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Night 49: M-A Block Hallway
girlsandgadgets wrote in damned
[From here.]

Edgar awaited Gren a moment before starting the trek to Celes' room. Though he'd not been to the blocks where the women resided (the nurse wouldn't allow him to even go near that hall, and he had an inkling why), he had a vague idea of their whereabouts. He only hoped he could find her room quickly- in the event she was still within the institute's walls, he hoped to catch her before she wandered too far.

He clicked his light on as he walked ahead of Gren, hoping it'd be easier to keep track of him. "The doors unlock each night, as you've probably guessed. No one quite knows why. Aside from tempting us with escape, Landel releases monsters to roam the hallways. I've only seen one, but heard of many others."

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[From here.]

Gren eyed the flashlight he's retrieved, shrugging his shoulders a little before he clicked it on and began following Edgar. Weird that they would purposely provide tools to enable the patients to wander the halls like this. Then again, nothing about this place was adding up, so he supposed he should probably stop thinking so much about it. Instead, he scanned the hallway as they walked.

"Wait. Monsters?" He was willing to believe that he'd somehow been brought alive and whole to some strange mental institute, either by design or through some terrible mix-up, and he was almost convinced of the apparent time discrepancies going on. But monsters? Wasn't that taking the horror movie cliche a bit too far? "What kind of monsters are we talking about here?" He was suddenly far less confident in his ability to take whatever this place was planning to dish out.

"I've heard of some resembling giant insects," Edgar said as he neared the next hallway. "On the second floor, I witnessed something much more threatening: a flying beast comprised of a mass of swords with a figure at its center. I'm not entirely sure what it was or what it was capable of- being ill equipped to fight something of that nature, we managed to sneak around it instead."

He'd hoped that monster was an Esper, if only so he could have some idea of what he was dealing with.

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