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Night 49: File Room 2
hang on a rope or bated breath.
unheroed wrote in damned
[From here.]

At this point, Harvey had grown used to that off-balance feeling that hit him whenever he walked through a door. He knew it had to have something to do with what was going on, since here they were, not in the hallway or even in that mail room, but in an extremely cramped file room.

It felt that way to him, at least. Being in here with two other grown men when all he wanted to do right now was let off some steam (he wasn't even sure how) made him more irritable than usual, and it could be seen through both his expression and his body language. To make matters worse, the files were probably files for the patients, which meant he was being shoved even more details about a life that wasn't his.

He was half-tempted to just walk back through the door in a huff, but the practical side of him that still held on by a thread insisted that he look for his name. Looking through a file about Aaron Eckhart might shed some light on how that picture existed.

Pushing past the other two yet again, he tried to open up the highest drawer on one of the filing cabinets and was met with resistance. It was locked. "God dammit," he growled. At this point, even the smallest of things was setting him off.

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[From here.]

Only two steps into the room, and the Scarecrow found himself walking straight into a piece of furniture. He'd been rubbing his eyes again to fight that spinning sensation that came with walking through the enchanted doors, but stopped as soon as he rammed his leg into an unseen obstruction. He brought his knee to his hands, hissing through his teeth as he tried to massage the pain away while balancing on one unsteady foot. It didn't work so well, though he managed to keep his balance by leaning briefly on the mysterious object.

Still on one foot, he turned his light to illuminate what was sitting so dangerously in the middle of the room: the area had several tall sets of metal drawers, each with a neat label on it. "This is a strange, little room," he observed plainly. "Not sure if there's anything useful or dangerous in here, aside from having these sitting right where you can walk into them."

Kibitoshin was happy enough to move on from the doctor's office, and happier still when their next trip took them into a file room- not because of the exact location, per se, but because it meant they'd broken that horrible Institute-Doyleton-Institute cycle. Maybe this meant they could avoid Doyleton for as long as possible from now on, maybe even until the end of the night if they were lucky!

"Well... I guess there are files here?" he suggested, stepping to the side so that Remy could come in after him. "I don't know that they'd be all that useful, though." After all, just how interesting could files be? He gave the cabinet a thoughtful look all the same. "Do either of you want to try and open it, or do you think we should try for another room instead?"

Passing through several doors in quick succession left Remy with a weird queasy feeling, and this time, it lingered. He reached out and grabbed at one of the cabinets, steadying himself.

It definitely looked like some kind of storage area. Even before Kibitoshin said anything, Remy realized that it couldn't possibly hold food... the smell was all wrong. It seemed as safe as the last few places they had been, but in a useless way.

"This place is pointless. I think we should keep moving. If we come across something scary, we can always find a door."

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