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Day 49: Late Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
Although the trip was longer than usual on account of the rain and wind, the buses did eventually – and safely – reach Landel's Institute. No strange happenings yet; the patients were escorted off the buses according to the usual protocol and made to go to their rooms and change back into their normal uniforms while the nurses temporarily left them to retrieve their dinners and, in some cases, new roommates.

It wasn't long before the Head Doctor made one of his usual announcements:

"Welcome back, everyone! I regret I was unable to join you on your foray today, but you'll soon find that we had some new guests to attend to in your absence! And now, for your dinner: lamb curry, spicy, but served with naan and mildly seasoned steamed vegetables for anyone who might have a sensitive tongue! For dessert, we'll be serving each patient a slice of banana cream pie, and our usual drinks and dietary alternatives are available.

"I'm hoping you all didn't get too wet, and hopefully the hot dinner will warm you up in no time. Nurses, please escort our newer patients to their new rooms, and everybody, I'll speak to you again soon!"

The intercom clicked off.

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As usual, the Scarecrow had a lot on his mind.

First and foremost: what would he be doing this evening? He'd not thought of any plans. His afternoon meeting with Javert had gone well, and he'd managed to catch up with Mele and Sora as well. It had been a productive day overall, but there was still time to accomplish something. The question was what, exactly, would he try to accomplish?

His mind wandered to his conversation with Mele. The Wizard Landel had enough power to bring individuals from every region imaginable to a single spot. On top of that, he could bewitch said people, changing their memories. The Scarecrow felt irritated at his own naivety from his first days in the Institution: he'd almost believed the lies they'd told him as he'd considered whether or not he could truly have simply been a sick man from Kansas. Aside from Landel's deception of the patients, there was the town- surely those people were under some sort of a spell, too. They certainly had been during the last trip. The Scarecrow liked to think his meeting Sora in the same location as before had been a happy coincidence, but he couldn't be sure it wasn't some part of Landel's cruel game.

The former strawman couldn't be sure of why the Wizard Landel did these things- there didn't seem to be any obvious similarity connecting all of the people he'd met. One thing was a definite- he was up to no good and had to be stopped. Telling Sangamon and Javert of his experience wasn't enough. The Scarecrow had to take matters into his own hands, dangerous or not.

That led him to his original question: what would he be doing this evening? He sat at his desk and started on his meal, deciding to see what Depth Charge had in mind. He wasn't sure he wanted to make any decisions that would cause his roommate to worry.

Lunch with Hime had been a predictably classy affair- at least, as classy as you got when your dining partner was a robot-turned-human with the social graces of... well... a robot-turned-human. Stupid forks. At least she hadn't minded his clumsy table manners.

Still, it had left him wondering. Just what was he doing tonight, anyway? Making another dive for the basement with her, or taking a (relative) break? The knowledge that he'd been neglecting his duties with Search and Rescue in favour of playing hero-bot downstairs still weighed heavily on Depth Charge's shoulders, but really, how much Searching and Rescuing had he managed to do with them? The one successful trip he'd made had been of his own volition, when the Scarecrow had been taken. Lousy excuse, but it helped. A little.

Speaking of the Scarecrow. He was still brushing the rain out of his hair with one hand as he opened the door to find his roommate already waiting at his own desk. Depth Charge gave the man a nod, tugging the coat off and tossing it lazily into his cupboard for his nurse to pick up later (it was the little things that helped).

"Good day, Scarecrow?" Relative, again. It'd looked like some kind of reverse burning Pit situation out there when he'd gotten off the coach. Now that he thought about it, weren't scarecrows normally made of straw and fabric? Earth agriculture wasn't exactly his bag, but even he could figure that rain and a scarecrow probably wouldn't mesh all that well. Oh, well. Maybe he was an enchanted scarecrow, for all he talked about wizards and magic. "Remind me again- you been to the town before?"

Ah, Depth Charge. The Scarecrow was relieved to see his roommate in one piece, even if the day had been a fair one with few surprises. That lingering concern he'd go missing after the trip as Kaiji had proved unnecessary.

"It was indeed a good day," he answered, thinking Depth Charge looked surprisingly chipper. "I have been to town before, and I have to say that this trip was much better on just about every level. We weren't trapped in town overnight, the people- they were a little gloomy during the day, but at least they didn't outright attack us. Best of all, my roommate didn't disappear without a word." He smiled at that last part. Yes, it was definitely an improvement.

"I also met with Javert this afternoon," he said. "He wanted to know about... well, that night. I do hope what I told him can help him in some way."

Forget relativity. When he put it like that, the trip this time round had pretty much been paradise. Between the zombies and a missing roommate he could see how things had been a nightmare for the Scarecrow last week- especially when they seemed like they'd been close. Depth Charge could still remember the way his face had fallen when he'd realised the guy had vanished.

"Gotta admit, it was nice not to have the grocer chewing me out literally this time," he agreed gruffly- then paused, giving the Scarecrow an awkward sideways look. "Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere just yet."

Not that he was getting sentimental. He really wasn't going anywhere until he had Landel's head on a platter. He nodded at the mention of 'that night', forehead creasing just a little (not sentimentality, again). "Javert's a smart guy. If anyone can figure this out, it's him. You look okay today, though."

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