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Night 49: Staff-Only Food Counter
isn't it tragic?
unheroed wrote in damned
[From here.]

Judging from the maps, Harvey had expected them to enter out into some sort of patio, and yet instead they ended up... here. He frowned, glancing down at the slip of paper again to make sure he hadn't read it wrong. As expected, that wasn't the case, which really only left one other answer.

"These maps are inaccurate," he grumbled as he shoved them back into his pants pockets. "How about yours?" It was possible he was being overly judgmental, as they hadn't led him astray until now, but the fact still stood that he wouldn't be able to trust them anymore. Damn it all.

On the other hand, while this wasn't a kitchen, it looked like they were getting close. From what he could tell, this was where they served up food. "Whatever," he said with a sigh, "let's just keep moving."

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[From here.]

-- Hey, this wasn't the alley behind the shop. Remy could have sworn that they were about to step into a quiet lane full of garbage cans and pouring rain, but the weird, dizzy feeling came over him again, and he found that he was in another room.

The room itself wasn't very big -- bigger than the one he shared with Touya, but nowhere near as big as the Sun Room or the kitchen at Gusteau's. It had cream tiles on the walls, blue and white tiles on the floor, and what looked like a counter. Everything was clean, but there was a faint odor of food in the air, if he really sniffed for it.

Other than that, the room was pretty plain. When he stepped into it, he was facing a door; he felt inclined to keep walking, but decided to wait for Scarecrow and Kibitoshin.

At least they weren't trudging back to the Institute in the rain. Still, that left the question of where they were this time.

After Remy came the Scarecrow, followed by a brief moment of that strange spinning feeling he'd felt earlier, and Kibitoshin, he hoped- he wanted to turn and check, but didn't have the chance as he immediately bumped into Remy after one step into the room, dropping the box he'd found in the process.

"Sorry, Remy," he said meekly, carefully stooping in what little space he had and retrieving his new-found possession. He dared not leave it out of sight, even if only for a moment. He gave Remy an apologetic pat on the back and stepped to the side, trying to make more room. He did not succeed.

"My, this room is certainly cozy, isn't it?" he asked quietly. "No bigger than a thimble."

Okay, okay, so Remy maybe had a point. They could get out of the store first and then- oh, great! Again? But he hadn't even fallen off of anything this time!

The room really was a little on the small side, but Kibitoshin just tried to tell himself that small rooms had fewer places for monsters to hide. Of course. "You're telling me! Still, I... I think we're back in the Institute again." He'd never been here before, he was sure, but when he followed the line of his flashlight he could see the familiar line of tiles on the floor- the same kind they used in the cafeteria, almost? But how did that even work? They'd been going outside!

He gave a frustrated little sigh, rubbing at his temples. "Ahh, I wish I knew what was going on! This is so confusing!"

Remy didn't say anything when the Scarecrow bumped into him. Instead, he turned around, then looked at the floor, eyeing the dropped box, which was swept up in an instant before he could read the writing on it. Not rat poison, at any rate. "I don't know. It's bigger than our rooms."

As Kibitoshin made his way into the room, the door slammed behind him with a loud report.

"Right. Back in the Institute." Remy sounded unconvinced. He was sure that the door behind Kibitoshin was the way they had all come in, but -- had he gotten turned around? For a moment, he was perplexed, but he thought of how he'd seen the counter as he stepped into the room; his dizziness had confused him.

The counter looked kind of like the one in the Cafeteria, which would explain the smell of food. He turned again, and took a step back towards it, looking behind it: nothing there. This place was worse than a bathroom. But the hint of a scent of food told him that, as with the cafeteria, the kitchen was probably nearby. They were so close he could almost taste it, assuming the door would behave itself this time.

He certainly wasn't going to go back the way they'd come. With a determined nod, he walked to the door near the counter -- the one he didn't think any of them had touched yet. Someone had broken the lock already. He grasped the handle and marched through the door, flashlight held high.

[Thinking with portals.]

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