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Day 50: Cafeteria (Brunch)
wears the pants in this relationship
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Somehow, after their talk in the chapel, Elaine felt simultaneously more accepting of and more irritated by her future husband. On the one hand, seven years had clearly been good to him. He seemed more sincere and thoughtful than he had been before his disappearance, and he had a more mature (dare she say, handsome?) look to him. On the other hand, there were clearly some things that made even time throw up its hands in vain and say, "To hell with this!" Guybrush was still inexorably prone to disastrous accidents if the story about the Pox of LeChuck was anything to go by, and he was so obviously keeping something important from her that any passing dolt in the Institute would have been able to tell. In the end, that eternal underlying sweetness of his that won out, keeping her from punching him again, at least. That was only by a hairs width, though. Her snugglecakes was going to have to stay on his best behaviour if he knew what was good for him.

She left the Mighty Pirate™ alone for the time being when the announcement of the next shift went off. He would want some time to catch up with Morgan next, presumably. As much as the woman's attitude bothered her, she was a friend of Guybrush's, as she had claimed. Elaine could be strict, but she wasn't the kind of shrewish future wife/past fiancé who would keep her man from seeing his friends. Besides, she needed some more time to catch up on the goings-on of the Institute. Patients filled the building to the brim, now, it seemed; there would be a lot to investigate.

After a few quick trips back and forth to the bulletin and a few new leads to follow up on, the governor gave in to her nurse's persistent nagging and headed to the cafeteria for brunch. After the relatively light fare of the day before, Elaine took advantage of the Institute's admittedly scrumptious offerings and loaded up a full, balanced brunchfast of eggs, sausage links, waffles, and vegetable soup. As expected, the selection of drinks did not offer either root beer or grog. Grog she could live without, at least, she thought while making a face. Eugh. For now, she settled for a tall glass of water.

Elaine settled into a seat in the cafeteria and tucked into her meal. Her eyes didn't stay on her food, though, instead gazing around restlessly; she hadn't seen LeChuck so far this morning, and god forbid he wanted to invite himself to brunch with her if he chose now to show up. A certain horribly unpleasant dinner on Mêlée Island came to mind. She was prepared to either move at the first sign of the dread pirate or signal a random stranger to sit with her before he could.

[For Dean]

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One moment, he was walking into that godawful excuse for a game room; the next, he was opening his eyes - well, one, really, since it seemed that any and all injuries sustained overnight remained, which was both annoying and surprising. The entire place so far had struck Matt like a video game, and he was expecting a reset once morning dawned.

Sitting up in the bed, he groaned when he realized that he really was stuck at Landel's. The cycle was apparently beginning again, and his patience dropped drastically as he thought of exactly what that entailed: more bustling around, more degradation, more obnoxiously cheery nurses. And no smokes.

He couldn't do it again. No, Matt needed to get the hell out.

He got up and rummaged through his side of the room quickly, noting that Claude was still gone; would the guy ever be back? Or had they done something to him? He couldn't be sure right now; instead of dwelling on it, he dug underneath the mattress - where he found both the flashlight and his crowbar. Grinning, he grabbed the makeshift weapon and held it tightly in his hand, walking over to the desk and opening the drawer. Hissing, he slammed it shut, cursing under his breath at the lack of pills; they must still be with Mello. Definitely not looking forward to that conversation, he thought, putting those stupid slippers on. He tightened his fingers around the length of the crowbar; Matt was going to leave this madhouse, and no one was going to stop him.

[Waiting for nurse!]

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The door opened to allow one of the institute's many nurses, her face a bright, cheery smile that quickly faded when she saw the makeshift weapon in the patient's hands.

"Marcus, where did you get that?" she asked carefully, remaining close to the door and keeping her voice and actions carefully calm and slow.

He grimaced at her voice; it was grating and annoying, and he hated it. If he had his way, though, and did this the right way, then he wouldn't have to listen to it anymore. "That's not important," he mumbled in return, licking his chapped lips as he approached her quickly, aiming to step around her and just walk out, if she'd allow it; that was a long shot, but he knew he could fight her off if the need arose.

Once he hit that hallway, though, he was gonna make a break for it. Hopefully running wouldn't be too much of a hardship on him; he hadn't done it in quite some time.

"Alright, Marcus, what is important?" the nurse continued soothingly. It would be a lie to say that she wasn't worried; a crowbar could do quite a bit of damage to someone, after all, and she hadn't the faintest idea where he'd gotten it from.

She tensed up very faintly as he approached her, but didn't move just yet. "Why don't we talk about this for a moment? You've got that weapon, so you know I won't do anything to you."

"You're damn right you won't," he replied in a low tone, knowing that becoming irate and loud in here would immediately call attention to them. No, he needed to be smarter than that - put those ninja-like skills of stealth to good use. After all, what good were they if they couldn't get him out of a situation like this one?

His grip just tightened around the handle of the crowbar, his cheeks flushing just a bit; the idea of actually hitting her with it made him a bit nauseous, and he knew such a struggle would make quite a bit of noise. That would just mean failure, and he was going to escape Landel's. It felt good, though, knowing that he held the power to make her stop right in her tracks; normally it was just the people he worked for that were intimidating. Matt himself was always the faceless one, the one who was easily overpowered if he was, in fact, discovered.

He just remained on his beeline for the door, careful not to touch her in any way, lest she retaliate with more force than he was prepared for. "I'm not talking about anything with you; I'm going to leave, and you're going to let me."

Way to be commanding, Matty, he berated himself internally, his left hand reaching out and gripping the door.

"Okay, I'll let you," the nurse agreed, keeping her hands carefully where Marcus could see them and moving away from the door. She couldn't handle this on her own, not with a weapon involved, so it was better to let the patient think he was in control here and hope that the orderlies monitoring the hallway could subdue him quickly enough. If they were lucky, this could be handled without any violence.

Matt just nodded sharply, keeping himself steady; slowly, he edged around the door with his back against it, glancing away from the nurse for just a moment to check down the hallway. He could see a few more members of the staff, and his heart rose up in his throat. Gotta do it now, Matty, he told himself. Won't be another chance; just get the hell out!

It may have been obvious that he had become a little too desperate since the day before, but it wasn't registering at that moment that the urgency to flee without thinking his plan through properly was just another side effect of the withdrawal; all Matt could think about was running right of those doors, straight for freedom.

That's why he bolted down the hallway, mapping out his escape through the front of Landel's in his head. It was a long shot, but he was determined.

The sound of running footsteps was all the alert the orderlies needed. One of them looked up as Marcus came closer and, realising it was a patient, immediately tackled the young man to the ground. The second quickly moved in close as well, keeping an eye on what the patient would try next and attempting to get enough of an opening to make a grab for the crowbar.

Oh, this wasn't good; how many damn guards did they have passing as orderlies in the place, anyway? Being tackled to the ground much like a football wasn't how someone as skinny as Matt enjoyed being stopped, but he wouldn't be down for long. He knew he wasn't the fighter that Mello was, but he liked to think he wasn't bad. He kicked out underneath the orderly, much more confident in his leg strength than he was with his upper body strength, and the sudden blow had actually knocked the crowbar from his hand. He struggled against the bigger body on top of him, completely unaware of the second not far away.

"Dammit- Get off me!" he cried out, not fully realizing that the cries would probably mean nothing to them.

As predicted, the orderlies didn't pay any attention to Marcus' yells, the first working to get the young man's arms pinned with minimum fuss as the second quickly picked up the crowbar and moved it away.

Meanwhile the nurse caught up to the two of them, sighing faintly at the sight of Marcus struggling on the floor.

"He didn't do any damage," she said. "So we won't put you in solitary this time, Marcus." The last comment was directed to the patient as she knelt down to administer the sedative to him. "But the crowbar is being confiscated. I can't imagine how you got your hands on it in the first place."

Waiting for his struggles to die down, the nurse then signalled the orderly to let him up. "Now we'll let you have something to eat anyway, but we'll be keeping an eye on you for the rest of the day, alright? No more problems out of you."

His struggling continued, even as he felt the needle penetrate his skin; if anything, he tried to fight against them even harder, yelling non-words as he did. This was bullshit, and he wasn't crazy; he didn't belong there, and...

It sank in slowly, and his senses gradually dulled. It just seemed pointless to keep fighting; they'd won this round, and, as much as he hated to admit it, he'd failed. It was a sobering thought, and Matt had to wonder if that was how Mello felt most of the time, cooped up in Landel's as long as he had been. Made him feel a bit more sympathetic to the prat, that was for sure.

Sucked that they were taking the crowbar, but what could he do? Nothing, that's what. As they helped him up, he just nodded. "Yeah. Sure. Eat."

"Good," the nurse said with a smile. "Now, let's get you to the cafeteria then." And with that the three of them escorted the young man to rejoin the rest of the patient body, collecting him a tray of food and directing him to an empty chair.

"Remember we'll be keeping an eye on you, Marcus," the nurse reminded him before they left.

Matt just made a disgruntled face as he was basically led into the cafeteria, like a small, helpless child. He was rather helpless right now though, wasn't he? Pathetic, that attempt to escape; now his head had cleared a bit more, and he grimaced at the blatant lack of logic in his escape as the orderlies guided him into the seat.

Glaring down at the tray piled high with food, Matt frowned, sliding down in the chair to get comfortable. He really didn't feel like company, and seriously hoped that his current sitting position and unhappy expression would deter any potential nuisances - but that hadn't worked out so well for him the day before, had it?

Sighing, he just poked at the food, wondering if he should refuse to eat or not. He needed strength for the upcoming night, he figured after another moment, so he stabbed a piece of waffle and let the process begin.

[Open, if anyone wants to be spazzed at a little. >D]

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[*aligns the planets correctly...*]

Cloud didn't like being pulled away from Tifa, even if the injury wasn't all that devastating. At least they were all going to the same place, and he didn't think she'd run into much difficulty just getting brunch. He did wonder if she'd be able to eat properly with the bandages as they were, but the nurses seemed intent on keeping them apart from each other. (Well, they probably didn't even notice, but it certainly seemed that way.) By the time he had a tray of food he'd lost her in the crowd.

With a sigh, he found himself another table, catching sight of an off-looking young man who must have just found himself on the wrong end of a sedative needle that morning. Company was company, and the rest of AVALANCHE that he could see at the moment appeared otherwise occupied. He'd catch up with them all eventually.

The blond smiled as he set his tray down across from Matt. "Mornin'. You gonna be okay?"

Matt grunted as some blond guy started to walk over; he started to rile up a bit at first, thinking it was Mello coming over to finish their fight from the night before. His mouth seemed glued shut though, and he just sank lower into the chair as the other male sat down across from him.

Blinking, Matt watched him with his good eye. Oh, thank God it's not the psycho, he thought when he realized that it was some other blond guy. Matt had lucked out for the first time that day.

"Mm. Yeah." Why couldn't the floor just open up and let him fall through? He did not feel like being sociable - though. When did he ever?

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