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Night 50: West Wing, North Hall 1-A
something in the shadows
heroesdontshave wrote in damned
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A bigger hallway. Just how big was this place supposed to be, anyway? Not that it mattered since he'd find his way out regardless, but Sanctum facilities tended to be huge. He still wasn't seeing any signs of monsters. Wasn't seeing too many people either. ...Actually, Snow wasn't seeing much of anything with how dark it was. Not that he was going to let that handicap him.

Feeling along the wall for a moment, it wasn't too hard to find another door right next to him. Well, that was as good a direction as any.

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Even though it was still early, the Scarecrow was surprised that there weren't more people already in the hallway. Maybe they were afraid the doors would be enchanted again and had opted to stay in for the night? The strawman couldn't blame them- there was a good chance the Wizard Landel would be up to his usual (or unusual, as it seemed he'd been fairly creative so far) trickery; however, it wouldn't do any good for anyone to just stay in the relative safety of the bedrooms. He couldn't hide forever, after all.

Besides, how was he supposed to find answers if he didn't look for them himself? At least there were some folks who weren't ready to give up the fight yet. The key to taking down the Wizard Landel would be finding said people and uniting the effort. That was the tricky part.

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