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Night 49: F11-F20 Hallway
gald_digger wrote in damned
Could the Head Doctor go just one night without saying something creepy and cryptic on the intercom? Anise started to wonder what he meant about seeing visitors sooner than tomorrow, but she quickly decided it was best not to think too much about anything that old bastard said.

The girl began to gather her supplies for the night, retrieving her flashlight, her meat tenderizer, and a pillowcase that was rolled into a tiny ball and crammed into the sack on Tokunaga's back. Anise had to remove the maps inside to make space, but she figured that was okay. If they went outside tonight, those maps would just get ruined in the rain.

Come to think of it, she never managed to find Guy today to tell him what she and Luke planned. Maybe Luke caught him during the field trip? If not, then she could just surprise him!

With the weather like it was, though, she had to wonder if they'd have to change their plans. Climbing the wall and running across the grass was going to be a bit harder with everything all wet and slippery. Just to be on the safe side, though, Anise took the outdoor sneakers from her closet and tied those on her feet. They could probably still tough out the rain if they wanted to.

As soon as she was ready, Anise waved goodbye to her roommate and darted out the door and down the hall.

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Momo was taking her time getting ready. She'd had to spend a decent amount of time coaxing Laevatein back from Raine without being outwardly rude about it. She consoled the broadsword, hoping it'd understand Raine's well-meaning intentions, before stowing it away.

For the first time in a while, Momo picked up her hand-held radio to bring with her for the night. With the knowledge Marc had given her and Erika, she wanted to have it on hand. And with Landel's words, she had an eerie feeling settle in her gut.

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"Machines, primarily," Edgar answered as he counted the doors in the hallway. It looked like F12 was going to be near the end. "I enjoy building my own weapons, as well. Remind me to show you my little pet project during dinner tomorrow. I've been working on something that should prove interesting." He smirked thinking about his usual work- the smell of grease and oil, metals clanging together as sparks flew in every direction.

He stopped as they reached F12, looking the door up and down with his light. "This should be it." Hoping a familiar face would answer and prove his gut feeling wrong, he gave the door a solid knock.

"I'll do that." Machines were far from his area of expertise, but if Edgar could build weapons in a place like this, well. If the things he'd said were true, it seemed like it could be extremely useful.

Gren stood a bit back from the door while his roommate knocked. He didn't know what this errand was really all about, but it seemed like there was some urgency to it, so he hoped it would work out.

Canting her head at at the knock as Momo wasn't expecting someone (and that certainly didn't sound like a knock from Erika even if the detective knew her room number), Momo adjusted the katana across her back before crossing to the door. Opening it, she found two men on the other side. Were they here for Raine? Then she recognized the blonde man. He was one of Celes' friends, if one could call the target of an airborne chicken finger a friend.

"Hello," she greeted them. "You're Chere's friend, yes?"

"That's right," Edgar answered with a soft smile, recognizing Celes' roommate from the day before. So that was who she was sitting with when she'd tossed that piece of meat at his head. He suppressed his natural flirtations for now- he was surprisingly not in the mood.

He looked over her shoulder a moment, eyeing the room behind her with little regard to the ladies' privacy, his smile quickly fading for a more serious look. "Where is she?"

Gren hung back, out of the way for the time being. It was obviously a conversation that had nothing to do with him, so it seemed a good idea to just keep an eye out down the hallway... for what, even he wasn't totally sure, but at least he'd seem less like a third wheel that way.

At the question, Momo gave a regretful sigh and shook her head a little. She hated being the bearer of bad news, but it was better he know now than to find out after more time has passed.

"My apologies, but she is no longer in the institute. She and her belongings were gone this morning," she said gently. "I hope Chere has been returned to her rightful place."

Raine had been setting out her clinic supplies, just listening to the conversation, but then she heard her name being called in the hall; hopefully this time she could act fast enough to keep Sheena from thinking she was gone again.

"Excuse me," she said, edging past the people in the hallway.

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Edgar stood silently a moment, looking away as he considered this turn of events. Even though he'd prepared himself for the possibility that Celes could have disappeared, the blow of losing an ally and a friend, especially the only one he'd known before his arrival in the institution, was no less painful.

"I see..." he said, his tone low, but composed. How was it she could disappear overnight? She'd been with him the previous evening- the only time she could have been taken was when the night ended, during that period where the patients were mysteriously returned to their rooms, everyone presumably falling under some sleeping spell. It was the only time there would be absolutely nothing he could do about it, and that was what frustrated him.

It pained him to think that he'd been so harsh in his last conversations with her. Still, he couldn't take back what he'd said now. She was already gone. He could only hope to find out where and how, and to make it home himself.

"Thank you," he told the woman quietly before turning and walking down the hall once more.

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