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Nightshift 49: Megahit Movies
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Spock managed to catch his balance as he stepped through the door, expecting to find some sort of hallway, as the maps he looked at once before on the bulletin had indicated. Although it was true he didn't regard those supposedly patient-made maps as absolute truth, Spock had not anticipated on walking into a room such as this one, either. Lightning flashed through the windows, briefly illuminating shelves that held a modest-sized set of boxes, many of which were scattered onto the floor. Spock held his light up, and his beam fell onto some of the damaged tiles on the floor.

They were no longer inside Landel's Institute, Spock realized. Dark eyes glanced over toward McCoy, though the Vulcan didn't immediately speak. Rather, he took a cautious step forward, studying the area carefully as a low rumble of thunder shook the walls. While he did not detect any lifeforms in the immediate vicinity, that did not mean they could let their guard down, either.

He approached the window that was near the door, gazing out into the torrent of rain. It was dark, and difficult to see, but another flash of lightning gave him a glimpse of some of the structures he recognized from Main Street.

"Fascinating," he murmured. "It appears we have been transported to Doyleton."

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The Scarecrow's vision was still spinning as the door closed behind him. Despite the room turning round and round, he immediately recognized where they were- this was the same back door they'd crossed through only a short while before, after all.

"We were just here, weren't we?" he asked, double-checking his thinking. He pulled the box from his pocket, not wanting to see it so much as make sure he'd not left it behind by mistake.

Well, that wasn't at all fair! Somehow, they'd ended up right back at that first store in Doyleton again, almost as though they'd never even left it in the first place.

Luckily for the other two Kibitoshin was, for the most part, too bemused (and put out) to remember that he'd been so scared when they'd been in here last. "That's just so typical! I can't believe they'd send us to the same place twice!" It occurred to him briefly that this meant they could possibly end up stuck in some kind of horrible cycle for the entire night, cursed to endlessly wander from store to Institute to store again forever and ever... but he didn't want to entertain that possibility. Not while he was supposed to be being brave again.

"Maybe we're doing something wrong," he suggested, just as lightning forked beyond the glass front window behind him. At least things still looked safe-ish for now inside.

Remy sighed: this was frustrating. It was bad enough that they couldn't get to where they wanted to go -- he was beginning to think that the idea of kitchens at the Institute might just be a story that was told to get them all through the scary nights -- but did they have to keep winding up in places where there was nothing else to do?

Tomorrow night, he might really stay in bed.

"Maybe we should go out the front door this time. It'll look like we're going out on the street with the zombies, but we'll just end up somewhere else we didn't want to go." His voice was heavy with exasperation. Give me a sewer any day, he thought, as he stomped towards the front of the shop. At least the connections in a sewer made some kind of sense.

"The front door it is," the Scarecrow said, hoping Remy was right. Even worse than being taken from place to place without rhyme or reason would be if they did end up in the street, especially since the shambling shadows were still visible in the flashes from the stormy weather.

He peeked from the back room, making sure the coast was clear. He didn't see anyone, but kept ducked behind the aisles as he followed Remy as a precaution. Better safe than sorry.

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