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Night 49: Main Hallway, 1-West
Serious, Calm Anger, Blue, Determination, Sword
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When he rounded the corner into the larger hallway, Kurogane determined to put the thoughts of being the only patient there aside. Even if that were the case, it didn't change his final goal for the night. The magician would have been helpful, but he was confident enough in his own ability to get things done.

Finding the feather remained a difficult task though. The basement had been less than helpful when it had come to locating the source of this place's power. But the third floor... no one had ever been able to reach it, yet they all knew it existed. The outside of the building proved enough. They just had to find the way to get up. If that meant forcing a hole through the floor, then fine, because right now it was the last place to go.

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A military man? Gren's training would hopefully serve him well, granted he wasn't one trained only in something akin to Magitek operation. Edgar enjoyed the technological advances as much as the next machinist, but there truly was no replacement for traditional combat. After finishing his invention, his next step would be to find a suitable weapon.

That really was a little backwards, wasn't it? Well, that was his priority. He was sure he'd seen Celes with a weapon, and some people roaming the halls had swords. They couldn't be too hard to find if that was the case. Finding his own blade could wait until he had something more... fun.

"I had that option presented to me the other night as I was gathering supplies," Edgar continued as he neared the next hall. "These look like they could take a solid hit, and if you've got nothing else to use. After we check on my friend, I could show you where we found a few things one could use to bludgeon a foe to death. Nothing fancy, but beggars can't be choosers."

Most of the fighting Gren had done had been at a certain amount of distance from enemy forces, but his hand-to-hand combat training had been thorough and while a little rusty, he was fairly certain it would come back to him in a crisis. ...assuming anything they ran into was even remotely in his league, which seemed like a big 'if.'

"They are pretty sturdy. Only effective in close quarters, though. I'd prefer something with a little more reach, to be honest." Not because he had much training in that area, but because it meant he could be that much further away if something was trying to kill him. "Anything to avoid having to get so up close and personal." He didn't even like dwelling on thoughts of violence, despite his training, he was a peaceful sort of person.

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