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Night 49: West Wing, South Hall 1-B
Ninjas > everybody else.
thatdamnedninja wrote in damned
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Maybe she should go snatch up her patient file? Possessions, too. Yuffie'd never say no to free stuff, even if it was a bunch of crap from a lie of a life. If she was lucky, she'd get somethin' handy. Handy like a cellphone, or, hell, even a laptop! Yuffie wasn't a technical genius at the best of times, preferring to leave all that stuff to Reeve and the guys in R&D, but if she could get 'em up and working, they'd be like a gift straight from Leviathan.

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"Right," Edgar replied, spotting far more women moving about the hall than in previous areas. They had to be getting close. If this hall mirrored the men's hallways, the next left would lead to the female blocks. Celes' room would be on the same hall his was on the other side of the wing.

"What sort of training do you have, exactly?" he asked, curious. Soldiers from other worlds were bound to have training he'd never even conceived. It was an interesting thought that he'd be able to learn something to take back to Figaro... granted it hadn't truly been buried forever by the Light of Judgment. "Hand-to-hand, naval, magic, or something else?"

Gren was doing his best to keep a mental map of where they were going, but in the dark, especially, it all sort of looked the same to him. Edgar seemed to know where they were headed, though, and that was good enough for now.

"Light Infantry for the Martian army," he replied. "Close combat and weapons training, mostly. Nothing too fancy, I'm afraid. We don't have magic where I'm from, unless you count guys pulling rabbits out of hats." His service record had been utterly unremarkable, up until the end of the war. "How about you?" It wouldn't hurt to learn a little about his roommate, especially if he was going to trust him to lead him around like this.

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Moving wordlessly into the hall, Edgar looked left and right, moving his light along the walls, trying to get his bearings again. The halls were purposefully disorienting, it seemed. He expected Landel wouldn't want the patients to be able to wander unhindered in the halls that seemed safe.

He turned and headed away from the main hall, remembering the path to the field outside from his night with Yuna. Come to think of it, he'd not seen her in a while, either. That wasn't promising.

The silence left him with only the thoughts he was presently trying to avoid, so Edgar filled the void again. "You said you enjoy music. Is that your profession?"

Gren was keeping an eye out as they moved. The corridors were dark and confusing, and while they'd seemed safe enough near the patient rooms, he imagined they got distinctly less so the further you moved away from them. "Yeah. I play saxophone for a living." He somehow doubted Edgar was going to know what that was. "It's not glamorous or anything, but it's what I enjoy doing."

Of course, he probably could have done better for himself outside of Blue Crow, but that price on his head had kept him grounded on Callisto, and any thoughts he'd had of making a real go of it with his music had long since evaporated.

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