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Night 50: West Wing, North Hall 1-A
something in the shadows
heroesdontshave wrote in damned
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A bigger hallway. Just how big was this place supposed to be, anyway? Not that it mattered since he'd find his way out regardless, but Sanctum facilities tended to be huge. He still wasn't seeing any signs of monsters. Wasn't seeing too many people either. ...Actually, Snow wasn't seeing much of anything with how dark it was. Not that he was going to let that handicap him.

Feeling along the wall for a moment, it wasn't too hard to find another door right next to him. Well, that was as good a direction as any.

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Edgar wasn't entirely sure, but the hallways seemed quieter than usual. Given the events of the previous night, he wasn't surprised people were hesitant to test the doorways.

"Let's keep our fingers crossed this door will actually take us outside," he said wryly. "If they are still enchanted, I wouldn't mind returning to Doyleton. Now that we're not bleeding profusely, I can think of a few things I wouldn't mind taking from the town."

"I hope they're behaving. I don't think my stomach could take another night of magic doorways, and I'd rather not embarrass myself." He'd had quite enough of the things last night. "As useful as a trip to town might be." He did regret that they'd been too injured to get a proper look around the place. "Only one way to find out, really."

"Agreed," Edgar said, giving the door a try.

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