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Day 50: Intercom, Evening
The Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
As expected, after the allotted amount of time had passed, the nurses started to move through the waiting rooms to inform the visitors that it was time for them to leave, whereas in the Sun Room King Kong was turned off and the staff quickly sprung to action to put the equipment away.

Meanwhile, the sound of intercom turning on cut into the hustle and bustle, but it was Lydia's voice which came through. "Mr. Landel is taking a quick nap," was all she said by way of explanation, as she seemed to be beyond making lengthy excuses for the man. "Nurses, once the visitors have said their goodbyes, escort the patients back to their rooms for dinner. Tonight there is steak and fries on the menu, with a slice of cheesecake for dessert and vegetarian options if requested.

"Enjoy your food and have a good sleep." Keeping it short, the intercom then turned off.

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No less than a second after the nurse had closed the door behind him, the Scarecrow set his tray on his desk and headed for his pillow, holding it by the corners at length and giving it a vigorous shake. The movie fell from its hiding spot in the pillowcase and landed picture-up on the bed, no sign it had been stolen or tampered with in any way. He sighed, relieved it was still there, no matter how much it bothered him.

He took the box and turned it over in his hands, having a seat on the side of the bed. So if Meche and Sangamon were right, the box somehow had a moving picture record that would show Dorothy's journey to see the Wizard, her friends in tow. The image on the front and the title promised that much. The strawman turned the box to the 'Megahit Movies' side; the picture made him homesick in the worst way.

Still, here was the proof he needed to show that Oz existed. If he could get it to Dorothy somehow, maybe she'd break free of her bewitchment and believe him. She'd not returned to visit him during the visitor shifts. Perhaps she'd forgotten him entirely. He shook his head- no, she'd never do that! Enchanted or not, she'd known who he was... in a way. That was better than nothing at all.

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