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Night 49: Doctor's Office 10 [Dr. Burroughs]
Well that's weird...
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Agatha wasn't really sure what she'd been expecting. Either something would try to defend the room, and she was as ready for that as she could be; or it wouldn't, and she could move on to those adjoining rooms she'd spotted through the doorframe. But she'd certainly expected there to be adjoining rooms, what with having seen them already. In fact, she'd expected it to have anything at all in common with what she'd seen, rather than being a rather boringly tidy little office.

It barely contained anything- desk, chairs, couch, tiny and severely plain machine with a flask- but somehow, it was enough to bring unease to the forefront, despite Agatha's fury. Something was horribly... was even more horribly wrong than she'd thought.

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That purposeful march stopped dead only a few moments later as the dizziness kicked in and he found himself stumbling straight into-- a desk? That was strange. He lifted his flashlight and found himself looking at a black machine he didn't quite recognise fully sitting at the other end of the desk, plus a pair of odd-looking glasses with different coloured lenses. Huh. The rest of the room was similarly bare, but not in a worrying sort of way.

Kibitoshin blinked uncertainly, then looked around and tilted his head to one side. "I don't think I've ever been in this room before, either. Do either of you two recognise it?"

They'd gone from one useless room to another, and Remy's exasperation was growing.

"No. I mean, it looks like an office, but I've never been in this one. I didn't even know they had offices here." Skinner's office was right off of the kitchen at Gusteau's -- well, Linguini's office, now -- so did that mean that they were getting closer?

"Let's keep moving."

A frown crossed the Scarecrow's face as he rubbed his eyes: "This is definitely an office," he said, hearing the irritation in Remy's voice. "It looks a little like the one I met Doctor Venkman in, but only a little."

After a brief look around for any diplomas on the walls, he nodded in silent agreement. He opened the door for Remy and Kibitoshin, following them through it.

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