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Night 49: Doctor's Office 9 [Dr. Weaver]
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"It wouldn't be much of a music room if they didn't," he agreed. Interesting to know that Edgar at least had those where he came from. A part of him was sure it would be interesting to sit down and compare what was similar and what was different between all the different places the people he'd talked to so far claimed to come from. That part was quickly distracted by a strange moment of vertigo as he stepped through the doorway. He would have blamed it on his less than perfect health, if not for the fact that this also didn't seem like where they'd been meaning to go. It was an office of some kind, with no other exit he could see which would conceivably lead them towards the shed his roommate had mentioned.

"Edgar? I don't think we can get outside from here."

Maybe the other man had simply gotten disorientated in the halls. He could see how that might happen.

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Edgar put a hand on the wall as the door shut behind him, a dizzying feeling overtaking him briefly. For a moment, he thought he might have been imagining the room they'd entered, but that didn't seem to be the case. "I agree," he said, eyeing the blue walls and bookshelf. An office? Why would this be at the end of the patient hallway?

"I suppose my sense of direction isn't as keen as I'd thought," he said with a light smile. "I know the door at the end of the hallway that's on the side with our room leads to the outside, and I could have sworn there were two doors to the field."

He crossed the room, his eyes catching on some tools on the wall. They looked to be medical instruments of some sort. He had to clasp his hands behind him to prevent himself from fiddling with the pressure gauge on one of them. "Oh well. We can always turn and go back the way we came. The halls are deceivingly disorienting."

"It certainly seemed like an outside wall," he commented, taking a moment to look over the shelves. Medical texts. He made a face and stepped away again. He'd acquired a certain distaste for doctors while in prison.

"The halls are pretty nondescript, I can see how someone could lose their way pretty easily." Not as bad as Titan, certainly, but few places were. At least here you could breathe properly. "It's probably nearby, anyway." At least the dizziness hadn't lasted more than a second. He didn't want to start slowing Edgar down this early in the evening.

"Probably," Edgar said with a nod, quietly pocketing the instrument with the gauge, feeling no particular shame in treasure hunting. The people running this sham had magicked him to some sort of a fake hospital under the guise of 'helping him get well,' and it was likely his only ally from his world was brainwashed from their influence or worse. He had no doubt he'd put the gauge to better use than they were.

He crossed the room again, heading for the door. "No matter. It's good to know this room is here, even if it does seem a little misplaced."

[Portal rolling~]

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