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Night 49: F-A Block Hallway
Ninjas > everybody else.
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Where it was time to go, Yuffie wasn't exactly sure.

The weather warned against another attempt on the outside. Disappointing, but there'd always be another chance in the future; a chance that didn't involve hypothermia, pneumonia, and-or drowning in flood water. Yuffie was no coward, no way, but she could appreciate prudence.

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Martian? That was definitely a foreign term. Still, Gren had been a soldier with combat training- that meant he'd probably be okay during later nights. He was one less body to worry about.

"I've been fighting since a young age," he said. "It's a bit of a tradition in Figaro, my home. Not much in the way of hand-to-hand, as I prefer swords and lances." He grinned in the dark. "I leave the brawling to my brother. I'm more inclined to build rather than destroy. Aside from that, I had some basic training in magic, but I don't believe I could perform any here if I tried. I never was any good at it, so it's not much of a loss."

His pace quickened again as he neared the hallway where F12 should have been. They'd not passed Celes on the way, so unless she'd gotten out early, she was still in her room. Hopefully, she'd not decided to sleep for the evening, letting another night pass without taking advantage of the hint of freedom. Surely her spirit wasn't that defeated.

"Yeah? I knew a guy who preferred the sword." Not that Vicious had been permitted to use one on Titan, but he'd talked about it. "I joined up for the money. I'm not really a fighter by nature," he admitted. "I prefer my music." The army had been a necessary evil, one he'd greatly come to regret.

"What kinds of things do you build?" With a description that vague, it could have been anything from furniture to buildings. He kept pace with Edgar, wondering how close to their goal they were.

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Edgar slowed to a stop when he got to the middle of the hallway. Years of dealing with the scum of the world in the political forum had trained him to hide what he was truly thinking. Despite that, he could feel his composure slipping. He'd not expected Celes to disappear so suddenly- he'd read of disappearances and heard whispers of them in conversations, but this case struck a personal blow. His roommate and his closest ally in one fell swoop: it was as though Landel was trying to get under his skin.

Then again, that did seem to be the man's plan, didn't it? Offering the patients freedom at night, only to take it away by the morning, pitting people from all times and worlds against savage, unimaginable monsters- it had to be for something. The more he thought about it, the more Edgar was convinced Landel had to be akin to Kefka in more than one way.

"Let's head outside to the shed," he said to Gren with a slight sigh. He ran a hand through his hair- it felt incredibly unkempt.

It had to be hard, losing two apparent friends like that in such quick succession. Edgar seemed to be handling it well enough, or at least internalizing it in order to get the job done. Gren felt sympathetic, but there wasn't a whole lot he could do--he barely knew Edgar himself, and as much as he might have been able to relate (on Titan, you never knew when some comrade might just be gone, swallowed up by conflict and the harsh environment) he would have felt awkward just trying to broach the subject. Instead, he simply nodded and followed along.

"Sounds like a good idea." There might be useful things in a shed. They were going to get wet doing it, but hell. He'd suffered through a desert moon and then a frozen one, a little rain would be a nice change of pace.

Edgar nodded, silently thankful for Gren's company. While he was used to standing on his own, he had to admit that the evening had been discouraging, to say the very least. Once he'd completed some proper form of weaponry, he decided he'd trek into the farther corners of the institute. Perhaps he could find a clue as to where the "released" patients went, if they went anywhere at all.

He indicated the way to go with his light. "This way."

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