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Nightshift 49: 2nd Floor - Meeting Room 2
vodka_jump wrote in damned
[[From here]]

Russia had expected some kind of storage room.  Rows of shelves, lockers maybe.  Boxes even.  But if he was to take away any important lesson from the people he'd met today, it was that all of them, each and every one, was disappointing.  There was nothing but an empty table and several surrounding chairs.  It rather reminded him of some of the meetings he'd had with the other Allied Powers during the second world war, cramped in that little room and forced to listen to America's inane ramblings.  

He turned back to his traveling companion, offering a condescending smile.  How difficult could it be to know the layout of this facility?  Did the sergeant take him for a fool maybe?  Just to make his point, he upended a few chairs on the pretense of looking for his belongings.

"No, I really don't think they're here," he said with a bright smile as the chairs clattered to the floor.  "You don't think you might've gotten the room wrong, do you Sergeant?  I didn't think Germany's troops would've gotten so sloppy.  But I'm sure it's just a simple mistake." 

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[From Bill's Hardware.]

The room reminded Remy of a dining room: a big glass table and lots of leather chairs. But the chairs looked more like the kind he had seen in Skinner's office, and they were all over the place, as if someone had upended them on purpose. The mess made it hard to tell whether or not something dangerous was in the room, but a quick check with his flashlight didn't show anything.

He turned, wondering what Scarecrow and Kibitoshin would think. If they picked up the chairs, this might be a good place to rest for a while.

The Scarecrow had to admit that the room they'd been sent to didn't look terribly safe- chairs were everywhere, possibly tossed aside by something unseen. He gave his flashlight a vigorous shake, the light brightening and illuminating the rest of the room. Nothing in the corners, or to the far side. Maybe whatever had made the mess had left long before they'd arrived- he hoped this was the case, as his head was swimming again.

"Aside from the chairs, this room doesn't seem too bad," he said, making his way toward one of said seats. He righted it, feeling a bit better for doing something productive... even if it was just putting a chair back on its feet. Scattered along the floor near the table were several tiny packages of some sort- he took one carefully, curious as to what was inside. "But who would make such a mess? And why?"

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