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Night 49: Bill's Hardware
all i want is the world
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[from here]

Mello was ready for it, sure, but dizziness still took him for a moment as he put his foot down somewhere completely other than the hall that should have been there. He swayed on his feet, making an abortive, instinctive grab for his gun before realizing he didn't need it. Yet.

The beam of Matt's flashlight illuminated more shelves, this time packed not with drugs but with tools: nails, screws, hammers, power tools. Mello wished fervently that he'd brought his pillowcase with him to serve as a shopping bag. This might have been random, but it was working out pretty damn well for him. He looked over at Matt with a grin, managing, mostly successfully, to beat back the thought that no matter how much cool shit they got, it wouldn't make a difference at all in the end; that at some level, even the randomness was inherently controlled by Landel, and offered no more than the illusion of freedom.

"Oh, fuck yeah," he said, a note of defiance in his voice.

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[From here.]

The first thing Remy noticed was the dizziness, yet again, and he began to understand it. Hey, it happens every time we go through a door.

The other thing that happened every time he went through a door was that he found himself in an unexpected place, and this was no different. If his eyes hadn't told him, his nose would have. The scent in the air had changed completely, becoming more earthy: wood and -- he sniffed -- oil, but not olive oil. It presented a strong contrast from the suggestive ghost of a culinary smell that had filled his nostrils just seconds earlier.

Scarecrow kept bumping into him and falling on him. It reminded Remy of Linguini. He took a step to the side, so he'd be out of the way this time.

The room was full of all kinds of things, and he ran the beam of the flashlight over it, trying to put names to what he saw. Some of the items were familiar, but not from Paris -- no, from the farm.

From the arrangement of the room, he guessed that they were in Doyleton again, in some other kind of shop. Oh, Kibitoshin wasn't going to be happy about this.

The Scarecrow was so sure Remy and Kibitoshin had been right that they'd somehow made it back to the Institute- he'd been wondering that himself- but as they stepped through the next doorway, he found himself questioning his own judgment. It had to be that recurring lightheadedness that happened as- as they stepped through the door! There had to be a connection.

The room they'd entered had a heavy smell in the air that he couldn't quite identify (it was noticeably different than the previous room), though he recognized a few of the items around them: screws, hammers, nails, planks of wood. A window was partially obscured by the various tools, but it was apparent from the sound of rain and the still-present shadows outside that they were in Doyleton again.

There was a slim chance the two areas had been connected by that single room, with it acting as some sort of back passage; however, he somehow doubted that was the case. It was more likely his other suspicion.

"It looks like we're in Doyleton again," he said in a hushed tone. He reflexively looked over his shoulder for Kibitoshin, feeling his friend's courage might not hold out when he learned they were back in town. "The Wizard Landel must be causing this with his magic, I just know it. Why would he send us out of the Institute, though? You'd think that's just give us more of a chance to get away."

Kibitoshin would have been perfectly happy to stay in that nice, small, safe room in the Institute (wow, he never thought he'd ever put 'safe' and 'Institute' in the same sentence) all nice- no monsters, no chance of warping, and all he'd have to do was sit the whole thing out. Admittedly, it wasn't the bravest or not Kaioshin-ly thing to do, but given that he was still damp and muddy he couldn't help but feel that he was owed a favour for once.

His teammates, however, had other ideas. They'd barely even been in the room for more than a few minutes before Remy charged off towards another door, followed by the Scarecrow almost straight away. Kibitoshin could only stare at their backs in horror; w-why? How could they be so brave? What if they ended up somewhere even worse? They'd been relatively lucky so far, all things considered, and this place was probably the safest one they'd been in all n-

... damn it! Being alone would be even worse!

He hurtled after them through the door, tenser than a coiled spring just in case they ended up... in Doyleton again. A different store, yes, but it was definitely Doyleton.

Kibitoshin instantly deflated like a week-old balloon. "Maybe it's just to confuse us. Or because there are zombies here," he suggested mournfully. "The zombies are definitely the worst part."

Remy sighed, then addressed the Scarecrow. "I think we'd better get Kibitoshin out of here. We end up somewhere different every time we go through a door -- well, the first time was over a wall, but we were going from one place to another, right? I bet if we go right back out the door, we won't be in the street with the 'zombies.' We'll be somewhere else. And if not, we can always come back inside."

As he spoke, he moved back towards the door, his hand already on the knob.

"There are lots of things here that we could use as tools."

The Scarecrow nodded, agreeing with both Remy's theory on the doors and the notion that they should leave before Kibitoshin collapsed from fright. Carrying someone who'd fainted from terror hadn't been easy as a scarecrow- he had no doubt it would be even worse as a human in the middle of a possibly life-threatening situation.

"I think Remy's right about the doors," he said, taking Kibitoshin's arm reassuringly. "It couldn't hurt to give it a try, right?"

With that, he headed for the door, encouraging Kibitoshin to do the same. Stepping through as Remy opened it, he hoped he wasn't completely wrong about that couldn't hurt part.

[And back to Landel's!]

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