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Night 49: West Wing, South Hall 1-A
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Kurogane couldn't tell how long it would be before he would begin seeing other patients about, however if the hallways continued to be empty for too long he would have to start becoming suspicious. There was no chance that he was the only patient in the place, yet the moment the thought crossed his mind, he couldn't ignore the potential that the building had for messing with them. Whatever magic was involved here could manage something that could make it seem like there wasn't anyone else around.

He was overthinking things now. Anywhere else and he'd have been able to handle things like this, but not here. Landel had managed too much. Had Kurogane not wanted to kill the bastard, he might have commended the guy for it. Maybe.

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"There are apparently worse dangers out there," Edgar said, quickening his pace as his mind returned to Celes. "A friend of mine who has been here for some time is a skilled warrior, and even she was intimidated by some of the beasts that roam the hallways."

He swept the hall from side to side with his light, making sure the area was clear. "If you have any fighting experience at all, it will help you. Some people have managed to find weapons from somewhere, and there are some items that can be used for melee if necessary."

By this point, Gren was just following Edgar, trying not to think about how absurd the whole situation seemed. Monsters. Very unpleasant ones, from the sounds of it. Not exactly something he'd ever run into, late-night horror movies notwithstanding. Suddenly he was very grateful he hadn't done something foolish like wander out on his own.

"I was in the military," he replied, "but I don't think my training was really meant for that sort of thing." Give him a rifle, or a hand gun, and he was a decent shot. He'd killed people before, and the concept itself didn't bother him. But those were people and not... well. Maybe he should just stop thinking about it, for the time being. There was no point in torturing himself with the possibilities. Now that he knew there was a threat, he'd just keep his guard up. Pretend this was Titan, where anything could be lurking unseen, just around a corner. "I guess if something shows up I can hit it with my flashlight." He was only half-joking.

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