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Night 49: West Wing, North Hall 1-B
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Heat weighed his options as he stepped into the hall. He could go left, head outside and see if one of those birds came down for him to make a meal out of again, or he could go right and head toward the main hall - see who showed up. While he was hungry, it was more likely that monsters would be there at any point, while patients would meet up and move on before he could reach them.

It wasn't as if he expected to find anyone. No other Embryon had arrived after he had, and those that had been here when he arrived were all gone now. Still, it couldn't hurt to check. He still hadn't seen Cielo. Maybe he was due for a visit.

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Edgar had to admit that musicians were an interesting bunch. While he'd never managed to learn to play an instrument (all felt too delicate for his tastes- he preferred disassembling them to figure out how they worked), he knew it took a lot of dedication to learn the skill.

"If I recall correctly," he said as they neared the door leading to the recreational field (or it should have, if his sense of direction served him well), "there's a room dedicated to music in this building. I'm not familiar with the saxophone, but perhaps they'd have one there. If so, you'll have to give me a demonstration sometime."

"Is there? That's the best news I've heard all day." Not that he really wanted to stick around that long, but it was beginning to seem like he wouldn't have a choice. At breakfast, with Claire, he'd been confident of his ability to escape--he'd broken out of a military prison after all--but now... well. This place was looking like it would be a lot tougher than it initially seemed, and a part of him, a part that was perhaps not the wisest part, wanted to stick around long enough to work out just what was actually going on in this place. "Saxophones probably aren't standard issue in a place like this, but there might be a piano, at least." An out-of-tune clunker, probably, but it would be something.

"I've not seen much of the room myself," Edgar said, opening the door to the outside and allowing Gren to pass through first. "I can't imagine they wouldn't have a piano in there, though. We even have them in my homeland."

It was strange how some of the worlds connected- even if there were very few similarities in politics, people, magic, or weaponry, certain concepts like music and instruments seemed to exist in multiple realms to some degree of familiarity. Were they truly taken from more than one world, or was it that they were from the same place, but vastly different times?

Having someone who understood strong magic would have helped in finding the answer to that question, but Edgar didn't fancy himself so lucky as to run into a time mage within the institution. They were rare enough as it was.

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Since Gren went through first.

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