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Nightshift 49: Sun Room
timeleaper wrote in damned
[From here]

His footstep echoed far more than he thought that it should. There should only be relatively small rooms upstairs and this? This felt positively cavernous! He took another step, reached out to touch the wall and found nothing there. What the? There was a door behind him, but it felt like a double door and the one that he'd stepped through had been a single, hadn't it?

Frowning, Ronixis turned on his flashlight, shining it around the room without regard to possible inhabitants, and sucked in a sharp breath at the sight. Battered chairs and sofas, doors leading off to what he knew would be the library and the showers. Even the familiar bulletin board although it looked a damn sight more battered now, yellowed paper peeling and... well, he didn't like the look of the stains on some of it.

"What the...?" he mused as he turned back to Gilbert, his eyes slightly widened in confusion. "This is not somewhere we should have ended up.

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[From here.]

Something wasn't right. Another wave of quick nausea hit Edgar as he stepped through the doorway. He got a quick look at the hallway before rubbing his eyes, fighting the light-headedness-- he knew he was seeing things at that point. Recovering himself, he took a few steps into the area, allowing Gren through. His light dodged back and forth as he expected to see the narrow hallway around him.

The bulletin board came into view, illuminated by the beam. No, he wasn't seeing things. This was the Sun Room.

"What's going on here?" he asked aloud, more to himself than Gren.

Gren stumbled a little stepping through the doorway as that distinctly unpleasant feeling hit him again. That feeling was quickly replaced with confusion as he realized where they were.

"Isn't this the sun room?" He glanced around. Sure enough, there was the couch he'd taken a nap on that afternoon. "Where did the hallway go?" It was a pretty stupid question, but he knew for a fact that this wasn't a case of simply getting turned around--there had only been one doorway in and out of that office. He took a few more steps into the room, looking around them. "I take it this isn't normal?" Edgar seemed just as confused as he was.

Edgar stiffened, taking a deep breath. "This is definitely not normal," he said in a voice just above a whisper.

Keeping his light low, he looked toward the balcony. The stifling darkness prevented him from seeing anything above him, and he dared not shine his light upward and alert any possible enemies lurking in the area. It had only been a few nights prior that he'd witnessed an Esper there. If it attacked them, they'd be at its mercy.

He looked along the walls instead, shining his light to the far corner of the room. "It's likely we've been magicked here, though I haven't a clue for what reason. Perhaps it's fortunate, though. The music room is that way, if I recall correctly. What better time to search it than when no one is looking?"

Something seemed to be making Edgar wary, and now that he was thinking about it, the dark expanses of the room were perfect for an ambush. He was going to have to remind himself they were in hostile territory now... it had been too long since he'd been used to thinking that way.

"Yeah, okay." It seemed like a decent plan, for the time being. The only other option was to head back out again and hope there was a hallway there and Gren wasn't particularly interested in unsettling his stomach a third time in quick succession.

After another moment of listening to the ambient sounds, keeping himself on the alert should anything ambush them, Edgar started for the far door, keeping along the wall. They may have been ill-equipped, but he reasoned two veteran fighters could still defend themselves if it came down to it. How well they could defend themselves would depend on the beast.

He moved silently, saving the small talk for when they weren't in an area where an Esper had been sighted only nights before. He looked over his shoulder once they reached the doorway- despite their close proximity, the darkness kept Gren shrouded and mostly obscured from sight. While he couldn't be sure, Edgar was confident the darkness was a monster all its own.


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