though. Or so he hoped. "Maybe they moved him somewhere else?"

Hm. Edgar eyed Luxord's empty bed a moment, contemplating where the man could have gone. Thinking this place would allow him a voluntary room change was being charitable. He couldn't imagine they'd switch roommates at the drop of a hat with no notice. That only left darker notions: he'd been killed, or "released" as he'd read reported on the board.

Edgar wasn't sure what was entailed in being released from the institution, but he had a feeling that going home wasn't actually part of the bargain.

"My apologies," he said quietly. "I didn't expect my former roommate to disappear so suddenly."

He offered his hand. "I'm Edgar. I trust you've not been here long?"

"That's okay," he replied with a little shrug. "I would be a little disconcerted if that happened to me." He set his tray down on the desk he assumed must be his.

"Gren," he replied, shaking the offered hand. "I just got here this morning. I guess they weren't lying when they said everyone else was out for the day." He'd been a little surprised at that, too be honest. He really hadn't expected other 'patients' to materialize.

"Yes, we were taken to a nearby town for a field trip of some sort," Edgar said, still thinking over Gren's words. He was new- new "patients" weren't unusual. There had been a few waves of them since his own arrival; however, this was the first time he'd truly been affected by their sudden appearance.

Well, no matter for the moment. Luxord could be frustrating, but looking into his disappearance was something to save for later- perhaps for his nightly outing. He took another quick bite of his meal before continuing. "I suppose you've figured out there's more to this place than meets the eye, right?"

Gren pulled out the chair at his desk and sat down. "I'd gathered there was something going on, yeah. They've got everyone's names wrong, for one thing." By this point, he could only assume that wasn't a mix-up, and instead some creepy attempt at brainwashing.

"And there seems to be a few decades between where we are and where I should be." Not to mention a whole lot of space. The idea that they were on Earth and not being hit with large rocks falling from orbit was still a little weird to him.

A few decades? At one time, Edgar would have had a much harder time believing that- after all, the manipulation of time and space was something only possible through magic, an art that was rare to begin with; however, he'd been trapped for nearly a week now (had it really been so long?), and he'd heard similar stories.

"That somehow doesn't surprise me," he said, running a hand through his hair as he sighed lightly. A week gone, and he was no closer to leaving than when he'd first arrived, and the only ally he knew he could trust without a shadow of a doubt was avoiding him. Peachy. "As unbelievable as it sounds, the man running this show is able to pull individuals from anywhere and anytime he likes. One woman I know- a friend of mine before my arrival in this place- claims she has no recollection of time past a certain point during our travels, though I know she was with me until much later."

Though he still found it incredible that someone was truly powerful enough to bring people from different worlds to a single spot, he couldn't deny that this place certainly was unique. The person running it, on the other hand, he expected to be somewhat like Kefka: a madman with a lust for power and control.

"That... would explain a few things." Like how he'd gotten from a damaged spaceship to here, for one thing. He took a bite of his dinner, looking thoughtful.

"This is probably going to sound a little weird too, but... Do you know if anyone's shown up here... after they died?" Because he needed to know, for his own piece of mind. He wasn't a religious person, but he'd be lying in he said he hadn't entertained the thought that this place was some sort of twisted afterlife. "At least I know I'm really not crazy." Probably. Unless they all were, and it was some kind of weird, shared hallucination.

Edgar crossed his arms. "I don't believe so," he said. The days he'd spent imprisoned seemed to blur together, but he was confident he'd remember if anyone had mentioned dying before their arrival. "Given some of the things I've seen in this place, not to mention the fact that people seem to have been brought here from various times and places, I wouldn't say that reviving the dead would be completely beyond Landel's abilities. It'd be a stretch, but I wouldn't discredit the thought entirely."

The thought that someone could gather people from all planes of existence, including those who had left the realm of the living, was a genuinely disturbing thought. Edgar hadn't considered that was a possibility: the only undead he'd witnessed were nothing more than apparitions and abominations, and were unlike any living person. Not even Kefka could so powerful as to bring back the deceased as if they'd never passed.

Gren nodded a little. "Okay." He couldn't say for certain that he'd actually died--just that he was quickly on his way to that state, the last that he remembered, so he decided to leave it at that. It was a grim possibility to contemplate, anyway.

"I take it getting out of here isn't going to be a simple thing." The way Edgar was talking, it seemed there was a lot going on in this place that was of a questionable nature. Just how questionable, Gren wasn't sure he wanted to know, but he figured he'd probably find out in short order. He was still having a hard time wrapping his brain around most of what he'd heard, but he was going to take it at face value for the time being, if only because the other option was to accept that he'd gone completely off the rails somehow. "I've been in some tight spots before, but I'm getting the feeling I may be way out of my league this time."

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