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Night 50: M11-M20 Hallway
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rocksthecourt wrote in damned

Klavier felt a wave of sickness as soon as that man's voice came over the intercom again. It was less apprehension and more bubbling anger than anything else. It wasn't so much the mocking that was grating as it was the sound of him sounding so smug, so satisfied with everything that was happening. So safe. Klavier told himself it was fine. Let the man believe he was untouchable. It would make it all the more satisfying when he was ripped down from his pedestal and made to face the consequences.

So last night's events had been done intentionally, after all. Herr Doktor was setting up a new system. A system of what, no one could say at this point, but if it resulted in anything like the previous night, it would prove to make things even more complicated than they already were. If anyone was to do anything, it would have to be now before they finished setting up whatever it was they were doing.

Herr Doktor was already mocking them to investigate to their heart's content, probably confident there was nothing to be found out there. But there was bound to be something overlooked. There had to be cracks in the system. And Klavier would find them all and see this place ripped down.

But first he needed to validate this claim about jewels and rings and whatnot. A teleportation ring? It didn't seem possible... But a lot of what didn't seem possible was fact in this place. Klavier opened the drawer on his side of the room and searched the inside. His good hand shuffled the contents about a little in search for anything like what the man had described, but there was nothing. The only "ring" in there was the small keyring. ...What were these keys for anyway? He picked them up questioningly and looked over the drawer again.


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The end of the nightly announcement left Edgar shooting a questioning look to Gren. A ring that could take them to the last location they'd visited? And only one per group? That certainly explained why he'd not found a ring in his own drawer, but had him wanting an answer for why Landel would distribute such a powerful item. Their night had ended in a fairly normal locale, but what if the dawn had come an hour earlier, while they were still fighting the beast? Would the ring transport them to such a seemingly important room, as well?

It was a curious notion, and one that could prove useful in the future, especially if the rumors of the basement were true. It couldn't be easy to reach the inner sanctum of the institution before the morning arrived- if one could simply gather their weapons, party, and courage and warp there...

It seemed like such an invitation for the patients to find Landel. What game was he playing?

Edgar pulled his radio from his desk, slipping it into the pocket of the jacket before grabbing his light. "At least it seems you won't be breaking some girl's heart," he said lightly, "though this does make for an interesting turn of events, granted he's telling the truth about the ring. What do you think?"

Gren had pulled the ring back out of his pocket when it became a topic of conversation over the loudspeaker. It looked pretty innocuous but... it seemed almost too good to be true, and was just furthering his conviction that whatever else went on here, the institute was one elaborate mind game, the point of which he couldn't begin to guess at.

"Just as well, I wasn't looking forward to telling her I wasn't interested." He walked over to his closet and pulled out one of the sweatshirts. It wasn't warm enough outside for shirtsleeves, no matter how accustomed to the cold he'd gotten in the past three years. The ring got slid onto one pinkie before he pulled the sweatshirt on. "I think I'm not going to be too eager to test it unless it's really necessary," he replied. "Or until I hear from someone else that it works as advertised." For all they knew, it was a ploy to get them to use the things to some unfortunate end.

Edgar nodded. "I agree. Knowing what this place has to offer, I wouldn't be surprised to find that ring has dire consequences. It could be that Landel wants us to reach him, that he wants a challenge... however, I can't see him offering his prisoners a legitimate aid without some strings attached."

His shoulder ached sharply again, reminding him of their limitations. They'd have to be careful, especially when outdoors, where the darkness was much thicker and the chance of attack greater. Their injuries were bad enough; the fact that they were still unarmed only made matters worse. Hopefully, they'd not be without decent weaponry for much longer.

He opened the door to the hallway, ready to move. "To the courtyard, then?"

"If something seems too good to be true, it probably is," he joked wryly. "Even if it works the way they claim it does, I'm sure there will be some sort of drawback." He just couldn't see the point, otherwise. Why give them something so potentially useful with no strings attached.

He picked up both his flashlight and his radio, wishing he had more pockets for all of his stuff. As unfashionable as it had been, he almost wished for his old army uniform. At least that had been designed to carry equipment. "Ready as I'll ever be." He was going to have to be extra vigilant... he knew Edgar's injuries were worse than his own, and as the one with two functional arms, it was his duty to keep them both safe to the best of his ability.

Edgar gave one more quick sweep of the room as Gren stepped through the doorway- his items were hidden, the closet closed, the relic back in the drawer amidst the litter from the disassembled radio. Someone had to have entered their room to place the ring in Gren's drawer. Were they not curious about the other objects in the room, especially those that should not have been there?

It was a curious puzzle indeed why Landel was inviting trouble.

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