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Night 49: M11-M20 Hallway
[stand alone]
girlsandgadgets wrote in damned

Edgar made note of the intercom's nightly message. Visitors. He'd heard the prisoners received them on occasion, but hadn't put much thought into the matter. There were more pressing concerns at the moment.

"I've not had much opportunity to try escaping yet," he told Gren as he thumbed through his journal, taking note of the supplies he still needed. "Even if we could, there's still the matter of getting back to our individual homelands. It can't be as easy as leaving this place and finding a ship headed in the right direction. It's even more complicated for those who claim to be from different times entirely."

Then there was what he'd seen on the board- stories of patients being "released," as the nursemaids put it. Edgar doubted the validity of being "released" by the institution as a method of escape. It was more likely those who had been removed from the ranks had been killed, or perhaps had submitted to the brainwashing they were trying to-

The machinist froze as his mind entertained a dark thought. Celes. Her words just the day before had reflected someone who was ready to give up, her spirit more than battered from its long battle with imprisonment. If Luxord could disappear without notice...

He rose from his chair, the metal scraping against the floor slightly. Pulling the desk drawer open, he took his light and radio. "You'll have to forgive me, Gren, but there's something important I have to check." He looked over his shoulder at the other man, feeling a little guilty for leaving him with little explanation of the situation into which he'd been thrust. Edgar had been there himself once, and not everyone had enough skill in combat to defend themselves. "It might be best that we stick together for this evening. This place is more dangerous than it seems during the night."

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"I discussed getting out with a few of the other patients, but I'd need more time to figure out how things work around here." Because the only way to escape from someplace with good security was to exploit whatever weaknesses you could find. "And that's the problem I kept running into. Even if I could get out, I'm apparently a few decades and a planet away from where I'm supposed to be." He supposed a different approach might have to be taken. Something had brought them all here, so it seemed reasonable to think that same something could send them back. He'd just have to figure out what that was.

He frowned at the overhead announcement, decided that with each one he heard, the more uneasy he felt about the place. The only upside was, the stranger things got, the more certain he got that the problem here wasn't with him. He wasn't imagining all of this.

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, if you don't mind me tagging along." He didn't particularly relish sitting alone in the room if things were going to get 'dangerous.' "I promise I won't be a complete dead weight." He still had his army training, even if he was far less deadly without a rifle in his hands.

Edgar gave Gren a nod, wishing he had a proper weapon to carry with him. "Even someone who considers themselves as dead weight can be useful," he said calmly as he headed for the door. Even with plenty of experience in fights, Edgar didn't feel traveling alone for any extent of time was the safest idea in the institution.

He could only hope his concern for Celes had no merit. He looked over his shoulder again before stepping into the hallway, holding up his light. "Don't forget this."

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