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Night 49: M-B Block Hallway
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Getting out of the room quickly left moving through the hallways as an easy task. No one to get in the way or pose a potential threat. Such conditions made travel all the easier. Still, habit was hard to break, and Kurogane proved that as he remained near to the wall, leaving it only to pass through the doorway into the next hall. He wouldn't be wasting time, nor would he let himself take any chances, clear hallways or not.

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The Scarecrow knew he wanted to accomplish something, but what was it he really wanted to do? He'd already spoken to Javert and Sangamon about the experiment on his brain. Their efforts to collect information were inspiring- for someone who enjoyed being of some use, the Scarecrow felt he'd not done anything of merit in some time.

The Wizard Landel was no doubt out of his reach for now. The most he could hope to do was find something that would lead to defeating him: his source of magic, his location, anything would do. He could maybe try the Chapel- he had wanted to take another look at that statue. There was a good portion of the Institution he'd not yet explored, as well. He'd managed to keep his mind off the clever little thing, but it was difficult not to overwork his brain when there was so much he didn't know. He was no closer to getting his body back, and had yet to find a way home. Boy, now that he thought about it, there was a lot left to do.

And then there was that announcement: visitors. He wasn't sure he wanted to think about that.

The Scarecrow stopped in the middle of the hallway as his flashlight flickered. He clicked it off and on again- the light didn't improve. He'd only had the two pairs of batteries in the room when he'd arrived. Where could he find more? The thought of being left in the dark in this place was one of the most disturbing. If there was one thing the Institution had taught him, it was that there were far worse things in the shadows than lions and tigers and bears.

[Disastrously Defenseless Team, assemble!]

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[Officer Klutz, reporting for duty from here!]

As if to add insult to injury, Kibitoshin still wasn’t entirely sure what the intercom message was talking about, either. Renovations? But… everything looked exactly the same. Or was this like his conversation at lunch with Xemnas, where there was a hidden meaning behind his words he hadn’t quite managed to understand at first?

Well, at least he could understand the idea that they would have visitors tomorrow. He didn’t recall ever being visited by anyone before, and, if he was perfectly honest with himself, he wasn’t sure that he was too thrilled with the idea. While it would be nice to see a friendly face, especially now Trunks was (possibly, probably, definitely) gone, something told him that there was a good chance the face wouldn’t be friendly. Why would Dr. Landel do something so nice for them? There had to be a catch.

Anyway, even if there wasn’t, Kibitoshin still didn’t know that he wanted anyone seeing him like this. Especially not his ancestor. He didn’t think he’d ever made so many colossal mistakes in a single week before, not eve-


Head in the clouds, Kibitoshin didn't even realise he'd walked into something until he heard himself give a muffled little cry. Immediately he grabbed at his flashlight, flicking it on, noticed it was pointing the wrong way, swiveled it around, and... found himself looking at another patient. Oh, thank the galaxies! "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do that! Are you okay?"

So wrapped in his own thoughts about where he was going to find batteries (and if they were on the second floor and past the Horrible Hallway, he considered learning to see in the dark instead), the Scarecrow didn't even notice someone else was in the hallway until they'd already bumped into him and sent his flashlight spinning across the floor. It was a good thing they were so sturdy, as dropping his was quickly becoming a nightly occurrence.

He left his light on the floor for the moment, instead turning to the apologetic person who'd knocked it from his hands. "That's okay!" he said with a small laugh and a smile, patting his chest a bit. He didn't feel anything out of place- then again, he wasn't really sure what he was feeling for. "No harm done- not that I can tell, anyway. It's awful nice of you to be concerned, though." He retrieved his flashlight, noting the light had returned to its original brightness for now. Maybe it just needed a wake-up.

Flashlight in hand, he returned his attention to the other patient, giving him as best a bow as his awkward balance could muster. "I'm the Scarecrow of Oz." Wow, that felt very formal somehow after a week of not introducing himself that that fashion.

At least the other patient was still standing- knowing his luck, the odds that Kibitoshin had somehow sent them flying were pretty high. And he didn't seem to be mad at him, either, even laughing and smiling at him as though he hadn't just almost broken his flashlight (not a pleasant thought when you were all alone out here).

The effect was encouraging- the Kaioshin smiled back, bobbing his head gratefully. "I wasn't sure if I'd hurt you or not." After all, even if he was hardly the most powerful person in the universe (second? Third? ... eleventh?) he was still fairly strong, and the other man was... wait, who was he?

Kibitoshin was just tipping his flashlight up just a little to get a better look at him (a tall, brown-haired man with friendly-looking eyes) when he gave an introduction- a bow, even! He hadn't had somehow bow to him since before the fusion! Somehow, in the pleasant flush of the moment, he couldn't help but find himself happily ignoring the fact that he seemed to be speaking to a man who had previously been made of straw (or was it tar and feathers? Earth culture was so fickle!). "It's a please to meet you! I'm Kibitoshin of... um... I'm Kibitoshin." He tilted his head at the man, looking thoughtful. "What were you doing out here, anyway, Mr. Scarecrow?"

Well, this Kibitoshin certainly an upbeat fellow, wasn't he? His pleasant introduction was encouraging, especially given the general mood at night. The Scarecrow rose from his bow, his feet shifting oddly beneath him.

"Well, I thought I'd try to do something productive this evening," he said simply. "Most of my friends are out there doing what they can to find a way to stop the Wizard Landel, and I don't think I've been doing my fair share." He gave his flashlight a shake. "I thought my flashlight might be dying and that I'd have to find more batteries for it, but it seems to be okay now. I think the fall actually helped it quite a bit, so I've got you to thank for that."

He lowered his light, confident it was okay for the evening. "How about yourself? Wandering alone really isn't a good idea."

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Now that was something Kibitoshin could definitely relate with. He'd been trying to find something productive to do every since he'd first woken up here, usually to no avail- although last night with the Paramedics had turned out surprisingly well, even if they never did get to the bottom of those radio broadcasts for help. It worried him, of course, but he also had every faith that Hanatarou and his friends had found a way to help whoever it was who had been in so much trouble.

That wasn't, as it turned out, the only thing that caught the Kaioshin's ear. Eyes widening, he gave the Scarecrow a bewildered look. "Wait, you think Dr. Landel's a wizard?" Like Bibidi? That explained so much! He hadn't met many wizards in his time, but the little experience he had informed him that they had all been uniformly cruel and evil. But if Landel was even half as powerful as Bibidi and Babidi had been, they were in trouble- the thought of another Buu potentially running around here... it gave him goosebumps.

Suddenly, the thought of being all by himself didn't just seem lonely, it was downright scary. "Y-yeah... I figured. I don't really know what I'm doing, though," he explained, shuffling uncertainly. "I just want to help out, however I can."

Something about Kibitoshin's demeanor brought a homesick smile to the Scarecrow's face. Whether it was his expression or his unsure tone or the way he shuffled nervously in one spot, he couldn't help but be reminded of his friend Lion. That reminder gave him an idea.

"Well, you could come with me tonight," he suggested with a wave toward himself. "I thought that since I'd been here a while and still not done much exploring of this place that I might do just that. I wouldn't want to wander too far by myself, especially to the second floor, but I know I'd feel a lot safer with someone else."

He had to admit that Kibitoshin didn't strike him as someone who would try to defend himself like Abe or Depth Charge. The Scarecrow could only hope that, like the Lion, his new acquaintance was well-practiced in the art of fleeing. So long as they could keep up with one another, they'd probably be fine.

"I... could?" Kibitoshin stopped, then, blinking up at the Scarecrow as though he'd just suggested they walk out of the Institute and hitch hike all the way home. Was he really letting him just, well, follow him? He'd never done that before! He'd always made sure that whoever he teamed up with at least new him, and that they were absolutely sure they didn't mind him hanging around with them. The fact that the Scarecrow seemed so happy to have him along for the night was strange to him- but in a good way.

He broke into a relieved smile and nodded. "That would be great! I didn't really want to be all by myself, either. This place gets even scarier at night." Certainly the man wasn't a warrior like Sechs or Franziska Haseo, but that didn't really matter. Just so long as they stuck together, nothing bad could happen!

... right? "So where was it you wanted to go, anyway? I'm happy to go wherever you want to go- although I'm not, um, armed. But I can heal!" he said quickly, words coming out in a tumbling little burble that was probably only half decipherable. But that didn't matter particularly. "Just lead the way!"

The Scarecrow didn't catch most of that last part (something about healing, but couldn't all human bodies do that? That would be something to ask Abe later), but it didn't matter so much. The important part was that he wouldn't be traversing the dark halls alone for the night.

"Hooray!" he exclaimed happily (albeit loudly for the desolate hall), Kibitoshin's enthusiasm feeding his own. "Surely together, we can accomplish something that'll be worthwhile. I just know it."

With a skip in his step and a near-fall from tripping over his own feet, he led the way to the next hall.

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